VISIT 2 • Temple

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Again, I go behind Vladimir, and then he turns around and laughs:

“Yogashira jokes. He says: ‘Bah! Who comes to us!’.”

We all laughed.

And when I came in His working site*, I then downright “flopped” into Him — and “vanished”.

Suddenly I remembered Yamamuto: They both obviously had something in common.

… I walked around, stood talking with Him enjoying the feeling… It was as if I came to visit my very good friend after a long tiring road… I complained to Him and simply muttered, talking about the mosquitoes, about how “they made me tired”, about ants, which were angry, waving their legs, also that I could not become like my favorite Bruce Lee, and — about all!… And He was listening — and laughed good-naturedly. In the end, after I spoke out and calmed down, I asked His permission here, at His place of power… to swim. He — allowed. I had swam from anahata backward, I was swimming along on my back, like on the surface of the sea…

Vladimir came up:

“Have you make friends with Yogashira? How is He to you?”

“Funny!” — I replied without thinking.

“I have not known Yogashira to be funny,” — Katya said in surprise. — “I think the opposite, He is very serious.”

Vladimir smiled.

“And now we have to learn the meditation ‘Temple’”, — he began. — “Imagine that behind our anahatas is the dome of the Temple, enormous in size. And fill it with our own spiritual hearts.

“Then — fill the Temple itself, below the dome. It is a lot more. Or, firstly, we can swim in it with the help of the hands of consciousness… But, in the end, we have to fill it fully.

“But the Temple — is huge!” — Vladimir continued. — “To fill all its volume at once —cannot be possible. This meditation should be repeated very many times. And, thanks to such efforts, we will gradually increase the ‘mass’ of our own consciousnesses. This is one serious variation of that ‘crystallization’ of consciousness, that Gurdjieff* was talking about. That is — a direct quantitative growth of consciousness.

“But it must, of course, be understandable that ‘crystallization’ can be useful only if it is performed in the subtlest eons. Otherwise, to do this in not subtlest states of consciousness, that is, not in the subtlest emotions, — it will result in only harm, a ‘grand-scale’ ruining of one’s own fate from such attempts.

“… So, when we learn to fill the entire volume of the Temple — it is possible to fall even further — into the ‘Undertemple’.

“It is possible to master all this — only with using the hands of the consciousness. The moving between different eons of the multidimensional Absolute — it needs to be learned only with hands of consciousness. This technique can be named as ‘brachiation’. In zoology, the manner of movement of some monkeys in crowns of trees in the forest — is named by this term. They do it almost exclusively with their hands.

“So, if we are doing everything right, then we find ourselves in ‘Undertemple’ in the flame-like Divine Light. This is — the initial eon of the Holy Spirit (Brahman). Now, merging there with the Divine Consciousness, we can master also Its Infinity. You must try to ensure this state to become stable.”

… I swam in white purest Light, then pausing in Bliss, then moving again, then dissolving…

Vladimir began again to say something. He was sitting nearby, leaning against a pine tree, and watching us. I lazily “pricked up” one ear to listen.

“… a song of a blackbird can be entered in a svadhisthana, and be heard there…”

A blackbird sings… I decided to start to do this then. But now — to enjoy with the meditation “Temple”. Vladimir began to speak again, as if not giving me time to disconnect completely. Then I could with hard turn to him, partly remaining in meditation.

“For the proper development of the hara, the strength must be refined, but not crude.”

I thought it was all clear to me, and that I will write it down later. And again, I happily merged with Yogashira.

Then Vladimir, smiling, said to me:

“Yogashira wants you to laugh. He runs His Hands from the ‘Temple’ — into your body. He wants to teach you to feel Him — by this manner.”

I saw how He does this and how it looks from the outside — and laughed.

“Do you see, how God loves you?!” —Vladimir laughed too.

… After a while, he spoke again:

“For the future, you can remember such an prolongation of this meditation: take such ‘Temples’ on your every palm, and plunge deep with the spiritual heart into the multidimensionality among them.”

… So I was meditating, it seemed, for a very long time, until I felt that my legs became weak and could no longer hold the body. If I could now lie down on a cart, and so go home — it seemed to be the right end to the day.

But our “cart” was the train.



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