VISIT 3 • The Image of Guru Nanak-2

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

The first few days, we had dedicated our attention to urban places of power. About a hour-long walk from the Vladimir’s house, there is the working site of Eagle. And we were going to visit Him.

While we went in the warm stillness of the morning, Vladimir touched upon the subject of the growth of a consciousness and the adequacy of self-feeling:

“I am there, where I feel myself,” — he explained. — “Little individual consciousness that lives for the present only in a body or around it — are not capable of doing something serious in cognizing God. The consciousness has to become huge — through the growth of the spiritual heart! Therefore, for each who strives to the Perfection, this is a reason to learn to extend him/herself by the spiritual heart — in that subtle eon, where one is now presenting in.

“Moving deeper into the multidimensionality — from one eon to another — may be done with using the hands of the consciousness which originate from the developed spiritual heart. These are just hands of love — and mostly palms upward — allow one to expand self-awareness, moving in space and covering it with oneself.”

… While I listened to Vladimir, my feelings were becoming more and more joyful on the brink with glee! I — finally! — broke out! I am expansive! — at least for the time of meditations! And I can now — at least temporarily — devote myself to God alone!

Vladimir, as always, was vigilant, expressing at the same time only the calm:

“We have to not lose our orientation on the material plane, so that, at least, for example, we do not clash with other pedestrians or with a car! We must be adequate in the material world, but by 90% or more — to be, with the consciousness, in the needed for this moment eons.”

… It was interesting to watch movies about Sathya Sai Baba: how He flowed into His body, when necessary, from the Universal Spaces, with the Part of Himself — and began to look at the world of matter. And then — He flows back — and again became Universal.

It was very auspicious — under the leadership of Vladimir — to begin to master this flowing! That was — I looked through the body’s eyes at the trunk of a birch, intently observing the structure of its cortex. Then I — left the world of matter — and became huge, universal! It was interesting to trace the path of the consciousness flowing through the body: through what structures did it occur? If I started from the world of matter, then I was going through the eyes, ajna chakra, then down into anahata — and back. And there — my huge hands of consciousness! With their help, I was widening in space! Then — back to the world of matter. And so — many times.

“By the way,” — said Vladimir, — “What is the color of the space which we are now going into behind our bodies?”

“At this moment — white. White Living Light!”

Vladimir nodded in agreement:

“We are able to enter in this way into different eons: both before and behind the ‘Mirror’. This may be predetermined by these or other places of power. Or — we ourselves can choose one or another eon, if we already have become familiar with it. Another option — we are led in choosing the eon by our Divine Teachers.”

While I was thinking over the heard thoughts, Vladimir suddenly slowed down the pace.

“Interestingly,” — he said, looking at something with interest. — “Our Teachers show your past incarnation: the image of Guru Nanak-2. Here it is… He stands… You can yourself become acquainted with your past: the monastery in the mountains, the male body in orange clothing…”

I was roused: I can see my past incarnation! Wow! Description given by Vladimir helped me to perceive the image. Orange clothes similar to those in the films about Tibetan Buddhist monks. Interestingly, was my head also shaved, as they have? But I could not scrutinize my head and face, and I had no idea what my reaction would be if I clearly saw the face which was mine in my past life…

But Vladimir offered not to stay longer on this until later. And we moved on further.



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