VISIT 2 • Was David My Mother?!

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Of course, I was “bursting” with curiosity: I wanted to find out more details. But Anna and Larisa repeatedly made me understand that this kind of curiosity was not encouraged by God. Exceptions were only in those cases where it had a practical value for the development of a concrete student of God. So, only what I really needed to know about, would be discussed.

And I began to wait patiently…

I decided to brag to Anna about the visit of David and Sarkar to my home, and that David called me His daughter, and I danced with Them… Then I could not find words because of the excess of emotions. I had to calm down. So I only asked Anna: “It is interestingly, that they came to me together… Why?”

“Because David in His previous incarnation was Sarkar’s wife” — she answered quietly.

There was a long pause in my mind… So what does this mean…: David really was my mom?! And then Sarkar…

So that a “short circuit” in my head would not occur, I immediately pushed these thoughts away, until I would finally find out all the answers exactly.

Just once before I had the time to be Guru Nanak in a man’s body. I was thinking about this name already much more calmly, I with Anna even had looked on the Internet at Nepal. Beautiful! And my monastery was even in those mountains!

I asked about the park in my town, which was mentioned by Apostle Andrew.

“He says that you had there some kind of story with a dog.”

I fell to thinking. What was a story with a dog? In any case, no negative incidents were there exactly. Maybe simply one dog came to me to say “hello”? But I did not remember such a case that happened in a park. I started to get upset, but Anna cheered me up, saying that He will necessarily bring me to the right idea in that direction.

And already later, before going to bed, still sorting out all my meetings with dogs, I — remembered! It was not an incident. I was just going to explore a meadow in the park, but saw that it was already occupied by dog-breeders. Apparently, this was a place of general practicing and preparing for the dog show. So it also was the working site of Apostle Andrew!

Wow! And it was in fact very close to Rada’s places of power! Vladimir saw Her still in the previous photos, but I did not know what meditations could be done by me there. And I only stayed in the blissful joy bestowed by Rada.

So much information… How to “digest” it all?

I was standing at the threshold of memories… — absolutely inconceivable and impossible, according to the opinion of the majority of people!

But how long and how passionately I was dreaming about this! And how many words I have heard from other people about my “faith in utopia” and that I was “not of this world” and “strange”. How I suffered because I was so “separated” by them, even by my dear people, even by those who declared their love for me… But they said: you — there (like from another planet), but we — here!…

But now my dreams were coming true, and with increasing speed — even fantastic, even “utopian”, even the most, it seemed, incredible!

… I am remembering now: Last summer I planned with very good, as I thought, friend — a wonderful summer vacation in nature, in a tent near a lake. I felt that our relationship was becoming more than just friendship, and I was unspeakably happy… But then, just two weeks before the holiday, he suddenly broke off! And he did this, in my opinion, so emphatically and so illogically, that I needed a very long time to recover. Why? What did I do wrong?

But — up to that moment — I had already learned to understand that, the more illogical the situation, the greater the Will of God in it. And I went through that break-up quite easily.

And what happened then? Already in the following (that is, the present) summer… I had begun my relationship with God! As if He said: “Why do you want him? Better to come to Me! And get — “in addition” to Me — both: the lake with fish and ducks, and… My Love!”



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