VISIT 2 • Apostle Andrew: “Be the Boundless Love!”

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Quiet, tender and smooth surfaces of water, clear sky… I feel Andrew, His deep silence

With great urgency, I suddenly realized, with my thoughts turning to all the people of the Earth, that here They are! — They — Great Divine Souls! None of these Greats have disappeared! They all are Living! They are living here and now!

I was overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude to God — for what I now know about this, standing here on the bank of the river, and got in touch with the so very real Apostle of Jesus — Andrew!

I suddenly felt… a little difficulty in breathing, and became an unusual state (of consciousness) in my body. I saw… the image of a man immersed in a deep peace… His face was framed with a light beard, and eyes — sky-blue! They were so beautiful, so vast, radiant!… I felt that already I myself see with his eyes…

Anna came up:

“Andrew is now connected with your body, He wants you to feel Him.”

I, with quiet joy, reported that this is already happening…

I was trying to strengthen the Mergence… I saw myself as — Him, Who was walking along the lane.

He is dipped into the depths of the Divine Light. And He Himself consisted of this Light. Not by words, but by emotions, I understood what He spoke to me:

“Plunge into this Light every time when the fuss of thoughts begins to take!”

Andrew shows how this can be done:

I feel myself as a big bell, inside of which I was. My head inside sets against its top. Having filled this bell with myself, I should then fall below, into the depth… Thoughts immediately stopped, inner peace enveloped — from head to toe…

Quiet and boundless inside — sky-blue Eyes of Andrew… Mergence with His boundless Spiritual Heart… *

Again I begin to hear the verses. But this morning, I forget my notebook, and Anna at this time wrote something down in her own notebook. I decided, I would try to memorize these lines, but in a moment understood that it will not work. But the lines were very beautiful!… Anna raised her eyes to me. She walks with an outstretched notebook:

“I got the feeling that you need it.”

I nodded, saying that I need to write down the verses. We both laughed. Anna — in delight:

“This has not happened with me yet!”

As it turned out later, Andrew was dictating to both of us simultaneously. Here is what I heard:*

Tender Hands are blowing

Into Love of the King of Heaven

From illusory dreams…

Love to all — boundless!

Depths — serene!

And — the joy of flight!

Andrew — Apostle Beloved and Desired

Is called by people, deceived and tortured…

But then I, unfortunately, did not hear anymore. I wanted to return the notebook to Anna, but she said that Andrew asked me to keep it with me for the time being. And then I realized that I should write down the meditation and experienced sensations.

Later, Anna read the words she heard from Andrew, while turned to me:

Words — are small,

They cannot contain all my Love!

My Love — is vast and tender!

And I — present My Love to you!

I am — here, with you!

And I will be close to you — forever!

Do not be afraid of encirclement

Where anger and derision reign!

I go along this Path — for centuries

Through the darkness —

Among human souls ugly, abnormal —

Masculine, feminine…

But those who hear Me and understand —

Will be with Me!

You — will be able to teach people to love!

Let us go! I — will be with you!

You — with Me — right now!

* Here and further the translations of the poems are given in a non-rhythmical form.



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