VISIT 3 • On the Ability to Communicate with God

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

We had many conversations with Vladimir, including at home. And one of the most beloved to me in such situations was the joining to our conversations — our Friends, the Holy Spirits. Vladimir heard and saw Them as good as embodied people. Sometimes we even obtained the whole “conferences” when we were absorbed in medical subjects, and discussed ways to treat someone’s illnesses.

I asked:

“How can I achieve the same skills and capabilities to communicate with God?”

“It comes with experience, as a result of one’s development as the consciousness, in all the worthy for this eons of multidimensionality,” — he replied.

I just frowned thoughtfully: “When I will master it?”

Seeing my inquiring concentration, Vladimir continued:

“It is necessary to question God — to begin collaborating with Him. If you do not ask — this means that you are not interested in a relationship with Him.

We should learn to solve our problems together with God!

And helping others also should be co-creative! This could become our ‘Study on God!’”

… Yes, Vladimir, for example, had brought the methodological concept of knowledge and methods received by him from God. And up to now there was almost no country where his books were not read. And the younger generation will grow on these books!

Yes, one does not need to wait for orders from God. To carry out orders — it is the level of studies of dogs, horses… It is much more correct for us — to capture the Thoughts and Intents of the Holy Spirits. “Learn to catch every rustle of My Thoughts,” — God taught Vladimir once.

We can ask for advice, make suggestions from our part. God can agree, tinker, suggest how it would be better to do this: by one way or another. Or, if I just insist on my opinion, He would say at last “Okay”: for me to become convinced that I was wrong. Yes, that is right: such personal experience is acquired too.

As a result, we necessarily learn gradually to think like God.

… One day, when we returned home tired and were going to rest, Vladimir suddenly said to me, that he leaves me alone with Krishna in the room, because Krishna wants to tell me something in private. I saw Vladimir off — almost wistfully: “How will I be able to hear beloved Krishna without Vladimir?! I almost cannot! But I want to hear all from Him!”

But, thinking quickly, I calmed down: after all, who, if not He, knows what and when is it appropriate to say?

I sat down comfortably, relaxed in the most expanded anahata, renouncing any “blow” of my own thoughts. But… nothing happened, except that I felt Krishna, His presence in my anahata — very intensely.

But after a while, it became confidently clear for me, that now, at this stage of my development, while I cannot hear the voice, God is now trying to talk to me through my thoughts. Also — that the ability to understand God depends on the ability to remain steadfast in Mergence with Him, and that it is necessary at this time for me “to let think” only for Him.

Only then I began to receive.

I asked questions. Sometimes His answers were mixed with my own thoughts, I selected them and drove them off. I realized that while I was just starting to learn to communicate, my mistakes were quite appropriate.

In the end, I wrote down the following:

“Your following growth should be continued by the expanse of love. But love — at My Divine level! Be — as I am! And love — as I do!

“Look for the opportunities to present your love!

“The difference between us now is the following: I love you more than you love Me!

“Rush to me always! Be My Sun — in the material world, among people!

“Distinguish between: how I love you — and how I love others…

“Let events go on as usual, do not worry about it! I — will serve, for you to be alright in everything in your life!

“Rely on God! One day we will meet without any ‘interference’! The wall between us is the wall between levels of the consciousnesses’ development. It will be destroyed, and we go together ‘in the wide world’! Realize this!”

I was overwhelmed with happiness and… sadness at the same time!

My God — He spokes to me — and I heard Him! Is this — not a great happiness?!

But the sadness came from the fact that I wanted — much more! I wanted to fully and strongly dissolve in Him! Dissolve — so… that touchings, huggings, kisses in the material world would be only small, in comparison with the new sensations and feelings… And I knew with all my being that this is — now — possible! And that is — must be done!

While in this state, I suddenly told Them that when They find me completely there, then I will throw myself — to kiss all Them — Each separately!

I laughed a little my own thoughts of such, expressed in this way. And then I immediately felt that All around me, too, began to laugh together. Apparently, They were All Those to Whom I promised.

Again, I was remembering all the traversed path in this life until now: how desperately I was looking for love — for a long time without understanding that all this time I was looking for God! And I really wanted to dedicate poems to Krishna — because I was overflowing with emotions of love “to the brim”.

And, as the poem formed very quickly, I realized that we had composed it together:

“What is — a world without the Light of Thee?

Why to live in it, to meet the dawns

Beautiful, but without you? Who

To hug?… My Dear, where are You?”
“And You will cling to my lips in reply,

Envelop with Love and whisper:

‘You dare! The one who searches — will find!

Following My footsteps, come into Abode!’
With rays of the Sun You will touch my skin,

And the warm wind will braid my hair!

My God, there is none — more dear than You,

My Tao, Ishvara, Allah — my Beloved!”

Later, Vladimir gave me one of the revelations from Juan Matus, once turned to Anna. It also concerned the ability to hear and see. And it helped me to learn better this ability. Here it is:

“The power is given to you according to your self-perfecting.

Vision and hearing come with an increase in personal power.

“The ‘human form’ is what prevents the acquisition of the personal power.

“The whole Ocean of Divine Power is near, here. But one needs to completely throw the ‘capsule of myself’: the ‘capsule’ of the residue of egocentrism.

“’To get rid of ‘self’ — it means to become dissolved in Me, to look through My Eyes, to hear through My Ears.

“This is I — seeing and hearing!

“Let go off your ‘self’! Allow Me — to be you, including — in your body! And then you will learn to fully see and hear.

“It is necessary to merge with this Power, to become It. This will mean ‘to become the man of knowledge’.

“You have very little time and do not have it for trifles! No one knows how long he or she can go by the Path of Knowledge and Power. And no one will be forgiven if they have done less than they could do.

“I am Nagual*. We are a lot! And We always are ready to help you! We are here! We are with you every second of your lives! Do not lose in vain these seconds!

“To look with a smile in the face of death — you have to be perfect!”



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