VISIT 2 • Babaji: “I Want You to Recognize Me!”

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

I was in my dream with Babaji, Who being interviewed on television.

He talked about a certain Person Who had reached the tremendous spiritual success! That Man became a spiritual Master, but almost no one knew about this.

However, almost no one knew also about Who Babaji really was.

Very vivid was that dream! I saw it just before I was woken.

I talked about it to Anna and Larisa. But they declined to comment.

Later, Vladimir told me that Babaji during that morning was in the apartment where I spent the night.

* * *

So, we went to visit Babaji!

Babaji — amazing! He has so many children — spiritual children! He was the Teacher — for so many of Those Who had reached the Perfection! And now, He continues to assist all the worthy!

… We came to the pine forest. Sunlight, passing through the high branches, created a special coziness. It smelled of fresh pine needles.

We stopped near the pair of the fir-tree and the pine. A feature of these trees was that, if you stand between them, then… a sense of the material body disappeared.

I was offered to experience this for myself. Almost exactly this happened. Only my upper “bubble of perception” still made me feel it a bit: as I tried not to lose sight of the others, listening to their conversation.

* * *

Then we walked alone the forest road, stepping cautiously over ant paths. After a hundred meters Vladimir stopped and turned around:

“Once we worked not far from the working site of Sylvio Manuel. Necessary work was already done there, and I suggested us all to go to Him right now. All agreed — and we went. But… He made us suddenly stop halfway with His Hand. His arm was not material, but… fully perceptible. His Palm was in front of my chest and became for me an insurmountable obstacle.”

“Vladimir then sat on a log and thought,” — Larisa, smiling, portrayed surprised Vladimir.

“Yes, Sylvio’s opinion was at that time the following: we did not need to go there, as His working site would be wonderful. And also in that episode we were very clearly shown the possibilities for managing the behavior of incarnate people by God.”

We walked a few meters more, and again Vladimir turned to us:

“Soon the place of power of Babaji will be. We are approaching His Mahadouble. There He very strongly condenses Himself — and that makes it easy to see Him.

We walked some more, and then Vladimir turned for the third time. I only had time… to hide and then to take out my notebook… But what he said to me next, I was able to record not at once.

“Babaji tells you: ‘I want you to recognize me!’”

Vladimir smiled and continued his way. Others went after him. But I stayed standing. Joy and despair mixed. So, we, nevertheless, are acquainted… But how can I remember?

Concern was growing: how can I remember?! And if I do not remember? No! While I do not remember — I have to not leave, though I will stand here up to the morning! To the delight of mosquitoes!

… Vladimir did not explain in his books how to remember one’s own previous incarnations, and one’s own Teachers of that time… Only They could help with this, suggesting or demonstrating.

… When Vladimir said that Babaji here may be clearly seen — I decided for a second that I would see Him… with my material eyes. This was scary and intriguing at the same time.

… Vladimir was obligated to come back to me and withdraw me from that “stupor”. He reminded that Babaji is not here. But He is waiting for me near that fir-tree…

… We stopped at the crossroads of forest paths. After a few steps, Babaji’s place of power was to start. We threw off our backpacks. Vladimir gave me the opportunity to go first. He explained where the place of power begins, and where, on that edge of the place, Babaji’s condensed Mahadouble is.

I went. After a few steps anahata suddenly expanded — and flew over the forest. I am now a huge spiritual heart with hands issuing from it. Now I could stroke the tops of pines, birds singing in their crowns…

… I could not see materialized Babaji in white clothes near the fir. I had to see Him — by the eyes of the spiritual heart.

I saw the portrait of Babaji in His beloved hood a lot of times, including at my home — every day. So I tried not to spoil the true vision with fantasies of the mind.

Because of stress, anxiety and mosquitoes, I could not relax to immerse myself in His Love. But His presence could be felt very intensely.

In order to somehow concentrate and not dissipate my own attention, I covered my eyes from time to time. I asked Babaji for help to remember…

The image of a man in long white clothes, with long black hair flashed for a second in front of my eyes.

Vladimir asked: if I remembered, heard anything, or saw something? But I replied “no”: too fleeting that vision was, and I doubted.

We took a break. At this time we were joined by other Divine Teachers, as Vladimir immediately informed us:

“Rose and Lada came… They advise you to learn to wash your face with morning dew from the grass and green leaves…

“Igor Vysotin joined. He adds: and with dew on reeds on the lake, as well.

“Now you can embrace Them all” — Vladimir continued.

We hugged, dissolved in blissful embraces…

… Soon I went back to the Mahadouble of Babaji, continuing to listen to Vladimir: hoping at least for some revelation. Vladimir already wanted to start leaving for another Babaji’s place of power*, but quickly changed his mind:

“Babaji said that no thoughts can be about a departure from this place right now. You need to relax, then He will do everything…

“To see God, we must be free and refined consciousnesses.”

I sighed with relief: to go from here without remembering what Babaji asked about — it would be too sad.

I relaxed, set my thoughts free — so I went straight and back for a few minutes.

And then I saw again the same image: a man with long hair below the shoulders and a swarthy face. Strong! Beautiful! He looked kind and serious! This image appeared each time for longer — and then disappeared. He stretched his hand and touched my anahata… And — like a stream which broke out and flooded — emotions of love, of infinite power, gentleness and loyalty began to gush!… They were growing impulsively…

It became very clear for me that I was starting to remember something, it being just feelings, rather than images from the past. But the range of those memories was so huge and daunting at this moment, that almost hysterical tears were already near my eyes.

And then He let me… Instead a joyous relief and jubilation came, and — I remembered!

I was ready to fly up and live in cloud-land like a jolly carefree bird!

Returning to the others, I informed them about my progress. Of especial interest was the fact that I saw Babaji not in His image of last but of His penultimate incarnation, that excluded the game of my mind. (His penultimate incarnation was described in Yogananda’s “Autobiography”).

We stood in a close circle, they were happy. And then, by their talk, I understood that they saw the same that I saw. And Anna, in addition, told in truth that in the previous day she had almost told me about the words of Babaji, when I began to ask: “If I was the guru, so who was my Teacher in my last incarnation?” But then He stopped her:

“Do not pass ahead of Me in the hearts of My children!…”

I hugged my best Babaji just “hanging around His neck” — and it was so natural as if I always did only this.

Vladimir looked at me and suddenly said:

“Feel Babaji in your body: He now came in it, Him being compacted. The impression is that He intends to get into it completely… but does not fully fit…

We laughed. I could feel Him inside and around my body. He was almost a head taller. My state was strained and blissful at the same time. Strained — because it was necessary to align with His highest refinement. Blissful — because He — the great Babaji — is my favorite Guru — from the past and now!

Finally we all felt that we were “released”. And it was time to move on — to the Valley of Babaji.

Stuffing my backpack, I suddenly heard clearly the name: “Lahiri Mahasai!” And then Anna gleefully said: “Yogananda and Yukteshvar are here!” I told them that I had heard Them just now. We laughed.

Now we have a lot of Divine Friends!



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