VISIT 1 • The Spiritual Warrior Must Be Impeccable in Every Way!

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

I took off my boots in the hallway at homes and stepped down on the bare floor. This was something that I normally used to do. Larisa drew attention to this:
“Now you have to wash your feet, you cannot put on slippers with such feet!”
I tried to argue that I stepped on the floor only few steps. Larisa went on a theme:
“The Spiritual Warrior must be perfect throughout, even in small things! Vladimir — long ago — well explained to us that we walk by streets in places where, perhaps, spat tuberculars. And the street dust with dried and sprayed contagious sputum may well be carried and on the floor of our apartments. If one does not follow Vladimir’s advice, then it happens… he looks so that the desire to argue immediately disappears…”
I did not need more explanation and tramped into the bathroom.
After the supper, Anna asked me to read a book in which I could continue to meet with the stories of the Divine Teachers about Themselves: on Their latest Incarnations, and how They achieved Their own Mergence with God. It was already mentioned by me: Classics.
They fell asleep already at six o’clock in the evening, but I for a long time studied the book or was thinking about current events, then — dipped into some of my own problems.
Was it possible that around me, there is no person to whom such knowledge would be needed? And how hopeful I was about some people!… Because I had wonderful friends still with we — from school. Of course, we did not always agree in opinions and sometimes pursued different goals in life, but no matter what happened — we adopted each other such as we were, and tried to help each other in every possible way. And I was always grateful to God for such friends!
I used to notice that they did not understand and did not share my outlooks. But this was because I spoke and explained inadequately, because I continued the life that could not be an example for others… And now even my mother, as I thought, who once would be able to come into my life and understand and accept, now could not. So it turns out… no one…?



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