VISIT 3 • Alone with the Master

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

My third visit occurred in August of the same summer. I spent this month in a society of people dear to me, plunging ever deeper into God, and closer — to the fullness of knowledge regarding the “other side of the world of matter”.

It so happened that the first two weeks I was to be alone with Vladimir, the rest had to leave. And if such a prospect at first caused me some distress (I did not live ever with a spiritual Master), then after a couple of days I was able to completely relax. The life in love, harmony, caring about each other — this was what Vladimir taught and continued to teach everyone to whom God gave to him to take care of.

Each passing day of ours did not contain anything unnecessary, our work went with harmony and restfulness. Our Teachers were with us every day — and not only at the places of power during meditations, but when coming home, either simply silently smiling and endowing us with tenderness, or helping us with pieces of advice.

With each step, learning every day one or more new meditations, I began to feel more and more not only the depth and joy of Merging with the Divine Teachers, but also the burden of responsibility. Carelessness can be permitted for a child, but not for an adult! And — especially not for a spiritual warrior, who, now and always, must be perfect!

It would be naive to assume that you will have only like-minded friends and will not have enemies, when you are trying to introduce into the minds of people a new outlook, going against the established system of understanding regarding the concept of the religious life! This was very vividly illustrated in the books by Vladimir, Spiritual Heart — the Religion of Unity and Classics of Spiritual Philosophy and the Present. Now I could not be imprudent in any sense! Now I must learn to be out of reach for people of the tamas guna, but remain available for those who are looking for…

Divine Teachers more and more intensively and brightly led me to understand the importance of the role which had been destined for me in this incarnation, also those of large-scale changes in the evolution of the Earth, which I could contribute to, if I go by the right way.

My previous embodiment as Guru Nanak-2 was not just something interesting, curious and beautiful, but a very serious and significant step in my development as a soul. And as for my present incarnation, Adler told me that it will be the last.

I will tell you now about all this in detail.



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