VISIT 2 • Everyone Chooses Their Own Path

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Ah, summer! Again, I “flew” to this city to my friends, to plunge into the world of love, joy and harmony!

A shower of rain after long hot weather, and a welcome freshness filled the air. I enjoyed breathing it in deeply. A huge rainbow appeared in the sky, it was visible from both ends, not hidden somewhere behind the clouds, showing off in its entirety. I felt behind my back wings of freedom! I rushed to meet my happiness, to meet the Divine Love!

I met happily with Anna. Now, in the aspects of smiles and laughter, I was not inferior to her!

She warned me to be ready for not only very interesting and good news, but also sad news as well.

As it turned out, the one couple who stayed distant from me, were forced to leave the team. The reason for this was that the mistakes they performed were incompatible with spiritual advancement: they cultivated a sense of infallibility in their actions, and gross errors in their spiritual service — despite Vladimir’s attempts to reason with them… Instead of repenting and reparation, their pride took them away from God.

They began to lose their previous developments: God took away their ability to meditate… Old chronic diseases came back and became acute…

Joint meditations with them became impossible due to the loss by them of the collective’s emotional subtlety… Also the consciousnesses developed rudeness…

Their emotional confrontation to Vladimir then began, now they blamed Vladimir in their troubles, but not themselves…

“Ten years side-by-side with each other… We reached together almost the top — and they fell back down… And this turns out to really be, happening on the peaks of the Spiritual Path…” — the only thing that I could think of at that moment.

… I remembered our farewell, when I saw them last time. We embraced, and I was glad that the wall between us broke down… They seemed to me, in that brief moment, as warm and loving… I told them: “I will be back!”…

But their response caught me by surprise: I expected at least smiles to my playful “pathos of farewell”… But… I clearly saw in their eyes only sincere confusion… Why?! I could not understand it…

We were sitting a little longer with Anna in the light haze of sadness… and “let go” of this theme. To each — their own way… Everyone chooses it for him/herself…



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