VISIT 2 • In the Mahadouble of Jesus

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

So, we arrived at one of Jesusplaces of power that were known to Vladimir.

Vladimir first showed us His Face, which was located high above the birch trees.*

“Here,” — he said, — “is most convenient to cognize, in all their Great Beauty, the emotions of Jesus’ Love — and then, if we are worthy, to merge with Him in these His emotions.”

Almost immediately Anna and Larisa found the first mushrooms of the season: two boletuses and many chanterelles. They said, those mushrooms had been “grown up” especially for me by Jesus, and by such gifts from Him, they were usually presented when came here to Him.

I was anxiously cutting and putting them in a backpack.

We built a bonfire, and soon Vladimir suggested each of us to retire within the Mahadouble of Jesus — to feel one-to-one with Him.

… I waited for, perhaps, a quarter an hour, but no significant sensations were noted. I thought, it was because of the molesting mosquitoes: they did not permit me to relax and hear or see Jesus.

Then I went further — on a wide trail. And there I began to hear the repeating phrase: “Feel — with anahata!”.

I again tried for a long time to attune, and then rushed to Anna: what if something was going wrong? But Anna calmly explained that a contact with God does not always express itself as the feeling of bliss. God gives us different states and situations, and this depends on the tasks from Him for us at every moment — to dissolve our inner remaining problems. Maybe this time I had to learn just to see Jesus, His Face.

I calmed down and returned to the bonfire. Maybe Vladimir will pass something from Jesus? But he began to explain a new meditation. This time it was intended for the development of my lower dantian.

“This meditation was given to me by Jesus,” — Vladimir said. — “I was in it once in the evening… and fell asleep of tiredness, lying on the side near the bonfire. And woke up because my quilted jacket began to smoulder, and also a plastic decoy on the grouse in my pocket caught fire. I then understood this situation as a symbolic instruction of God: I do not need ‘to beckon’ anyone into God!”

… So I had to lie on a side with a bare belly directed to the quiet, evenly burning fire. Larisa and Anna has splashed on my belly the repellent against mosquitoes, laid the backpack as a pillow under my head, and covered my back — so as not to freeze.

“The purpose of this meditation,” — Vladimir said, — “to unite into a common bioenergetic structure the three lower chakras. The criterion of success here will be the ability to freely look from this newly formed structure, which is referred to as the hara.

“You can sleep, at least for a few hours,” — he added later. — “You can sleep in peace, we do not hurry now anywhere.”

… I was watching the fire from the belly. After several attempts I managed it.

But more and more ants began to creep on my body. And I threw them off almost with irritation. And they — stood on their hind legs and angrily waved to me with their front legs! It was as if they were saying: “Why are you here?! Why do you hinder us walking here?!”

But even with these distractions, my concentration was hardly wavering.

And suddenly… the image of a fire appeared in my belly! I strained myself, staring. Exactly! I did not see my body between the “solar plexus” and up to start of the hips! There was at that place of my body — only the fire, but, unlike the usual, it was almost white!

I began only to watch. It was so interesting, does Vladimir see all this too?

But it was not all. Soon the fire was gone, and only a transparency was seen within my belly.

Suddenly I understood: I can now clean all my body! I immediately came out into the Light. There… I felt Jesus. I realized that He was involved in all — every second! We immediately continued to clean with the hands of consciousnesses my body.

And then Vladimir said:

“You can now cleanse your body of all residual impurities.”

Again! Whose thoughts do I hear?

And after a while Vladimir added that I concentrated mainly in manipura. I was surprised: after all, I did not even notice! I began to look at the bonfire from the rest of the chakras. But, apparently, I was tired. Now it turned out badly.

Vladimir came to me, looked at me, and put to my attention that in the svadhisthana, closer to the right thigh, I had a black-out. And he banged on it several times with his hand, on the back. I saw how something “poured out” from that location — like handfuls of sand.

He also said that my body — is all wet with sweat, and meditation in such conditions cannot be effectively done!

He told me to take off my superfluous clothing and continue working.

I knew that I was starting to get nervous and irritated more and more. And now I will start to just waste power in vain. I would do better to repeat them at home. I sat down abruptly.

But Vladimir was tireless: he set a goal — to rid me completely as soon as possible of all traces of that darkening in the chakra. He offered to “knock” them out “by sound”. That is, “in the style of karate”, to make a sudden movement by pelvis and arm, while screaming out loud.

Looking at Vladimir, I realized that now no Bruce Lee can turn out of me. And to do something at half strength I did not want. And I flatly refused the “karate”.

Then we packed up and went to visit Yogashira.

I was very worried about those emotions of anger of mine and asked Larisa about the situation. But she replied that she did not notice anything. Could my irritation be from anahata?…

We were again at the place of power of Kim, and here I was telling Anna that I was so glad that Vladimir has led me once again to Him.

And Vladimir turned from a far, waited for when I came up, and jokingly said to me:

“Tell Kim: ‘why is He stretching His Hands out to me in vain?’ Ask Him to better help you to clean svadhisthana.”

“How so!” — I was roused. — “We have just got acquainted — and I already will tell Him, ‘do not stretch out Your Arms to me in vain!?’! I cannot… First, one ought to go on a few appointments, get to know each other better — and even then to ask for anything! And then… somehow… uncomfortable…”

Nevertheless, I very politely asked Kim to help me. And we cleaned my svadhisthana — as we could in time, while we walked along the trail.



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