VISIT 2 • Holy Spirits — Men and Women

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Today, we were going to visit several Divine Teachers. We left a train and went by the road in a forest.

Here we were met by Krishna! This was already my second contact with Him, occurring in another place! But this time I did not “squeeze” from myself a modest “Hello!” But immediately embrace Him! Another Supreme Bliss of Merging with Him!

Vladimir again prompted how to do this properly and how to learn to hear what He says:

“At first, we stretch our hands of consciousness into Him. Then it becomes easily to integrate fully into Him and disappear in Him. Now — there is only Him, I — am not! Now — there are only His thoughts, thoughts of my own — are not!”*

… I was already able to dissolve freely in such situations. But concerning seeing and hearing, I did it only with difficulty. More precisely, it was successful for me only when Vladimir directed it. Then I rushed my hands into Krishna — and felt myself filled to the brim with incomparable joy of Mergence with Him!

… We went ahead. At the turn of the road we were met by the Divine Master, named Igor Vysotin*. It seemed to me, that I saw His Face somewhere a few meters to the right. I extend my hand of consciousness and merge with Him.

… A warm breeze gently touching the surface of the lake, the caress of the morning sun, dissolved in a light mist above the water, droplets of dew on blades of grass and flowers on the shore… Attuning with such states of nature can bring one to understanding the states of Igor Vysotin — One of Those Who reached the Creator and is now His Representative on Earth for incarnate people.

We kept to our way, and He remained with us. Vladimir passed me His words:

“You definitely should learn to be in the nature as much as possible: to live in a tent, to meet the dawn…”

Yeah… I would be happy to live in a tent! I began to think carefully about all the “escape” from the city’s bustle — to life “under the open sky”. But now accommodation in a forest, even for only a few days, was highly questionable. So I decided to put off thinking about this until later, because — if the Holy Spirit speaks and advises, the realization of any plan always, in time, appears.

… The road was over, and the lake of indescribable beauty was spreading in front of us to many hundreds meters. Surrounded on the edges by woods, quiet and gentle, reflecting blue sky with a few light clouds, it was majestic in its deep rest.

We threw off our backpacks and approached the water’s edge.

“This is a place of power of Giant*” — Vladimir began. — “It is very good to learn to keep this wonderful lake on the palms of love. Here, extend your hands of consciousness deep into the lake and away — to the furthermost edge… We feel fish in the lake, let us stroke their tummies…”

I was even a bit dizzy when I did all this. I decided that this was probably due to the fact that I was already hungry, though I already had a very nourishing breakfast recently. I remembered how I and Anna discovered with a laugh that we both “sat on a diet”, because our collective meditations excessively increased our appetites…

And then we saw the guests: two nice ducks swimming up to us, diligently moving with their legs, in order to reach the shore as quickly as possible. We were glad, immediately fed them with bread, and for a long time were caressing them with our hands — hands of love.

Later Vladimir began to explain other possibilities of meditative work at this place:

“If we place our bodies a couple of meters away from the shore and stand sideways with respect to the lake, then this position would be very convenient to keep the lake on one hand. Then — the same with other hand.

It turned out, it was, really, more comfortable, the feeling became stronger. But now I became quite “reeled”, as if I stood on the edge of the cliff, and I blew the wind. But the emotion of fear was not present in me. I, just in case, complained to Vladimir: what if I suddenly did something wrong? He confidently replied that it was shaking me so — because of the presence of Giant.

… I had to not only try to remember all the exercises, but also to write them down: in order to be able to continue practicing them at home.

Then Vladimir asked us to thank Giant — and move on.

Turning to me, he said:

“We go now to Divine Women. They are waiting for you. Let us hear what They will tell to you at this time.”

I, jokingly, said that the Divine Men were not as strict to me as the Divine Women. This added to my relationship with the Holy Spirits a special soft playful “charm”.

Yes, to go to the Divine Women — now I was not scared: I was well aware that if They even revile — it was only for the good of me.

Because in this embodiment, I was born in a female body, during the last visit I asked Lada to teach me to become like She, fostering in myself all the best feminine qualities, and more…

… Soon we came to the necessary place and began to collect firewood.

Here I immediately noticed a difference in sensation: in comparison to other Divine places of power, Tenderness and Love were again here other, differing by just noticeable “feminine” shades — from typical for all Divine Holy Spirits background of refinement.

I already was beginning to feel the differences in the manifestations of individuality of each of Them. Some gave Love and Tenderness — flaming, with overwhelming intensity. Others — like a quiet, deep rest, as the surface of water. And, for example, the Tenderness that I have ever felt when dealing with Yamamuto, could be compared to the finest fragrance of blossoming flowers.

… We refreshed ourselves and headed deeper into the forest — to a small clearing among the tall pines. At the edge of the clearing, even was a handy tree stump — as if to aseptically write in my notebook more conveniently, i.e. [while] sitting on it.

“Here is Elizabeth,” — Vladimir said when we all settled down in the meadow. — “When we were here last time, there were several Divine Women, but now — only Elizabeth.”

I understood immediately that he spoke about Elizabeth Haich.

“Here we see as a wide column of Divine Light — Divine Consciousness of Elizabeth.”

I… even did not know what to say: did I see, or feel this column of semi-transparent white Light and its borders.

We went into this column.

Vladimir listened…

“Elizabeth says that She is very glad that you, through our joint efforts, ‘were included in the right direction’. There is now no doubt in you! No doubt also, that your current incarnation will be positive. She takes you into the group of Spiritual Leaders!

Vladimir explained:

“Leader — is not someone who only develops him/herself. But the one who leads others.”

We were silent.

I quietly rejoiced: at last — “no more doubts concerning me!”.

I still had no idea how I would lead others. But there were not any difficulties or doubts I had from my side.

So, “time will show”. More precisely — God will show!

We started to meditate.

Initially, it was necessary to align with Elizabeth, to feel Her Love.

Vladimir drew attention to the fact that Love of Divine Men and Divine Women — is a little bit different.

I experienced relief due to this information, because I really felt such a difference, but was not sure that these conclusions of mine were correct.

Attuning with Elizabeth — it turned out very easily. Her Tenderness can be compared to a light touch like a feather to a soul: it was very gentle, very “aerial”!…

… Vladimir soon again drew my attention, for me to continue to cleanse my body of energy contaminations. And he suggested that I ask for help in this — from Elizabeth.

I cleared the body with my hands of consciousness, capturing all the superfluous, the dark, which could be captured with my palms, and threw it away from the body. I even started cleaning the legs, entering them from below, through the soles.

“You can cleanse the body by your hands, coming into it from below, through the soles of the feet…”

Wow! — I thought. — What if I already am “catching” the ideas of Vladimir before his words? Or was it prompted to me by Elizabeth?…

* * *

We rested, refreshed ourselves with coffee and sandwiches with cheese — and again worked.

The day was sunny but still cool as in spring. However, Vladimir took off his jacket and worked already “lightly”. I was also at this time not so worried by cool temperatures as before. But I was persistently interfered with by hungry mosquitoes.

“Adler arrived,” — Vladimir said. — “Here,” — he pointed to the place near Elizabeth, — “a column of His Divine Light.”

I stopped in delight. I read Adler’s autobiography* several times in a row— almost with an open mouth! He was behind the creation of our planet, and He oversees it! And I would learn to arrive and to leave among people — like Him — at the right place and at the right time! But for this to be possible, we must become such as Adler.

As in the case when I first time came to His place of power, now I felt His Huge, Majestic, Immensity. It was like standing near a 100-storey building, with one’s head up, and it being impossible to see the edge of the roof because of the clouds!

I carefully stretched my hands of the consciousness into His Light… It was great, unique!

Vladimir at this moment suggested us to come into Adler and stretch up inside His Mahadouble — to feel ourselves — as vast as He is.



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