VISIT 1 • “Theory of Watering”

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Before the station, Vladimir suddenly drew my attention to what I… water little. All the others go into the bushes for this quite often, but I — almost never. And on this occasion he gave me the lecture, telling me to write down the title:

“The Theory of Watering”:“Waterings have to be divided into:“Obligatory — and facultative (i.e. optional, individual) ones.

“Obligatory are accomplished before the meditative work, for example, before a long journey and before bedtime. Scrupulous execution of obligatory watering teaches people to live on the principle ‘it must be done!’, rather than on ‘I want!’ or ‘I do not want!’. The spiritual warrior must live only on the first principle. One, who did not master the right practice of the watering, about such a person it can be said that he or she did not already learn how to mark strategically their own path in life.

“A not emptied bladder completely distracts the indriyas of the mind, acting like an uncomfortable garment contracting the body. And one cannot feel free and fully love God, if declining to water, according to the presented rule!”

All this was pronounced with a light playful pathos, while maintaining a serious expression on his face. And all the others listened, extending from their anahatas, being delighted with Vladimir’s speech.

Any interaction between the members of Vladimir’s company was always on this emotional background — open, light-loving, saturated with unobtrusive care for each other, and now — for me too.

Here there was also much joking and laughing always — even in the rigorous conditions of life; in both material and political aspects.

I was told that, in the past, one of Vladimir’s themes of jokes often were, as he called it, “playing the religion” of adults — in those supposedly “spiritual” schools, where the real work which God expects from us, is replaced by the selling of specific mantras and taking new foreign names, also where special “monk” clothing or hairstyles are used.

Laughing at all such “plays the religion”, he began to call himself among friends — Purrer: according to the invented by him “mantra of feline bliss” “Purr!”.

Katya, laughing, once said that this name is very fitting for him: he is really Purrer! It was no matter, how difficult it was, but he only “purrs” a few times to cleanse and align the energies in the body and in the “cocoon” — and dives with the consciousness into God’s Consciousness. And there — the Bliss! And he presents this Bliss to others.

God is in him, he is in God. He has realized this.

* * *

At some point I began to feel that my head started to break up slowly; even to move it became painful. I immediately began to blame myself: that I worked poorly and generally contrived — in such a short period of this embodiment — to neglect myself so inexcusably!

But Vladimir approached and began to explain that after such healing practices, as were today’s, the existing health problems could get initially acute — before they vanish.

I confirmed to him my headache, and sighed with relief: it means, that it is probably a positive sign.

At night I found it very difficult to fall asleep because of my headache, as well as the desire to cleanse immediately my upper “bubble of perception”. And now the best thing in my opinion, that I could do, it was… to repent. I went over in my memory again all the injuries, both of myself and caused to others, all my claims and accusations, all the desires which were directed against the principle of love and, accordingly, brought only pain and disappointment. I tried again and again go through those situations — in the right emotional state… Then I re-read books, tried to speak with the Holy Spirit, to listen to God’s answers — as long as I felt no fatigue. And only then fell asleep.



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