VISIT 1 • Here You Can Enter Directly into Jesus!

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Today we were going to the place of power of Maenuel!
I was already doing everything freely without glasses, easily stretching out my hands from my already accustomed to very advanced states spiritual heart — to caress and embrace the tops of trees, birds… The morning sun flooded all the space with its gentle light — and again I put the same little sun into my anahata and lighted with it everything around.
… The joy of meeting in a train, road, path in forest — and we were at Maenuel’s place of power.
It was a very early, slightly foggy morning. The branches of young fir-trees were wet with dew.
We washed our hands using the snow and then ate.
… When everyone had gone to perform their individual tasks, Vladimir invited me along with him. Moving the face towards the sea, he began to explain:
“This is — an interesting and very important place within the vast Mahadouble of Maenuel. It is intended for working with the ‘orbits’: microcosmic, macrocosmic, and the average. Let us start with the mean, i.e. the orbit of the ‘cocoon’. Let us feel the boundaries of our own ‘cocoons’ and start, along with walking a little, turning the energy of them. At this working site of Maenuel, this rotation takes place as if by itself, without our own efforts. Simply, Maenuel, here, helps His embodied students learn this very important exercise.”
Vladimir showed how to do it, moving forward.
“But when moving the body in the opposite direction — the direction of the rotation of energy, as if by itself, is reversed. What an interesting and unusual place of power!”
I tried to feel my “cocoon”. But I hardly succeeded. In my preparations for the visit, I did not even touch upon work involving the “cocoon”. And all that was in my mind, was two bubbles around the body with luminous points, which were described by Carlos Castaneda. I did not consider this subject before because I assumed I would not be at this stage.
I went a few times here and there, but no significant changes were felt since I could not even imagine what and where this “cocoon” should be.
Larisa was coming towards me, repeating the same exercise. I asked her for help… In the end, nevertheless, I had to admit to Vladimir that I did not gain any success.
Then he said: “Let us leave the ‘cocoons’!” — and proceeded to explain the principles of rotation of the energies of the microcosmic orbit. He explained its trajectory inside the body — on the same path at the same place of power.
Now I really felt the rotation which reminded me — at my present stage of development — something like the movement of a tractor’s track.
After working with the orbit, I still decided to return back to the “cocoon”. For some reason, I saw it as round, like a ball. And moreover — transparent. I asked Vladimir about this. He replied that the completely purified “cocoon” is really seen as fully transparent.
“About Carlos Castaneda,” — Vladimir said, — “it is an actual fact, that he could not even develop his spiritual heart. His psychogenetic age did not allow him to make such self-transformation easily. Therefore, very much of what was teached by his American Native friends, he did not understand and therefore described inadequately.”
Interrupting his explanation, Vladimir suddenly and calmly said:
“Jesus has just arrived. You can say ‘Hello!’ to Him!” — Vladimir smiled. — “Here, here He is!” — and Vladimir pointed to the space in front of us. — “You can go directly into Him, feel Him, hear what He says…”
Vladimir saw my confusion.
“Hearing God can be most successfully done when we are in the meditation: ‘There is only God, there is no I’. It is the only possibility to perceive God clearly. Only in this situation all His thoughts become understandable.”
I took a step forward.
The effect of intensity of arising sensations could not be compared with anything! It seemed, that there was nothing that was not filled with Jesus! Waves of His Bliss passed through my body! In seconds — my whole life flashed in front of me, and I felt that my control over my emotions was carried away like a dry twig of a tree carried by a strong gust of wind… And I cried…
… It seemed to me that I knew Loving Jesus always. From my early childhood, I remembered the foreign TV series, created based on the New Testament theme, which was broadcast in the mornings on TV almost for a year, — and I always watched them with pleasure.
… Or, when I was just five or six years old, I went with my grandmother by the hand and asked her to teach me how to pray. Although that was strange, for, being educated in atheism, my parents never told me about God. And my grandmother only went to church in the last years of her life. But I knew that I could just ask her about prayer. And it was not the plan prepared by me beforehand: it happened spontaneously.
And my grandmother began: “Our Father, Who art in Heaven…” — and I repeated after her. And learned.
… And once I lost a shoe of my favorite doll and was very distressed by that fact. I was afraid that I had lost it somewhere in the haystack, and therefore — it would be impossible to find. And then, I went up to the window, into which the sunlight struck, I stood on my knees and began to pronounce that prayer. I asked God to help me to find the missing shoe. Requested — very sincerely, though nobody ever taught me to do this. Then I stood up from my knees and was going to make my bed, lifted the end of the blanket from the floor… And, oh joy! There was the shoe!
I grabbed it, pressed it to my chest and rushed to tell my grandmother about this miracle. Grandmother responded with restraint, and my parents — did not pay any attention. It did not upset me that no one shared my joy as much as I pleased; I then went about my deeds.
… But there were also memories of my older years. One day, completely suppressed by the situation at the University, the mental overloads, and in addition to a heavy quarrel with my mother, — I was stepping down deeply “into myself”, hiding from the world like a tortoise into its shell, I desperately prayed God to come to me for aid. The sense of injustice (by my standards) kept me in continual misery. I cried into my pillow and called Jesus… And He — came! That time I did not understand this in its entirety, as now, but He really came, because I immediately calmed down. I imagined that He wiped away my tears. And then I imagined Him sitting on my bed holding my hand… So I fell asleep…
… And here I was now — in the new stage of my life, the result of my passionate quests and calls! Words can describe only in very small measures what I experienced in those moments when I was in Him — and I thanked Him, again and again!…
Vladimir left me, especially for me to be alone with Him. Tears streamed silently, almost running from my eyes. I was not able to settle down to listen to what He would like to say to me…
I had to leave that place: I did not want to be seen crying by someone. I had to calm down quickly. Once again, wiping the tears, I sat under a tree — to relax. Then Vladimir came. He looked thoughtfully, or listening to, or formulating his ideas:
“As you yourself have not heard, then I will pass what Jesus says to you.”
I sat still.
“It is unacceptable to ignore the experience that you are receiving now! If this happens, it will have a huge impact on your negative karma…”
Vladimir continued:
“Jesus and Maenuel embrace each other… They say, you should now consolidate yourself on the achieved level.”
How can this be so? How can They have doubt in me? Do They suggest that I am capable of taking the entire happening as a game, not seriously? Maybe I have done something bad in my past lives, so God is not sure of me? Or is such the fate of every human soul, to prove one’s own devotion to God many times?
For me, it was incomprehensible: the fact that people who were so close to God, such as Olga, suddenly were able to capture something fleeting and turn away… Then in this case it is really possible to doubt everyone…
But the positive aspect of that warning was that I stopped wanting to cry.
Before I finished writing down the words spoken by Jesus, Vladimir added:
“Kayr is here. He says that ‘the mergence with cats’ should be replaced with the Mergence with God right now!”
I already felt that I was starting to fall into a state of prostration: “Kayr! Cats? Now?! What about now? Really — right now?!”. I tried, but due to the chaos of emotions and in thoughts, nothing good, I thought, occurred.
Vladimir smiled. I even began to think that everything, that was said, was done on purpose for me to relax. And even if They were smiling at the situation and my reaction — it was not very funny for me!
… Little by little, the others of us began to approach. Vladimir told them too, that Jesus, Maenuel, and Kayr were here.
I did not notice even a drop of emotions, experienced by me, in them. On the contrary, I would name the state they were in as blissful peace: peace and calm on their faces and in their gentle smiles. And there was a feeling that they were present here only with small parts of their consciousnesses. But they perceived all that was happening, both here and far beyond…



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