VISIT 1 • I Became a Mahadouble

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).


And soon we were again going to Lada.
Along the way, Vladimir showed me a new meditation — to create my own Mahadouble.
“When I am the Mahadouble, it is important to feel my face and hands. Mahadoubles do not have legs, except for those cases, when there is a need for obtaining them specifically for a time. From the state of a Mahadouble, now we are looking at the ground, are expanding in scope with the vast spiritual heart, are touching the sea! Gradually, the ability to act as a Mahadouble will grow. Then one can create Mahadoubles also far away from one’s body.”
It turned out — very cool! Especially — when I learned to feel my own face of the Mahadouble.
“It should be started, coming out back from anahata,” — Vladimir explained.
I felt now myself above the pine trees and looked over the sea. And — being Light and Love — flowed over the vast, embracing forests, fields, sea!… I certainly was not able to do so, as did the others, but I hoped that one day I would be able to learn this.
Vladimir saw a man walking from far towards us, and he warned me not to start doing any unusual movements of the body. Vladimir was always careful in this. Once again I felt sad a bit: we were obligated to hide from other people, as if we were doing something criminal…
“Not we are the criminals, but they… (I do not mean this concrete person, but those who fight against God). They — had always fought and will fight against people like us…” — Vladimir continued my thought. — “But to join with them in open fighting… — it is impossible to help the deed by this. Why did Jesus say about those that they do not understand what they do? They — are simply still young or already almost hopelessly corrupted souls. And it is impossible for them to be corrected by confrontation…”
… Finally, we came to a place of power of Lada.
I, with a hope, rushed to Her: “Well — am I now better?!”
Vladimir voiced Her response:
“Lada says that She ‘intimidated’ you that time in order to speed up the process of your changing… She says that you have confirmed your willingness and ability to change, that successfully clears your karma.”
Vladimir continued listening to Lada:
“She says that God is thankful to us all for our work. But there will still be obstacles on your way, which are absolutely necessary for you to overcome… All will help you in every step of your way, but you retain the freedom of will. Lada says that, if you will go off the track, — She will cry, but will not protest against… And no one will punish you, because you will punish yourself. Amen…”
“Do you know what it means: ‘Amen’?” — Vladimir added from himself.
“So let it be!”
He nodded.
… I went for a long time by the path, passing through Lada’s place of power. And talked and talked with myself… Of course, I will punish only myself! I did not doubt in this! I was ready for anything, except to come back to the empty and meaningless existence, which I had before I met the books of Vladimir. It would be better then — not to live at all!
My perturbation gradually was subsiding. I wrote down in the notebook the thoughts and tips which came to me, and thanked Lada. Then I went back to waiting for me Vladimir and others.
Vladimir again was sitting on a log. He asked me, whether I saw what had become my spiritual heart?
I decided to be more modest and replied, that — a few meters.
are you  a liar!” — Vladimir smiled.
And then he added:
“You need to develop a sense of yourself in a state of maximum expanded consciousness. This will help to accustom yourself for the life in a state of the Mahadouble.

        He asked Anna to show me how to limber up the spine on the trunk of a fallen tree, and he went to the bonfire.
Anna chose a convenient trunk, sat on it from one side, and then slowly began to slide down, moving the body slightly to the left and right. I repeated. Very cool! I was sinking in bliss…



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