VISIT 2 • Become My Colleague!

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Today I was going to visit Assyris, Danish Lady and Maenuel!

When we arrived at the first planned for today place of power, Vladimir found that Assyris and Danish Lady merged here together with Their Consciousnesses. Before they were located at some distance, and Vladimir was going to invite me to enter into Mergence with each of Them separately. Vladimir was jokingly angry that They had spoiled all his plans!… Then They disintegrated and took “Their right positions”.

Vladimir led us to the working site of Assyris*. I at once saw a large fiery ball of His Consciousness between the high birches. I entered into Him — and disappeared in the intense Divine Love — that, it seemed, fluttered all the muscle fibers in my body!…

… After a while, Vladimir gently took my hand and, smiling, “returned me to the land”:

“Come down! Do not overwork! We still have a lot to do today.

“Come on now,” — he went on, — “look at that Part of Assyris, Which is represented in this place of power. It is similar, in shape, to a huge mushroom puff-ball. From the infinite in size ‘Sun of God’ in the depths of Assyris — like a mycothallus of puff-ball having grown up to this forest glade.

“You may fill this ‘Mycothallus’ with Its ‘Foot’ — and then continue to fill the main Part of this ‘Mushroom’. I mean the ‘Mycelium’.”

While I was trying to search for the real form of the “fungus-Assyris”, Vladimir suddenly stood still, and then abruptly went to the birch tree which was about twenty meters away. And… he brought from there a huge orange-cap boletus — real, material — without a single worm-hole!

Assyris was laughing much…

Vladimir, satisfied, engaged in a further search for mushrooms, while not losing sight of us.

I already got tired. In addition, I also very much wanted to hear personal instruction from Assyris… and also find “my own” similar mushroom. But I had no success.

I felt that Assyris always was smiling. But I had already no more strength for blissful Mergence. Apparently, that was already planned by Them for today.

Vladimir asked, if I had heard something said to me by Assyris? I shook my head sadly. He smiled:

“Well, do not worry! This is only the ‘small stuff’…”

… We went further — to Danish Lady.

Already going up to Her Mahadouble, I felt like I was beginning to be filled with familiar smells: morning freshness, the flavors of different herbs, damp earth, grass covered with dew… Those were the smells from my childhood, the time of carefree happiness… We often went during those times to my grandmother. Directly outside her windows rustled the forest with an enormous canopy of leaves…

… We came to the intersection of trails. Here was Her Mahadouble*. She, as I explained before, gives at this working site the standard of Divinity of the upper “bubble of perception”.

She felt very special: delicate, elegant! I caught the association with the fairy from my childhood dreams.

It was easy to attune with Her. But I again struggled with all my might — to hear Her!… For — not to wait for someone to translate Her Words to me! But — myself! When will this be at last?!…

Vladimir came up, listened to Her, but he started talking to me… “from a distance”:

“What do we have to do to fill Her Mahadouble with ourselves? We should begin the filling — from Her Face: it is always most convenient to fill the Divine Mahadoubles starting from the Faces of each of Them.

“Next — we ‘pass through’ into Mahadouble — and feel only Him or Her, not ourselves.

“So, we are, in this case, Her.

“And then you can compare our heads: Her and ours. Because of this, it becomes easy to understand what God wants to see with regards to our heads, including their contents.

“Our ajnas are usually the most dirty and coarse chakras. They must be cleansed, brightened and make as soft and transparent, as Hers.

“And after we have realized all this, it is easy to perceive all Her thoughts, as with the thoughts of other non-incarnate Divine Teachers.

“In particular, She expects from you a fully “adult” relationship with Her. She wants to communicate with you, not as with a child, but as a colleague. She is ready to cooperate with you, performing together the common task.

“But concerning the beginning of your service, it is necessary to wait for the formed corresponding situation. To hurry up with this — it would be wrong.”

… Then Vladimir continued this direction of thought by himself:

“Almost all the people living now on the Earth, believe that God is incognizable for them.

“In Russia, if we start now… to say that God — is cognizable, and that one can communicate with Him like with incarnate people — then this will be diagnosed as the psychopathology or as a self-serving lie!

“But, in fact, Divine Teachers — They are much more worthy Friends for the people who lived and live in accordance with the Will of God! And They are — for Their worthy disciples — just as real, as embodied other people. And even more real!

“You have come here already for the second time — and very many times had possibilities to be convinced in the reality of such direct contacts with God. But for us, it is — as usual…”

* * *

How many Divine Teachers-Assistants I already had! I — definitely will not be lost! To be “small” — I already got very tired of it!

I even have grown — myself, in my own eyes!

I feel myself as a horse before the start of the races: I am impatiently and excitedly jumping up: well, when, when will I be let out — and run faster than the wind?!

… Anna also found a large orange-cap boletus.

Now, we all together collected nettles: both now to eat at home, and to dry for the winter.

… Suddenly Vladimir said: Maenuel has come and asks us to move to the sea…



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