VISIT 1 • Fire Meditations

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

A very interesting and meaningful event for me occurred in my apartment.
Each time, preparing for meditation, I switched on the music.
And under the gentle Indian motifs, I began to create images of rings, which consisted of the Divine Fire — to work through the body most effectively. I was helping by bodily movements to twist the fire hoop so that it could climb onto one leg. Then the other hoop — on the other. At some point the hoops merged at the level of muladhara and svadhisthana — and then the combined hoop raised along the whole body. Then I added a few fiery hoops on one hand, then — on the other… The images of hoops expanded up to some meters… I walked them through the body in different directions… — and was completely absorbed in the Light-Fire!
This was easy for me, creating these images: as a child, I loved to be engaged in similar exercises. It was true, of course, — with only one hoop. I twisted the hoop around the waist, around the neck… And was once so absorbed by this activity that I did not notice when the hoop flew away from my neck… but I continued the rotational movement of the body, immersed in any of my thoughts. That time “I came to myself” — only when I heard that other children laughing at me. I then felt very ashamed and in future I became very vigilant in respect to such “mental flights” of mine.
… When the music became slower and quieter, there appeard images of small lights, burning on the palms. I conducted these lights through the body from one hand to another — just as the fiery “suns” at the place of power of Juanito. But now I let them swim also through my legs and through the whole body, gradually increasing their number and trying to hold my attention on each of them. I delayed them for a time on my palms, then — on every leg, then on the head — and kindled them more and more.
And then — the torches were in my hands, I deftly rearranged them, tossed, placed into the chest — so that the fire blazed in the neck and head.
I felt like a dancer and fakir — all into one. I entertained the public under the open night sky. My lights — are like material, and they can be seen by everyone!
The Fire gradually filled whole my body, and — it was already shining with white Flame which was very soft…
… And now the music became energetic, the call to battle, to exploits was heard in it! My Fire burned stronger, higher, I wanted to give it enormous speed… I was hyping It up around the vertical axis! I twisted It — with such force that It was no longer the Fire, but as a huge Tornado, based in the depth and raised up, carried all the unnecessary, all the energy junk contained in me — and I disappeared in the Fire Tornado…
… Music became again calm, quiet… The Fiery Tornado disappeared. But my body is shining with white, pure Fire. I do not strain to maintain this image. The Fire shines on its own.
I wanted to raise my hands up, I raised them up — and the Light was pouring like  from large white sleeves. White birds flew from them… The air was filled with Light, like drops that float up from the depths spreading all around… And then the buds of tender and sweet fragrance of blooming flowers — pale-pink, purple, white — appeared from the hands… They were spinning in space, dancing with me to the music, slowly float away… Hands themselves became wings… Flap… One more flap… Golden light began to sparkle…
… Music was changing, becoming more mysterious… My body was transparent, it was as only a faint shell… I was — in God… We were One…
… I then fell down on the floor…
The air around — as if charged, its transparency was Alive. I understood that, despite the inherent for me certain level of capacity for imagination, I could not create by myself such a sequence and potency of images. Here — Someone is! I got up, took the camera, and, feeling where the epicenter is, I asked the Holy Spirit to pose for me — so as to show then photos to Vladimir.



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