VISIT 3 • “Craniotomy”

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Fifteen minutes later we came to Eagle’s place of power.*

We stopped and Vladimir said that the giant Face of Eagle is directly in front of us — and that we can enter into Him with our bodies.

Vladimir described the distinctive features of the exterior of Eagle: hair gathered in mohawk with feathers stuck — in fact, Divine Eagle is the Representative of the Native American spiritual culture.*

“Eagle offers to merge with Him, starting from His Face, and, in particular, to feel His Hands — as our own,” — Vladimir said to me. — “Then He offers us to merge with Him — with all of our segments.”

I was so absorbed in observing the Great American Native Divine Chief, that I did not even realize what Vladimir had said. I was obliged to ask again:

“Simultaneously, the left and right?”

“If this works out. Or enter firstly from right-back, then — from left-back, then — the same from both front segments, then — within the ‘new middle meridian’.

“When we are acting from the anterior segments, it needs to be face to face in relation to our material bodies. This can be achieved only when we completely exclude the feeling of the upper ‘bubbles of perception’. Merge with Eagle — and watch with His Eyes your body from the front. By this way, we can train the look of God — at the material world which is presented in this case — by your body.

“You can also pay attention to your eyes — for improving their future functioning. Although for the eye, there is another exercise, more radical. On it, I will tell you more later… No, Eagle says to me: right now!”

I was fully ecstatic! On the one hand, from the “right now”. And, on the other, — from such an unique (for me) dialogue.

“Well,” — Vladimir agrees. — “Then you can right now become the Mahadouble — from back-right side of the body. You are now — very much higher than the body. And — begin to do for it the ‘cranial trepanation’. For this, you — with the hands of the Mahadouble — take its bioenergetic roof off. This allows you to enter into the head and remove from it all the dark energies. Cleanse, first of all, the area of the optic nerves, eye-sockets, the optical parts of the brain.

Firstly, do it in the right-posterior segment, then all the same can be repeated in the others.”

Well, it was easy!

I diligently set to work. The only unpleasant consequence was an escalating headache. My head felt like an extra part of the body. I wanted to remove it from the neck and put it on a shelf somewhere: as well as let it rest! But… I had to submit with the Will of God, Who intended the place for it…

“Well,” — Vladimir said after a while, — “Eagle claps His hands!”

What else does one need to be happy, if you are already applauded by God? I broke into a smile!

But what concerns the head — it would like, after all, to be put away separately…

“Fatigue, combined with such ‘fractures’ in the head after such an operation, is quite natural,” — Vladimir responded to my complaints. — “The best way to completely get rid of this state — it is to eat and then sleep.

“Also we must remember that such fatigue may give bio-energy blackouts in the head. But any attempt to get rid of them with meditation techniques would only lead to further deterioration of health. Therefore, I repeat, the only correct way to remove this fatigue is sleep, before which we should eat.”

… Since the planned task for today was completed, we thanked Eagle and went home. On the road, Vladimir spoke again about the direct perception of God:

“When we in similar situations are, for a long time, alone with God, He becomes for us, as if the only open Reality, it becomes easy to enter and merge with Him. When we were at the last place and were merging with Eagle — tell me: who was more real for you: Vladimir or Eagle?”

“Eagle…” — I said, remembering how I did not just “come back to earth” from the meditation of Mergence with Eagle.

“Well done!” — Vladimir responded happily for me. — “God became more real than material things, than the material body of Vladimir. That is — your greatest achievement!”



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