VISIT 1 • I Became a Great Consciouness over the Sea!

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).


Morning. Gentle sun.
I walked with the consciousness through all the chakras: down, up, then I looked to all directions from the anahata, “catching” doves with the palms of consciousness — to fondle them. I was watching people: while it was possible to hear laughter and cheerful voices from carefree youth, adults had mostly anxious or sleepy faces, Russian homelesses were coming their “work day” with their own positiveness. Calm in the city. Rare cars. The freshness of early morning.
I noticed that the fatigue from meditation exercises — was the same as in the physical. And if I am not tired, while holding the river on my two hands — at first, from one side of my body, then from another, — it means that I have forgotten and involuntarily lost the concentration.
I was now no longer afraid of Vladimir, but still remained tense in his presence: so as to not suddenly blurt out something that could produce a gentle hint on my intellectual insolvency.
I had heard about many good followers who, despite their developed anahatas, strayed from the Path because of the fact that they just could not intellectually master the following steps. I was very afraid that this could happen with me, but knew that I could do nothing about this. All I could do — was to “accept my own fate” (in the words of Juan Matus) and try to do, with the maximum effectiveness, all the possible in this current incarnation…
… Having left the train, we went through the forest. As a diligent disciple, I asked questions about every bird, which was singing its songs for us — to remember them by name as quickly as possible and in a number as broad as possible.
Vladimir was carefully choosing a path in the woods, as the snow did not melt yet and it was difficult to walk.
Finally, we found ourselves on the beach, on a green meadow, warmed by the morning sun. Yesterday Vladimir let us know beforehand that we would be going today on a visit to Divine Lorenz Bayron and Konrad Lorenz — and that this was Their common working site.
I tried with all my strength to feel Them, searching for the differences in Their energy fields. But all that I could still feel — were small changes in my own well-being: inside of places of power, an ease of feelings appeared — as if I was unleashed and allowed to stretch my wings.
“Konrad says that They are very pleased to see us here. And Juanito is now here too. Do you still remember Juanito?” — Vladimir joked.
Do I remember Juanito?! I almost was indignant, but quickly realized that Vladimir was joking — and then laughed.
“Of course I remember!”
“Juanito is very pleased to see His favorite student!”
For the “favorite” — I was quite blurred with pleasure!
… Covered with ice and snow, the sea sparkled in the morning sun! From this point, it was perceived — as infinite space and infinite freedom!
Vladimir began to explain the tasks for today. We had to train ourselves to flood back from anahata over the sea space — and feel ourselves as that beauty!
“But first we need to drink,” — suddenly he said.
“To drink what?” — I did not understand.
“What was in store for us…” — he replied, and they all laughed.
We “fueled” ourselves with cheese sandwiches, cookies, washed our food down with cranberry and raspberry tea.
“While chewing, we also can meditate,” — Vladimir revealed quietly, slowly, pausing to allow time to properly interpret and apply the above into action. — “Let us hold out one hand in that direction, to the sea, and take the sea on the palm of love. And then let us extend the other arm to another side, under the land… We will give our love to fish, birds… — to all living beings!”
I tried. Today this was easy. Today there was a bright cheerful sun, which not only warmed us, but also sparkled on the snow, as if blowing a lot of “sunbeams”! Though, perhaps, just only my attitude changed, but not the weather around.
… Then we went on a sandbank.
“Here another place of power begins,”— Vladimir made steps forward and back and showed with his hands, as if feeling a wall at the border.
“Let us feel the difference. Let us feel how, by stepping over this line, the spiritual heart suddenly becomes huge!”
The difference was really felt quite clearly. As if from a closed corridor you suddenly broke out into the fresh air — and the shining scope expanded around and became clearly visible. You were spilling by the consciousness into it! But if you took a step back — it was as if the space “curtailed” around the body, around oneself. And you immediately wanted to jump back!
Then Vladimir proposed to turn our backs to the sea and flow out of anahatas. And then I really felt as if I flew up! I did not see what was there, but I felt joy, and the delight of such soaring was overflowing!
It was not a real flight with the feelings inherent for the material body. But the thrill of flight of consciousness at this place of power was of a different level of perception. There was only a huge space filled with Divine Light and Love! And I tried to feel myself huge there — like that Light and Love, and not like a material body.
Vladimir suggested me to ask myself: “Who am I? Where am I?”. This heightened the Mergence much more. The Light and Love — became me, and I — became It!
Then Vladimir continued, addressing mostly me:
“From the state of Mergence there — let us extend our hands to our bodies! Take the bodies on our palms! It is also possible to heal our own bodies in this way. Also — to heal anyone regardless of where that person is now and what he or she is doing.
“And now,” — he said, smiling slyly and not in a serious tone, — “feel yourself sitting on those distant ice floes and looking at your body, which is on the shore… Our Teachers said to me that in this way it is possible to learn to move in space with the material body. What if you master this faster than us?”
It was easy for me — to keep my body on the palms and warm it with love, but the second task had me so surprised that all my thoughts vanished. It was quite “too much”! There was a strong feeling that this was so far away for me.
“Okay, okay! I was joking!” — Vladimir smiled. — “But do not stand still: move not only with the soul, but with the body too!”
Vladimir had already reminded me about this several times. Inspired by the new practices and the new sensations, I often completely forgot that the majority of meditations may be mastered better not with a stationary body, but if the body slowly walks.
… Getting tired, I sat on a log, with Vladimir sitting on the other end of it — in his “sunshine” state. Here it was especially warm, and I happily turned my face to the sun and relaxed. But not for long.
“Here is — Konrad Lorenz. We are — with our bodies — in Him. That is — His large Face: a few meters above us. You can fill it with yourself. Or you can embrace Him, coming from outside with the consciousness — into His Mahadouble. You can also say to Him that you love Him!”
Then Vladimir added jokingly, referring to my relationship with Juanito:
“To love two such Men — is not a sin!”
I did not understand quickly, to what extent this was a joke. I did not see this as a problem: for I was learning to love God! And it is so remarkable that it is possible to develop the emotions of love in this way!
Moreover, not so long ago, I even “got wise” enough to fall in love with two “earthly” men at the same time, staying with both, at the same time, “at a polite distance”. I cried to myself: “How is this possible?!” I understood only now that I loved in them, in each, only the best of their qualities. I even fantasized: to take from one of them his care and concern, and from the other — the tenderness and wise patience, and then combine both into one… — that would be great!
But now — I could laugh about it.
It was important for me at that moment — to understand and “to sort through” the coming new knowledge for me. For each of the concrete Representatives of the Holy Spirit are unique, though All They are equal in regards to subtleness of Consciousnesses and Their Coessentiality in the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness. And we must be able to recognize Each of Them.
I tried very hard. I even put my head on the shoulder of Konrad Lorenz. I do not know if it was appropriate, but it was very cool!
… After finishing writing down the exercises and relaxing in the sunshine, I went to fix what was already mastered.
I again detected the boundaries of the place of power: could I still feel them? I convinced myself that I still could feel them well.
And I could also now more successfully flow with the consciousness back from anahata.
But the most joy, I now had, was feeling huge, filling the entire space above the sea — and keeping my own body, which seemed at present so insignificantly small — on my own hands.
Speaking on the use of such skills in the world of matter, Vladimir pointed out the possibility to cleanse the housing of coarse energy, to diagnose and to heal patients at any distance, and to see their fate.
All these perspectives were, of course, fascinating. And it became clear, how much work there was still to do. And I needed to work every day for achieving the results.
… Soon all gathered again around the bonfire.
“It is better to rest at such halts being barefoot,” — said Vladimir and offered to drop the boots.
Since this time there was no snow under our feet, only sand, and the weather was warmer, the rest without rubber boots was really one more delight.
“And it makes sense to wear socks only in winter, them being of wool,” — he added. — “And for them not to wear out quickly, it is reasonable to wear above them — socks made out of synthetic fabric: because they are stronger. But such fabric — to be worn directly on the skin — is unfit.”
Then he looked long at my rubber boots, thinking about something. And, finally, smiling, he said:
“I have understood now, what symbolic figure exists in the design of your boots! Their coloration is similar to the color of a zebra. But the zebra, they say, is the fastest of all horses. So, this means, you should go on the spiritual Path, too, more quickly than all others!”
We laughed.
… All but Vladimir, being refreshed, went around. But he suggested to me to learn a new relaxing meditation while lying down.
“Put your body on the ground. Thus, it is convenient.”
Seeing that I laid down on my back, he said:
“Posture lying on the back — it is better to avoid during sleep. The common cause of snoring is the habit of sleeping in this posture. There are two ways to unlearn this habit. The first — banning forever oneself to lie so. This — for strong people. But there is another way: one can sew a pocket to the back of a night-shirt or night-gown and put there a table tennis ball. But there are also those who are able to snore even lying on the side. They can be advised to learn to sleep on their bellies. I say this not in relation to you personally: I was not able to verify whether or not you snore. But it is good for you to know about this: for you, as a physician, to give appropriate advice to your patients.”
After a pause, Vladimir said:
“As for spiritual seekers, I can give, in my opinion, useful advice, not associated directly with the problem of snoring. The best posture, if we wake up at night or in the morning in bed, is this: a posture between on one side and on the back. In any case, for right-handers — it is preferable on the left side. As for left-handers — I do not know, because I am not a lefty; it must be studied.
“Why is this significant? The fact is that this posture is the most favorable of all the lying postures — for perceiving God.
“And now,” — he continued, — “let us merge in love with the Holy Spirit. Let us come out of our anahatas — and up… Then — the same — and down. And feel the Earth as our own huge bed, merge with its inner Light… And so — alternate several times. When meditating, do not close the eyes!…”
I tried to do everything as Vladimir instructed, but still felt that I was not very good at it. Emotions, distracted by physical discomfort, were already not as intense as I wanted: in bright sunlight I, all the time, wanted to close my eyes and — take a nap. And also I could not relax all the time and was worried: what if I am doing something wrong, and suddenly I am not fit for such work, and what if I do not try hard enough?
Finally, I confessed to him that I was not very good at this exercise. He was surprised, but, on reflection, said that it was — from fatigue. I immediately felt better. So, the problem was not my inability.
… After making sure that I had enough rest, Vladimir asked me to go a bit with him. We walked along the shore.
“Here the place of power of Maenuel starts.”
I was surprised and pleased. A few years ago I was able to buy the book Spiritual Heart: The Path to the Creator. Poems-Meditations and Revelations, edited by Vladimir. I loved to open it at random — and see, what God would say to me each day through what was contained in this book. And very often I came across the poetry and meditations of Maenuel.
So I already could easily and happily follow Vladimir, assuming that I was apparently, to some extent, familiar with Maenuel.
Staying among the pine trees near a small lake formed by melted snow, he asked me to turn my back to the water and… to sink with the consciousness down through the Earth’s firmament, into the Light Which was there.
“It is very convenient at this place of power to ‘fall through’ to that Light. And it is possible then — from there — to purge one’s own body, coming up from below, through the middle meridian.”
No matter how sudden and strange this task sounded, it turned out alright. I clearly felt that in the depths of the planet there was a bright space in which one could really fall as deeply as was desired.
Others came to us and watched my “journey into the interior of the Earth”, commenting on what was happening with me. So it was — really true? So it was — not an illusion, and not something as “non-verbal suggestion”?
… Vladimir went on, and we, stepping over bumps, came after him to the next coastal shallow. Vladimir again invited me to sink down by the consciousness and then, approaching nearer to the water, to turn the body: back to the sea.
“And now, back from anahatas — tumble out…” — he smiled and looked at me, — “Maenuel hugs you… Do you feel it? He likes you!”
We laughed.
I now really began to feel the Touch of the Divine Teachers. These Touches could be very intensely blissful! They were — like of a special subtlety sounding joy that fills the whole consciousness, whole body — from head to toes! Because of this, I wanted to become even broader and larger in size — to accommodate this Divine Joy to an even greater extent!
I felt that I was smiling “from ear to ear” and I did not want to disturb this state with any words. So I only smiled to Vladimir and nodded my head in answer to his questions. And what is here to convey in words? They would sound only corny.
I wanted to ask him: would it be alright to love three such Men at the same time? But I did not ask, only laughed silently.
… We went back to the path, and even after a few meters it turned out, that Adler’s place of power began. But about Him I did not remember anything, and Vladimir also said nothing, hoping to make my acquaintance with Him in the future.
Vladimir found here good places to cleanse the meridians and to be able to flow down with the consciousness.
… Near the bonfire, he remembered (I do not remember in what connection), a bygone case in the forest. A man of an alcohol-type guarding the tents of tourists asked Vladimir to teach him how to make a fire. If not, he almost cried, the tourists would return soon, they had asked him to boil water for tea, but he cannot make the fire! Vladimir explained everything, gave the entire store of paper from his rucksack and went on his way. But, when he looked around, he saw how that man put and burnt all the paper which was put above the top of the wood…
There are people who are completely without the ability to learn…
… We went back to the train by a new route. The path led us to a glade covered with small fur-trees and young pines. Vladimir felt here another place of power, which they did not know of before. He looked — and said calmly:
“Here is — again Maenuel.”
After walking on this site a few minutes, he offered us to come to work here tomorrow. All gladly accepted: they were always happy to learn new things.



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