VISIT 2 • Are You Ready to Participate in the Great Spiritual Revolution?

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

In Babaji’s Valley, we built a bonfire and ate. The huge smiling Face of Babaji was near us: at this time — of His last incarnation. Vladimir suggested that, when we have finished our meal, we go into Him not only with consciousnesses but also with our bodies.

While we ate, Vladimir began again to pass the words of Babaji addressed to me:

“He says, He loves you very much, like other Divine Teachers.”

I thought that this was — so natural that God loves all. How can He not love? And I talked about this to Vladimir.

“No, not all. He can love someone less. For example, the betrayers of His work.”

Vladimir continued:

“Babaji puts a question to you: Are you ready to contribute to the Great Spiritual Revolution on the Earth — Mahakranti?”

I even shrugged my shoulders slightly:

“Of course! What is the matter?”

However, I had no idea how and to what extent this should be happening. But the fact that my answer was unequivocal, there was — no doubt! Since I embarked on this Path, boredom and stagnation could not be considered. Although… “Spiritual Revolution” — it really sounded like something very big, “planetary”…

I even felt myself so small, vulnerable… Well, but based on such a scale, Babaji talked of, can it really be true for me?

I continued to munch on a sandwich, thinking… Well, actually, if Babaji was my Teacher, if David was… However, whoever He was… And I myself already was a guru… and probably real… — then something, apparently, can turn out… Wow!

“Yes”, — I answered.

“Babaji says that it is not enough to only say ‘yes’. It is necessary to re-review all components of your own existence on the Earth — in order to minimize all the influences that may hinder the implementation of Mahakranti.*

“What it requires for us to keep of what we do? First of all — caring for the body: for it to be healthy and alright in all other respects. Also it is desirable to have a shelter and money.

“Almost everything else can be removed from life.

“Let it be, in the end, only what is necessary for the service for God, for one’s own taking part in Mahakranti.”

“But a job?”

“So this is — just a job!

“Almost all people understand under the term “job” — making money by one way or another. But, from the spiritual point of view, the job is the execution of all the actions, which actually help the Evolutionary Process.

“The same can be expressed in other words: any certain actions may be, more or less, either for oneself — or for God.

“If a person is acting solely or primarily for him/herself — he or she raises their own self-centrism. If — for God, feeling and listening to Him — in such cases that person gradually moves from self-centrism — to God-centrism.

“If to specify exactly your situation, then, yes, you need money, nowhere on this Earth it is possible to get away from this need. Yes, you will have to in the foreseeable future continue your medical practice, but trying to do it so that the usual practice of the general practitioner does not put obstacles in the participation in Mahakranti. To change this situation dramatically — no need. Let it happen naturally.”

… Vladimir, after a pause, began, to help me, to talk about similar situations from his past:

“As for my life, at first I was an atheist, then gradually became “transship” “on the side of God”: i.e. began to awake spiritually. There was no one to help me in this: there were not around me embodied people who would have the spiritual knowledge of high level. Only God helped.

“Then — I started to live, teaching the knowledge that I was able to assemble and to form into a logical system. It was called as the system of psychical self-regulation. Because the work was carried out in the halls of official institutions, where hundreds of students gathered at the same time, and where it was required to pay the rent and all sorts of tax revenues — those members of the classes paid for their lessons. From the collected amounts, the administration paid me a monthly salary.

“Then, when mass teaching became impossible because of political reasons — I was getting a livelihood from the sale of my books, which were published at my own expense. Gained money gave me the possibility not only ‘to live’ but also to publish more books.

“When publishing my new books in Russia, also became impossible, soon the pensionary age arrived.


“This is one of possibilities, how the material side of life may take shape.

“However, patrons may appear: that is, businessmen who would be happy to donate money for a common social wellbeing, may be interested, and some funds…

“But at present, this is no reason to think in this direction. Now we have to focus on your personal development. In particular — to gain stability in your new states of consciousness.”



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