VISIT 2 • We Must Transform Ourselves into Love!

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

While we were sitting on the platform waiting for the train, Vladimir suddenly turned to me from the other end of the bench and jokingly said:

“You still have so many new things to learn… I even envy you!”

They all laughed.

He later continued this thought:

“The set of all striving for perfection can be expressed in the form of an image of a pyramid, divided into floors.

“Many people can become interested in spiritual work. But to reach the top right now, only a few persons out of millions really are able to do so.

“Someone is able only to learn to live in the anahata chakra, look at the world with the spiritual heart. And this is very much in comparison to the baseline! But even not all of those who have taken this step, want to move forward: the ‘earthly’ restricts them.

“But others can learn to feel and see the trees’ bioenergetic ‘cocoons’, and then — the Forms of Consciousnesses of the Holy Spirits. Then — to communicate with Them.

“It is also possible to receive baptism from the Holy Spirit: in this case, we feel God in our own bodies, in the anahata chakra. Samadhi! The first Bliss of God feeling! It is so bright! And then it becomes a normal, a usual state…

“But if to move forward — then the direct relationships with God gradually develop! It becomes possible to see Him with our own developed consciousness, to converse with Him freely, embrace Him, to merge with Him, to learn directly from Him!

“But to master this, one needs, in particular, to be free of the fear imposed by different sects. I mean, first of all, the affirmations that it is impossible for anyone to communicate directly with God, even to love Him, also about the ‘sinfulness’ of such ‘encroachments’…

“On the contrary! We should be totally open to the perception of God, to our outpouring love for Him — and to earning His reciprocal Love!

“But for this, of course, it is necessary to understand what God is: that He is not a flying man or a punishing-people monster. But He is really Love!

“To cognize God — one must go to Him boldly, gradually transforming him/herself into Love! And then — do not be frightened, having met His Love!

“But there is also a sectarian view that the love for God — this is a foil, ‘machinations of the devil’… They say, the devil provokes us to the love for God… But why would he want this?… Absurd!

“One needs to try to save people, especially children, from such sectarian turbidity, from this and similar destructive lies!

“Now God’s ideas are — through us — to give people the true knowledge of God, the Path to Him, the meaning of our lives!

“This is especially important — in relation to the youth: i.e. to those who have not already destroyed their intellectual abilities by drinking, drug addiction, and nourishment on the bodies of animals.

“But this should be done very cautiously because the priests of such sects ‘feed’ on their flocks — and, therefore, behave very aggressively with regards to the controlling them.”

… Vladimir paused, obviously remembering something.

“Now,” — he continued, — “an episode came to my memory… Once, many years ago, I was stopped on the street by TV reporters, who got interviews from passers-by. The question was: ‘How have you celebrated yesterday’s holiday?’. (And this was a significant day in the Orthodox Church). I replied that I am not a sectarian! And met their complete lack of understanding: How so? But this is just accepted!

“Too many people in Russia, under ‘to celebrate’ understand… only drinking alcohol. Drinking in our country has been adopted as a ‘religious ceremony’…

“But is it that God wishes for such ‘religion’ in us? Are these ‘celebrations of the dates’ — indications of our righteousness before Him even in the slightest degree?

“Are our drunks the main Russian ‘religious tradition’, programming massively its followers to the hell?

“But it could… perform the Teachings of God…”

* * *

The following day I had to leave, but the morning was free.

Anna invited me to meet with the Divine Apostle of Jesus Christ — Andrew, Who had in this city at least two working sites.

I gladly accepted.



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