VISIT 3 • Four Segments

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Soon we reached the next place of power, where Vladimir suggested me to begin to master a new fundamental stage of the development.

“Before we were working to cleanse and improve our chakras and dantians, also the main meridians. But our bodies have yet another structural division, about which very few know. These are — vertical segments.

“Both the body and bioenergetic ‘cocoon’ are divided into four vertical segments: two right (front and back) and, similarly, two left. Between all them there are partitions. It is necessary to review and cleanse from all the dark inclusions each of these segments, as well as the partitions between them. Before, we did not touch this topic. And we had the illusion that we have studied all the main structures of their organisms. But it turns out that it was — only one-fourth of our abilities…”

Vladimir paused here, for me to realize all the above information.

“That is, it turns out, we acted only ‘within a zone of competence’ of our right (if we are right-handed) posterior segments!”

He paused again.

“But if now we learn everything, already known for you, not from one, but from four segments, — then our abilities have to increase four times!

“Moreover, some of our physical ailments can be resolved only if we treat them in all four segments.

“Each segment extends its influence not only within itself, but within the whole body, that is, including the territory of the other segments. But from the space within every one segment, it cannot be seen, what occurs within the other segments.

“The fact is that in some cases, for a bioenergetic pathology inside one segment, an entirely different segment is ‘responsible’. And the treatment should begin with the last, and not in the segment where we see the pathology.

“So to get rid of some health problems, we can only in a result of viewing and purifying all segments, as well as the partitions between them.”

… I slowly understood: “What is this? Everything that I already done so far, has to now be repeated three times more? And all the further meditations, must they be done ‘in four’?

Seeing the expression on my face, Vladimir laughed.

“It is good that these segments are not a hundred, but only four!” — I summed up.

But he calmly continued:

“Now, at this working site of Adler, the main task — to observe inside the body and the ‘cocoon’ all these segments, then — to cleanse them all, including the partitions. Begin to do this from behind: it is easier to see by this way. Do not forget about the head and legs.”

I came back from anahata and looked at my “cocoon”. Yes, indeed, here they are — these segments and partitions. Although, without the explanation of Vladimir, hardly ever could I find them… and even, ultimately, understand what must be done with them.

But that was not all. I listened to the continuation of his explanation:

“Each partition is composed of two halves. They can be pulled apart. As a result, they straighten out, becoming, if you look above, as a circle. Thus we obtain at the center as if a ‘new middle meridian’.”

… The problem, according to the explanation, was not easily solvable. But it turned out that here the most important thing was to understand intellectually the description of the segments and how to work with them. As soon as I realized this, all at once began to be alright. Although in some places I should tune up to achieve the desired purity. It was, in some cases, as if I moved heavy rusty blocks off…

Vladimir told me where I should find shades, if I myself could not quickly notice them.

After a while, I began to get tired, my head became heavy and ache. But I wanted to complete the started work as soon as possible. For this, I invented different ways of getting rid of all the detected disharmonies. Among these ways, I preferred to use the images involving fire: the work with them was most convenient.

Vladimir surely traced my thoughts:

“You can use the image of fire — that was in the meditation ‘Volcano’…”

I carefully cleaned out everything superfluous that was available to my attention, when Vladimir said quietly:

“Here — Eagle. He is watching with very attentive interest, what you do within… He came to call us to Him: to His work site.

I suddenly felt very funny, when I imagined how the attentive Face of Eagle may look — the Face of one of the greatest Holy Spirits, watching my actions. From this, even the tiredness went away.

… As we walked, Vladimir drew my attention to the fact that now, such meditations as “Leap into the abyss” and “Volcano”, can be learned for each of the segments.

I wiped imaginary sweat from my forehead. How much difficulties!…

But — how it was interesting!



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