VISIT 2 • Maenuel’s Poems and Danish Lady’s Kisses

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

We came up to the shore.

How superb it was here — to spread freely with the spiritual hearts over the sea!

We made a halt and ate a snack, listening to the birds and learning to distinguish between their voices. We were especially struck by the song of bittern: those sounds were like sirens from a departing ship. If you did not know, you never would have guessed that these sounds were emitted by a bird.

… Here I had to learn to distinguish clearly between the two “bubbles of perception”.

“Feel here our great upper ‘bubbles,’” — Vladimir began to explain. — “Then — our great lower ‘bubbles’.

“Now search the border between them. This flatness is just below our vishudhas, and it is at an incline: the front part of it — lower, back one — higher.”

My “bubbles” were already clear, I therefore perceived them well. So I turned to the perception of the space above the sea and to Maenuel.

I really liked the open spaces! I then turned to the sea with my face, then by back, enjoying the feeling of the Liberty… — and of the joy and tenderness of Maenuel! The more I meditated, the more He was felt!

… Gradually all laid on the grass, attuning with the beauty and harmony of Maenuel’s place of power

I saw the blue sky, green birch crowns observed from above, heard the wind rustling in the grass. Lulled by all this, I suddenly began to think in poetry. How is this?! This never was with me! I listened — silence. Again relaxed and dissolve in the Bliss of Maenuel. And then — again verses:


In the Ocean of Eternal Love,

I hear the Voice calling me.

“I love you,” — He says. —

“Come — and pour into Me!”


I happily waited for the continuation, but… it ceased to turn out… I tried to strain and relax myself, then — to become “off” — but with the same result… I wanted to feel grieved — but… this also did not turn out!… Tenderness and Joy of Maenuel filled me completely! The feeling of these emotions were overflowing me… From overflowing with Maenuel’s Joy and Tenderness, I really wanted to name Maenuel by a familiar variant of His name. But since I did not know how I can modify His name, I remembered that in the last incarnation His name was Alexander… Sashenka! I felt terribly funny, but I did not know whether this was acceptable and whether it was liked by Maenuel. And so, I forbade myself to such a manner, and only smiled “from ear to ear”.

… We went back to the train, and on our way again passed through the place of power of Danish Lady.

We all stopped at the intersection of trails, merging with the Love of this Holy Spirit.

She was glad to see us here again.

And then Vladimir said:

“She kisses you…”

“Loving-loving!” — Larisa added.

I tried to answer Her — also as tenderly as I could.



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