Visit 1 • Take the Sea on Your Palms!…

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

 After I had rested, we once again “undertook” to my “cocoon”.
Looking at my efforts, Vladimir said, smiling:
“Feel your head on the ground, about two feet behind your heels, — and look out from there to the ‘cocoon’. In this way it is most easy to learn to see possible blackouts in the ‘cocoon’ — for pulling off debris and cleansing the ‘cocoon’ with the hands of the consciousness.”
I tried to do all this. But Vladimir said:
“Lower below your head! More below: even under the surface of the ground!”
It was a surprise for me… I still did not fully understand, to what extent the total clairvoyance was capable! If Vladimir saw how I placed my head behind my legs, I just had only to lift my hands with the silent delight! A mixture of all my emotions reflected, apparently, very expressively on my face, because Vladimir suddenly laughed softly and kissed my cheek.
And so, putting my head behind my heels on the ground and even lower, I walked slowly back and forth, trying to keep the head there as long as possible and to see my “cocoon” and body, which were moving above and in front of me. I did this with varying success. This was something even resembling interference on television, when the image appears and disappears. But I was not able to see any blackouts in my “cocoon”.
We came back to the middle of the trail. Here Vladimir found a convenient place for the “falling down through” with the consciousness.
“Let us fall down through with the consciousness, then we take in our hands the image of a mop and start with wide circular motions — using the mop handle — to cleanse inside the middle meridian,” — Vladimir himself portrayed those circular motions with a mop. — “Also we need to make a hole in the top of the head with the handle of the mop, to cleanse the head inside of the whole energy waste, of all dark inclusions. The entire middle meridian and the whole body — must be filled with the light that is present in abundance at this place. And we must move the body during all this!”
I began to work. With enthusiasm, I took the image of a mop in the hands of consciousness and began to scour the meridian. Firstly — within the width of the body, and then also going outside of its borders, to be sure that I cleansed it all. After this, I punched a hole in the top of head. Then turned back to circular motions by which I was cleaning and poking inside the neck and head. I really enjoyed this exercise, I well-imaged a mop and already began to feel some kind of special lightness in the body below the shoulders. And in my head there was a sensation similar to a motion of ice conglomerations which were cracking — and then were floating to the sides, freeing up the space.
Fifteen minutes later Vladimir came up. He looked at me, smiled and said that my lower chakras have already formed the right column, but more work was needed with the head and neck.
We headed to the sea.
I was thinking that I was, here and now, — in a company with Vladimir, and he is teaching me! Still some months ago, it was almost a “crystal dream”. I thought then, that maybe… someday…
Vladimir was telling something about the Mergence with God, but this time I stayed on his previous thoughts, and I woke up only when he pronounced:
“You can merge also with me, if you are not confused by this! To merge — in my Mahadouble.”
For me, just at that moment this became realized; that it is, indeed, possible, and that such an idea had not even occurred in my mind. It did not confuse me, and I said this to him. He smiled.
We reached the end of the trail, after which only bushes were — and the sea was stretching as far as the eyes could see. Dark-blue sea, with white slabs of ice which reflected the sun’s rays — all was so majestic, calm, and alive!
Vladimir explained the following meditation:
“Take the sea on the palms, raise — and pour its transparency on our bodies, washing and purifying them!… We can wash, in this way, also our main meridians. This exercise is called ‘Washing’, we were given it, for the first time, by Eagle. It is called ‘Washing’ — because Eagle had taught us to wash, in this manner, our faces in the morning, when we lived in tents at His place of power.”
To take the sea on my palms — it was already much easier for me. Probably I was helped by all in my meditations. Although in these moments, I forgot about this and thought that it was I myself who can do them.
Now I was taking this soft white light, almost transparent, — and shed it in small waterfalls through the whole body.
“It is possible also to make ‘the autopsy of the middle meridian’ — like a surgery. Let us do this with, for example, the image of a special surgical knife or with the other suitable for this tools — and cleanse all inside.”
The autopsy of one’s own body… I, though a medical doctor, did not do this yet. But, however crazy this sounds, the method was quite effective.
“In particular, when we ‘dissect’ the region of head chakras, we can gently rake away all the energetic densities from the chakras with hands of the consciousness.”
While I was walking along the path, trying to imagine all the known by me and effective for this purpose surgical tools, also the course itself of the “operation”, I drew my attention to Anna, going forward. Already on the way she looked at me, I realized that she wanted to say something.
And so it happened:
“If you are trying yourself to do it all — that is good. But try to do the same — with the help of the Holy Spirit, asking Him to assist. It is possible, firstly, to merge with Him or Her — and then together, with united hands, to cleanse, to purify the body up to full transparency.”
After all, it turned out that I really focused only on my own efforts. I somehow even did not think to ask Maenuel for help. There sat in my mind only the learned sport phrases, like “by only your efforts”, “everything depends on only you!”… But now it became obvious to me: I wanted to get closer to the Holy Spirit, but did not even look at Him!
So, sheepishly and gleefully, I asked Him for help. And, indeed, there were very different effects! It was like if Maenuel Himself relieved, that at last something really significant appeared at His place of power!
My mood rose, exercises became more vigorous! It was so nice to feel that His hands and mine were together!
… Vladimir at this time was talking with others. He turned suddenly to me and proposed a more efficient version of the “penetration into head”. He offered to hit by the end of the stick of a mop into the foramen occipitale magnum. On hearing the familiar medical name and even remembering what it meant — I rejuvenated.
What immediately came to mind, was unpleasant and painful memories of the practices of anatomy, where we, the students, had to work with real human corpses, studying all their muscles, blood vessels, and nerves.
But this was in the past. But now I realized that I should hit into the lower foramen of my skull with a stick of a mop, which is in my hands of consciousness. “Soft tissue” could be “cleaned up”, as well as the spine, and I was already well aware of that hole — where I should hit!
Others asked Vladimir to explain to them what the term meant, because it was for the first time that they heard from him these Latin words. I moved away to perform the task. Vladimir added after that he would give me fifteen minutes to work, and then would lead me to Lada: “to the court of God”. Hearing these “terrible” words about “court of God”, I slowed down a bit. But I did not sink much into those thoughts and started the piercing of that skull foramen.
Having just started, I felt that I was already tired, but the goal was attracting me much stronger. My state was really transformed. I combined “punches” and circular motions of the mop with maximum intensity, although I had to take short breaks for rest.
Vladimir approached and looked at me. He said that I am already better, but I need to continue to work with head and neck still more.
“It is possible, for example, to take, with the hands of consciousness, a spray with white light fluid,” — Vladimir offered another version of the work, — “and sprinkle on the sushumna in vishudha region from behind: to dissolve all that was dark in this place. It is also possible to turn a stick into a surgical swab and cleanse with it the cavity of the head, as do the fans collecting skulls,” — he smiled.
I did everything as he said. For greater effect, I completely penetrated into the skull and already in it, often changing the pads, cleaned out all black and grey energies. The head was a little buzzed, but the unusual easiness started to be traced. It seemed, that at least some part of my collection of energetic rubbish was removed. I went to rest.
Vladimir at that time went slowly by the path to other side of our bonfire. When he returned, he called all of us to him. There was a high-voltage line with wires that ran in two rows above us. Drawing attention to them, he said:
“High-voltage wires are surrounded by energy fields. These fields do not cause injury, as most people think, and, vice versa, they can create interesting places of power, combined with Mahadoubles of the Holy Spirits. But really bad energy fields are created around not wires, but transformers.”
He proposed to feel changes in the energy field under the wires at the interval of about 20 meters. We found 4 different states there. The most interesting for me segment was where self-awareness in the body disappeared completely. It was more pleasing to be at this point than at other places. And also it was very easy to flow by the consciousness.
Vladimir commented:
“Every incarnate man gets accustomed to living, perceiving and feeling only the material world. Usually it is not necessary to perceive energy fields, so man does not develop this capability. But on the spiritual Path — this must be learned: for man to become closer to the Creator, it is the only possibility — to change him/herself by the quality of the soul. But it cannot be done with any certain gestures or by similar actions. A layer of matter in the ‘multi-layer cake’ of the multidimensional space — is very small in size — in comparison with the whole ‘pie’ of the Absolute. Therefore the process of practical searching of God implies cognizing and mastering all layers of multi-dimensional space, focusing on the most refined, most subtle layers. Remember: God — in the Aspect of the Primordial Consciousness (the Creator, God-the-Father) — is exactly the subtlest of all that exists in the universe. Therefore such trainings, like those with energy fields around the wires with currents, are very useful on the first stages of the Path.”

*   Editor’s note: after all exercises with chakras and meridians, it is important to perform shavasana.


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