VISIT 3 • “Third Floor”

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Fifteen minutes later, we came to the highway. It was an early morning during the weekends. People and cars were almost none. We were slowly moving forward.

In one part of the road, where there was the appropriate place of power, Vladimir introduced me to another important meditation: getting acquainted with the entrance into the original eon of the Holy Spirit, which was just at the top, high above the Earth’s surface. There was light, seen as the amazingly refined and radiant Divine Purity, consisting, as it was felt, of the Living Bliss…

“This is as if the ‘third floor’. And it is possible to walk on that floor,” — Vladimir said. — “What is this — the floor we speak about? This is — perceived in this way, the border with a slightly more dense eon, which is below. We stay with our material bodies on the land, but ourselves (as consciousnesses) — walk there by this ‘floor’. Those, our very big ‘bodies’ of consciousnesses, which have heads and hands… We ourselves are going on the ‘third floor’ — and from here we can look at our material bodies, which are moving below on land.

“Now we have spoken about the ‘third floor’. And between it and the ground (material plane), there exists also the ‘second floor’. This is the eon of paradise. It is a little denser than the ‘third floor’.

“But we have also such places of power on the high hills, where you can be on both these ‘floors’ — even while together with our material bodies. Working sites of Ngomo are most interesting in this respect.

“While we are on one or another of these ‘floors’, it is possible, for example, to search the structure of what is under our feet: what could it be composed of? We can see that it may be similar to the dunes of golden sand or the light white clouds.”

“For me it is the clouds,” — I said. — “They are — soft, fluffy and tender, like bath foam, I bathe in it. And from the top, I am pouring myself with sparkling, warm, golden rain — like a shower. And all it is living, they consist of the purest emotions of Divine Love, joy and pleasure of meeting!

“Well! And now — feel ‘at home’ on the ‘third floor’,” — Vladimir continued. — “As Juan Matus explained to Carlos Castaneda, one has to act for a long time in the eon where he or she is at the present time. Only such activity there — provides consolidation in that eon. You can, for example, fly up there or swim like in water, with the huge arms of the consciousness. Or — do psychophysical exercises. Or — communicate, talk with God there. At least — turn to Him with the words filled with emotion: ‘I love You!’… Or — such meditations: ‘I am the pure consciousness, which is very readily dissoluble in God!’… You can work out: ‘I am dissolved in the Living Bliss of the Holy Spirit’… Then: ‘I am going to gather again, like a mild-light cloud’… We may do all this many times…”

… So we walked, being douched by both: the light of the material Sun and the Light of God… The world of matter gradually lost the right to me to be called the only reality. And God’s world was increasingly opening Its Gates. It was absorbing me in Itself…



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