VISIT 1 • But Some People, Who Almost Reached the Top, Fall Right Back Down…

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Larisa talked with me a lot too: she told me about her life experiences, which could be discussed as examples to help me. She gave me advice about contacts with people with whom I had not quite smooth relations. I felt with her like a small child, whose mother very carefully covered her with a blanket at night.
Anna, also, in turn, came to me and suggested new meditations, when we were walking, for example, back to the train. She herself always tried to embrace and love all living beings, and wanted to help me in making this — my main motive in life too.
She was always filled with a special joy: it was even expressed in her manner of speaking: sometimes the tone of her voice, in some emotionally significant places, so suddenly changed, as if it flew among a flock of happy birds, calling among them to each other. In those moments I wanted to fly up with her.
But there was the couple, whose names I decided not to mention. They always kept separate from the others, but among only themselves; they always together came and together left. I also noticed that they both wore glasses, and with large lenses. I asked Anna about this. She did not answer immediately, but after a little pause said:
“Maybe, contrary to you they did not wear glasses only as adults but have been wearing them since childhood and are therefore used to them…”
It was not entirely clear. Maybe because I wore glasses only from the age of eighteen and knew what this meant — to see well without any aids? In any case, I really wanted to improve my eyesight. It was especially bad being without glasses in the woods: I wanted to see every leaf, every blade of grass, and all the colors in all their brightness!
… Now I remember the story of one patient, when I was in practice in the room of a psychiatrist. I had the opportunity to just sit aside and to watch the patients and the way the doctor communicated with them. Once a patient came, who claimed that he could see the future: some accidents — in advance. Perhaps he saw it, but he also took medication regularly. Looking at me, he suddenly said:
“You can bring yourself to not wear glasses, but you just do not know about this yet!…”



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