VISIT 1 • “Sandy Energy” and Riding on the Planet Earth

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

In the morning, Anna noticed that my eyes were brighter. She was truly happy, looking at my face. My head… no longer ached! I thought I had actually got rid of the piles of trash and garbage in it!
… We returned to Maenuel’s place of power. It was necessary to consolidate all the mastered skills. Plus, Vladimir added that it is possible to “open” and cleanse the legs — as it was done with sushumna and the middle meridian.
We were standing near the bonfire and meditating. Sometimes, Vladimir and others tossed into the fire dry branches and different debris of human origin: pieces of polyethylene, plastic bottles, etc. Purification of such pollution in any natural areas, where we stayed and lighted bonfires, — each time it was a natural activity of our group.
I was surprised that they threw into the fire also glass bottles: since they do not burn!
“Well,” — Vladimir answered, — “it is necessary for cleaning the environment of glass as well. If we do not destroy these bottles — some drunken company will break them. And then various small animals can injure their paws on the sharp fragments of broken glass. Glass bottles can be completely melted in a good fire. But in any case nobody can throw into a fire screwed glass bottles: they explode like grenades — and splinters fly at great speed in all directions.
“But even in any other conditions, one needs to handle fires with care,” — he continued. — “It is very dangerous, for example, to make a fire in peatbogs during dry weather. Or — in the fir forest, under big fir-trees: their old needles start to smolder, like peat. This means, it is possible to start a conflagration and to kill in vain a lot of plants. But each of them — is a living creature, in every plant body a small growing soul lives.
“By killing plants in vain, as well as animals, we hurt Evolution. And also — spoil our own destinies.
“Especially in the spring we should beware of burning dry grass. From the so-called ‘spring fires’, many plants and animals become injured, they are forced to suffer and die. A colossal mistake is to believe that burning grass — is useful. They say that ashes is a fertilizer. But the soil consists not of ashes, but of decaying organic matter! Imagine, for example, black earth. Is it of the ashes? By destroying dry grass — we just impoverish the soil! Those who do not understand this — they should be regarded as weak-minded!”
… On this day, I needed to consolidate the received material. Again asking for help from Maenuel, I set to work.
I was quickly carried away by the work with images.
Since all possible methods of such work with images were good, my fantasy played out. And instead of mop, I presented a huge drill consisting of light — a drill for drilling rocks. Of course, this drill was “magic” and “sunny”. I “bored” with it the my body. At one point, it even seemed to me that not only Maenuel, but also Juanito, Jesus, and Lorenz came to help me… Although, it could be just my imagination.
The very fact of the efficiency of such uses of images for medical purposes seemed awfully funny to me. I laughed inwardly and was inventing newer and newer forms of opening and cleaning the upper “bubble of perception”. For example, instead of the stick of a mop, I used a sharp spear and pierced by it the entrance of the skull. Then — rotated the energy of the “cocoon”, then — by the meridians, washed the whole body with “the sea of Divine Light”.
… Being tired and happy, I returned to the bonfire.
Vladimir looked at me and said that the area of vishudha already lightens. But he also noticed, that in the neck, on the left-front side, a small dark spot now became visible. Previously, it was impossible to see it, because of the overall soiling of the chakras.
… Already, on the first day after my arrival, he told me that he sees the shades in my pectoral part and in the neck, as if I had problems there. I was greatly surprised, as I noticed some paltry tingling there.
And I knew that my vishudha — was very polluted! And it was precisely at that point Vladimir said, the nodules had be found, even the biopsy was done, though cancer was not found. And now it turns out that this could be the beginning of a really serious illness!
Vladimir proposed to burn those darkenings with the image of fire.
I took the image of a little light on the palm and brought it to the sore spot.
But it was not very effective, as Vladimir, looking at what I was doing, offered another technique: to imagine that the back side of the body — was the vertical wall of a mount, and behind the wall — a precipice of infinite size; then I needed to flow out with the consciousness from the anahata and merge there with the Divine Light-Fire. Then — to act from this state.
But this meditation was at me even worse: to merge with God — it was not easy for me. Maybe after a few seconds, I felt a specific pleasure, but it was quickly lost.
Then Vladimir called me to a site where the path was covered with bright orange-yellow, very clean-looking sand. He said that this sand had a special power and suggested to take the light of this sand in my palms — and “pour” it on my face, neck, front meridian, at the location of the points to be treated.
“Harder to get rid of those of similar pathologies, which have occurred already on the material plane,” — he said. — “If they are for the present only on the non-material plane, it can be more easy to get rid of them at once with the hands of the consciousness. But if the disease becomes apparent already on the material plane — it must be done with much more efforts.”
I started to perform the task. But ten minutes later, I determined that this action must be intensified. Asking for help from Maenuel, I applied the image of a flame thrower. Then we (I with Maenuel) increased the number of flame-throwers and the intensity of their work…
… I did not tell anyone about these new techniques. But I already came up with the dumb question: “How am
I?”. And I heard that the dark places became nearly absent, and that they were very minimal.
“Now — to rest! Then — you will continue and finish.”
Vladimir proposed the new meditation for relaxation — “riding on the planet Earth”: everyone feels own little body on a huge planet, on which… rides in outer space. Then — to stretch the hands deeply into the consciousness of the Earth, studying it, loving… Between the hands — anahata. Hands consist of the energy of anahata.
Immersing hands into the consciousness of the Earth, it is very easy then to get there— with one’s own spiritual heart between the palms. And, in the light-depths of that space, one may search its great silence…
To rest by this method — it was good! I saw not only the Earth in the depths of which I was trying to dissolve myself, but the stars, the space scopes…
… Later, we continued the conversation around the bonfire. Vladimir was not with us, but Anna, Katya, and Larisa took part. We were talking about emotions, which are produced by the vishudha chakra. I wanted to clarify this for myself as exactly as possible: what to work with, what to repent of? It turned out that the emotions of resentment, frustration, sadness — are, including, the products of this chakra.
When Vladimir approached, we talked about the possibilities of healing the spine by means other manners than meditation. Vladimir waited until we finished this topic, then he approached me and began to carefully observe my vishudha with the thyroid gland. No residual disease he could find in it.

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