VISIT 2 • Leap into the Abyss

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Today we were planning to visit Ptahhotep and Jesus.

Vladimir already asked me, for the second time, whether I was afraid of the “Terrible Christ’s Judgment”?

But I laughed: how to be afraid of Him Whom you love so much?

However, I was hoping that He would not have anything to reproach me for.

I was incredibly happy: I was waiting for a holiday, a very pleasant meeting! I was even surprised at this sudden feeling and looked at the others: did it not occur to them also, and was it the same with them? But no, they were, as always, peacefully talking, smiling, being in a very harmonious state.

Increasing happiness flooded me “over the brim”.

We were approaching the working site of Ptahhotep…

The meditation, which I had to learn, was called “Leap into the abyss”.

In this specially designed for such work place of power, one needed to feel as though standing on the edge of a precipice, with the back facing it. Then — from anahata — to “fall” back and down into the Infinite Divine Light, to dissolve in It, to become this Light. And then — to recreate with the consciousness a giant anthropomorphic form, and place the material body, as if on a tray, in front of the chest of the new giant body of consciousness.

Vladimir had explained some other nuances of the meditation, and then asked me to leap into the abyss.

I jumped…

Ocean of the Divine Fire! — That was where I found myself!

But this Fire did not burn: It was the Divine Love!

It was possible to dissolve in It… Or — to swim, moving with the help of arms of consciousness.

An immense space filled with the Consciousness, having the color of a bright flame, surrounded me.

I wanted to reach His border — but no border was of Its extensiveness!

Then I wanted to dissolve and disappear.

But Vladimir, who was watching what I was doing, did not allow it:

“Excellent! That a girl! But, until tired, do the meditation ‘Tray’!”

I recreated a huge human Form behind my material body, which seemed now insignificantly small, — and placed it on the image of a large silver tray.

This has happened. But to remain in this state for a long time — it was not interesting to me. And I again plunged into the Ocean of Fire.

“Excellent!” — Vladimir said, inviting me to come back into the world of matter. — “The only suggestions for the future — it is never to close the eyes of the material body during meditations!”

“Once,” — he began to explain, — “very long ago, when I had not enough experience in perceiving people according to their intellectual abilities, I tried to teach the art of meditation to a young woman, also a biologist. We went to places of power along a very narrow and thus loaded with transportation highway. But she did not agree with me that we should meditate with the eyes open! And it had happened two or three times that she was beginning to be pulled under the trucks rushing toward us… Every time I succeeded in pulling her out. But she never learned what I asked of her.

“Then one day she recovered from the flu — and told me that… she had suffered during the disease… for all the sins of mankind!… Such strange forms of conceit, of pride…

“I had to completely remove her out from our work…

“Once again I want to say, why it is important to learn to meditate with the eyes open:

“First, if we close our eyes, we can easily ‘become lost in reverie’ and switch ourselves into ajna’s fantasizing — instead of performing really good work.

“Secondly, we should never lose our adequateness in the world of matter. I have already illustrated this just as a mere example. But there can be very similar examples.

“By meditating, we execute certain actions in the subtlest space dimensions with the majority of the consciousnesses. But we must stay in the material body with the parts of ourselves which are necessary for a complete orientation in material situations, for, in particular, the security — both our own bodies and the bodies of our companions.”

… Personally, I, when my eyes were open, found it was not difficult to control simultaneously both situations: I could stay in the Ocean of the Divine Consciousness — and, at the same time, to be aware of everything that was happening around the body, up to the hummocks and rocks underfoot.

… Vladimir offered, if I was not too tired, to go, with the meditation, to the far edge of the place of power, which was about a hundred meters away. I was not tired and so was happy to continue the work.

It turned out to be easy.

I saw and felt, how everyone was happy for me.

They saw what I saw!

Vladimir joyfully exclaimed:

“We, before your appearance among us, used to come here many times, to fully master this meditation! But for you — once was enough!”

That is how it is: why was it enough? — I thought. — What: this is — because we have no time? Or really all is so good? Then what is the cause of my success? I am no better than the others!

“Why do I need only once?” — almost offended, I asked.

“Because you already know it all! This is — your experience from your previous incarnation!” — Vladimir laughed.

All laughed too. I was making excuses to them, saying that I had a fear of being proud.

“Right! But one just needs to find and to know one’s own true place in the Evolutionary Process,” — Vladimir explained to me. — “Then, there never will be any base to become proud! But this recommendation of mine will be adequate only specifically for you — the person who already has a highly developed spirituality, also possessing, in particular, a sufficiently developed intellect.”

Vladimir discussed this subject from a different perspective:

“Once upon a time we had what self-identification? That was: only the body… Or even the chakra in which we were living… I mean, that we were even much smaller than our bodies…

“And now… — we have become so big that sometimes it is hard even to find our bodies — from a dissolved state in the Ocean of the Absolute… Because they look so small — in comparison to the size of the consciousness.

“Let us estimate: by how many times larger each of us are now than our material bodies? In thousands, millions, billions?…

“And because we now live mostly outside the bodies, we cannot locate ourselves in them!…

“The body may die, but I — remain!… Now it is possible to live, with full value, without bodies!…

“I — having a material body, that is, remaining embodied — am adapting to the world of the Creator, Holy Spirits and unembodied souls — within the boundless in size Absolute…

“The bodies, however, — still are needed for us: they will be useful for further development! Indeed, the possibilities for further development are practically endless! No one should think about himself or herself, that he or she has already reached the fullness of Perfection! To think so — this would be a gross mistake, based on the lack of philosophical competence.

“The body is a ‘factory’ for producing the energy of which is formed and grows the soul, the consciousness. We get this energy from eating usual sattvic food*. This food is giving the energy that can be used, among other things, for the growth of the refined consciousness. This occurs in the digestive system of the body. Again: the body — is the ‘factory’ for transmutation of the energies for the growth of consciousness, the soul!

“… For the average person, the death of the body — it is a disaster! Confusion arises: how can I be without it?! Such a person can enter his or her body, go through it… but to merge, to join with it — it is now impossible. And it is impossible also to hide in it!… Panic sets in such a soul!…

“But we now have the opportunity to coach our own future death situation, to prepare ourselves in advance for the death of our bodies.

“Even you can try to ‘cram’ yourself as a whole — into your body… But now you will see that it is impossible: your body has become too small in comparison to you as a consciousness!…

“Here it is: your Freedom, Liberation from the material world!

“Hands of the consciousness can be easily turned into wings — and fly!…

“But this is not the main thing. This is good — to fly with a sense of complete freedom from the material world! But our goal is different: to merge with the Creator! And then — to help people — from Him!

“I repeat once more: during these flights and, indeed, during almost all meditation — it is necessary to keep your eyes of the material body — open. It is necessary always for perceiving all of the mastered eons at one time, including the material plane.”

… We have reached the end of the place of power. Vladimir suggested another meditation. Namely, to imagine one’s body as included in the inner wall of a volcano, near the top of its cone, back facing the cavity. And —leap into the depths of the volcano from anahata.

I tried — and then complained that it was cramped for me in this volcano. Indeed, in the previous meditation I was able to expand incomparably further, but now I was limited by the walls of the volcano. Vladimir praised these feelings of mine.



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