VISIT 2 • Guru Nanak-2

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

All this time I was patiently waiting for the opportunity to read new revelations from the Divine Teachers, and, in particular, to discover information about my previous incarnations. It was already suggested for a long time that here I may expect a lot of interesting things. And I, finally, “seized”: they showed me the records of Revelations made recently!

Apostle Andrew:

“I expect you all at known for you working sites. I invite to Myself also Tatyana. I will take care of her!

I am also in her edges — as a Mahadouble — and am willing to help her there too.”


“I am really looking forward to her! Her development is very favorable! She accepted all. But only one aspect is not yet realized…”


“We admire Tatyana’s way! All will be easy for her to be taken!”

Guru Nanak:

“It was her name too: Guru Nanak. There were several people with this name in history.”

“Was she evolving in Your tradition?

“I am not interested in it somehow. No need to assume that it was just a sequence of Teachers.

“He (she) worked in a mountain monastery in Nepal, near the modern borders of India.

“That was already after My well-known for you Incarnation.

“Yes, that was a good, fine man!



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