VISIT 1 • My Own Search for Places of Power

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

At home, I already began to meditate the next day. Those were the exercises, which can be practiced not at natural places of power, but in apartments. Maenuel’s meditations were the best in such a cases. Anna had recorded for me special music — for the attunement of the spiritual heart. I switched it on — and immediately noticed that all meditations with it became much more efficient!
… And then, just in the first weekend, I rushed to survey the nearest parks to search for places of power.
At first, I focused on the pleasurable sensations that were appearing and disappearing during my moving along park roads.
So, on the edge of a small cliff, which was overlooking the city center, it was pleasant to stretch the consciousness up over the pines. This place of power was only a few meters across. And around this place — the feeling was quite normal.
I went on, enjoying the peace and the shining of morning sun.
Examining one of the paths, I began to feel a change in energy. There was a clear feeling of the presence of Divine Someone. I walked by the path few times, forth and back — but was not able to make any definite conclusions about the possibilities of this place. But then, where the path was set off by high dense firs, my feelings near one of those trees was much more intense. This was the epicenter of the place. Here I was filled with joy from all sides. This joy was raising from the multidimensional depth. It was very easy to go here, my legs were barely felt. I began to try the exercises that were presented by Maenuel. But at some point, the thought came to my mind, it was not exactly mine: I need not try to repeat what I already knew, but to listen and receive the information which will appear here and now.
I heeded. And then — there were balls of white flame-like Light under my feet. They began to swim slowly up through my body.
I started to perceive very well the Holy Spirit — Divine Woman helping me.
When fatigued, I did not feel anymore the wishing to continue the work. But it was simply nice to be in the state of Her blissful pampering.
… I thanked both Holy Spirits and photographed their places the power to send to Vladimir. (He later replied that he was not acquainted personally with the first of those Holy Spirits Who really is at the first place. And on the second place, near the fir trees, — there is the joy of the Divine Woman; he now also cannot recognize Her, but I can learn to merge with Her.)



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