VISIT 1 • “Pedagogical Probation”

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).


We were again at the place of power of Maenuel.
This time, Vladimir asked — for me to remember better what I already mastered — to pass the “pedagogical probation”. That is, I had to play the role of the teacher, and all the others — the role of the students. Only Vladimir moved away from us — for me not to be confused by his presence.
Of course, I, at first, “squirmed”. But since I already had the experience of such “performances”, I then — after some efforts — I spoke about my experience of work with the neck and head chakras. All of my “students” were diligently doing all the exercises.
All they then praised me. The only thing that was said against, was that when one appeals to the audience, it is necessary to use not “you”, but “we”. For example, we flow from anahata, we merge with the concrete Holy Spirit, etc.
Why is this? Because, Vladimir said, if one says “you”, the students have to make mental operations: the “you” — it means “I”. But if, however, one uses the pronoun “we” — such an operation is not needed, and the adoption of the information is much easier and more natural.
Moreover, if one uses in such situations the pronoun “you”, it will mean (deliberately or inadvertently) contrasting myself — to those who are listening to me. These pronouns are separating. Thus “we” — uniting. And the love, which we must develop in ourselves, is the uniting.
In this regard, it would be helpful for all to draw attention to one of the important features of the Polish language. Poles do not say “you”. Instead, the turnover is applied, which makes us look at the situation through the eyes of the interlocutor. For example, there it would not be said: “Tatyana, you have to do this and that!”. But it would be said: “If Tatyana finds it would be interesting for her, let her do thus and thus”.
… I do not know whether my teaching was so good or not, or if I was only in need of being supported — but I went back to the bonfire with a sense of passing the examination with the “excellent”.
Vladimir was also happy for me. And I finally was able to “straighten my shoulders”.
… We were standing near the bonfire, when Vladimir suddenly pronounced:
“Mary Magdalene has come… She had not come to us before … She says that She has reached the Perfection in the next incarnation, after the well-known one to us. Also, She also says that you will be tempted after a month. The temptation will be — to abandon the Path… Lada also told me the same in confidence,” — Vladimir added. — “Mary believes that now you can be told about this.”
“If you will be able to stand that test,” — She continued, — “by the end of summer you will open for yourself even wider growth prospects…”
“Well,” — I was thinking, — “tests are needed.” — I knew this and was not surprised. Although this form of warning about them — was scary me a bit. Immediately I began to remember what tests Vladimir passed in his life…
But — it is necessary to agree with the Will of God. And it is impossible to hide anywhere from Him!…
… Anna decided to explain to me the next exercise. It was required to learn how to cleanse the partition between the sushumna and the middle meridian.
“First, let us blow the sushumna: cleanse it with the image of wire-brushes with the soap suds — from the top down. You can add other available images. Then — fill the meridian with ‘liquid light’.”
Watching my actions within my sushumna, Anna occasionally corrected me. For example, she noticed that I needed to increase my efforts at the level of the pelvis or also I have to make a little more in the neck.
Then we started clearing the wall itself.
“Imagine the middle meridian like a large test-tube without a bottom. Let us enter into it simultaneously from below, and into the sushumna — from the top. Then begin to scrape down the partition with both hands simultaneously — up to full transparency over the entire height.”
Anna watched, corrected, suggested.
I was able to see the dark patches in exactly those places where I used to feel uncomfortable…

* * *
        I had to leave and go home soon. Vladimir asked me to repeat at home all the exercises many times — not only not to lose what I had mastered, but to consolidate the position. And he insisted that I should never forget to rely on the help and guidance of my new Friends — Divine Teachers.
Yes, now I will always be with my favorite Teachers! I am now — never alone!

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