VISIT 1 • I Will Kiss David Copperfield!

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

… Our conversation, in which I expected the commentary of Vladimir about the photos, began with an unexpected note.

He suddenly announced that two hours ago, David Copperfield asked him to take care of me… And David talked about me as about His daughter! And in those photos, were David and Sarkar!

I was trying to understand and “digest” this incredible information.

I — the daughter of David Copperfield?! Come on!… That is — as it is?! In what sense?… We are really all — the children of God… But I — the daughter of David?!…

I ran around the room. Sat again. Stood up. Sat down again. Calmed down. Carefully read again what I wrote to Vladimir. Became lost in a reverie.

This was too much to think about further right now… I decided to continue thinking about that later.

Began to read in the ‘Classics’: Who is — Sarkar?

I read from His autobiography:

“In that incarnation I became a fakir. I could easily ignite with the Consciousness any flame: from physical fire — to the Divine one. I showed Divine mysteries as illusions: in this regard, David Copperfield and I are colleagues.*

“I had a wonderful companion and assistant in everything — My wife. She had a remarkable ability to feel the partner! It was a joy to work with Her for the public!… And it was a bliss to teach Her!…

“She became the mother of the dynasty of fakirs Sarkars…

“At present, She (or He, to be correct) is incarnate and continues the great work of developing the art of the Divine Magic of Love…”

My thoughts were chaotically jumping and knocking to each other.

I stopped in front of the photo of smiling David. Twisting a little faint-heartedly, I took it up and… clung it to my cheek.

“And to kiss?” — I suddenly heard clearly…

At first I thought that, apparently, it was my secret thought “broke out”.

But what if suddenly — no…?

I laughed a soft laugh at my own behavior. Well, for whom to retell such?! Who would understand? And what to say? I humbly looked at his photo, turning to it from one side, then — from another…

Of course, I usually did not keep myself in such a manner. But now — such an unusual situation… Because He really saw me through!… No way to hide my emotions of Him! He saw everything from all sides…

Well! That was good that You see!

I left in myself only all the best, that was in me, only all the most beautiful and clean… and finally decided, and… — kissed!…

We laughed afterwards together for a long time!

… I just could not look at Him without smiling — even though I did not obtain the same wide and fascinating smile.

But I soon understood that all this was only a joke: actually I should kiss not a photo, but He Himself.

Vladimir promised to give me this opportunity…



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