VISIT 2 • Visiting the Divine Sufis

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Leaving that place of power, I saw Babaji, Yukteshvar, Yogananda, and Lahiri Mahasai*. They waved Their Hands to me:

“Fly, Guru Nanak!”

… We turned to another path, passing again through the pine forest. Here I saw a lot of ant-hills — almost every ten meters from each other. We had to step carefully or jump over their roads which crossed our path. Vladimir said he saw here ant-hills which were much higher than his body. And I learned from him that ants eat ticks. Therefore, in those places where there are a lot of big ants, ticks are not present.

… Pine forest was replaced by deciduous wood. We turned off the path — deep into the thicket. In a small clearing, surrounded by birch trees, was one of the places of power of Grand Master of Sufism*. Here, as Vladimir explained, He gives to worthy disciples the state of Samadhi — Bliss of the highest level, which occurs when the spiritual warrior feels the Holy Spirit inside his body — in anahata chakra.

We put away our backpacks. I was surprised that no one but me was interested with this prospect. It turned out, that this is because Samadhi was for them… the usual, customary state…

Katya immediately laid down on the rug and fell asleep, the rest scattered around: to see if any mushrooms were here.

I found a place under the birch tree and with pleasure leaned my back against it.

Through the birch leaves, the sun shone all around with a gentle green-gold color — grass, bushes and trees. Birds were filling all the space around with their songs. A sense of peace, which was gradually swelling, becoming more and more gleeful… It was becoming more intense, brighter… It filled the space inside and then burst out from the anahata… I disappeared into the Bliss…

In this state, I wanted to remain forever…

But Vladimir invited me to go further.

And after few meters we were already near the place of power of Divine Imam*. Since it was quite difficult to approach, because of the wind-fallen trees, Vladimir offered us to turn our backs to His Mahadouble and to flow out at a distance into Him — backwards from our anahatas — to merge with the Master of this site.

I did it almost effortlessly.

However, I already had no strength to make efforts.

“See how easily you have already obtained the Mergence with God,” — Vladimir said suddenly. — “Once! — And you are already in Him!”

I wondered myself. “Wow!…” — I thought…

“You already can almost be given the rank of Brahman. God gives this title to those who know Mergence with Him and teach this to others. You only need to find someone worthy — and then teach this to him or her.

“What of my Brahman?” — I was roused. “Brahman is All-Seeing, All-Knowing, wise Teacher*… And I?…”

So I was thinking, until we came to a new place of power, again, among the pine trees and ant-hills. Here was Karas*. Vladimir invited us to see His name, which was written in the large space above the top of the forest.

“How to find out Who is here of the Holy Spirits? Sometimes — you can see their Faces. Sometimes — we determine Teachers Who are already familiar to us, identifying the individual properties of Their Consciousnesses which are unique to Them. Or, for example, They write Their names in the sky. Look, it is written there: Karas. Do you see?” — Vladimir showed by his hand.

Larisa, laughing, said that Karas had settled down a little further away, among the birches, but then suddenly moved closer to Vladimir.

I do not know, whether I saw His name written there, which Vladimir showed. Oh well: in fact, Vladimir said that I have all the time ahead!…

We removed our backpacks and sat down to rest.

Despite the fact that I was tired, my sense of the Divine Teachers did not become less bright.

Karas plunged us in His intense Love. I almost choked in It!…

Such feelings of communion with the Holy Spirits, from contacts with Them — in usual life can be experienced only a few to no times, for the entire incarnation. But here — so many just for one day!…

And how impressive were such meetings!

… But the time had come for us to go from here. Though now — with the new Friends, to Whom I could now address always, at any minute, at any moment of my life — and discover the answer in Their Love and Support!

… I was already a bit sleepy: affected by the impressions of today. So I went — just behind those who were ahead, not looking around. Suddenly — I felt the Hands of Babaji. I was surprised, thinking: how long He was with us! But, looking around, I found that we were again in His Mahadouble in His first place. I even woke up with surprise!

Vladimir stood and offered the new meditation:

“You can dress in the Consciousness of Babaji — to feel His Face, Hands — as your own. We feel ourselves now — with His Strength and Power!

Again I felt Babaji, combined with my body. Wow!

… I myself really wanted previously to become very strong and energetic! Sometimes I even happened to be in such states — just before my acquaintance with the books of Vladimir. In those situations, I felt such an elation and a force that could rush all day with different things — and not get tired. Unfortunately, these episodes were always brief and involuntary.

But now — in a complete Mergence with Babaji — it was so cool to feel this state!

I am completely dissolved in Him. Only His “I” now was, “me” — not…

* * *

When we returned home, Anna told me:

“When you come here in August, your main task — not to lose contact with Vladimir!”

… At the station Vladimir handed me a small piece of paper covered with writing by his hand.

“This is the Revelation for you,” — he said.

There was a news advertisement note:

“Courses of psychic self-regulation for teachers and students of medical and pedagogical universities.

The regulation of one’s own emotions and the development of the spiritual heart.

Conducted by a medical doctor. Organizational meeting — (where and when).

(Including — you will show our movies.

Purpose — to bring up the spiritual ‘children’ who could be trusted to become the teachers).”

It was something I would have to do in the foreseeable future.



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