VISIT 3 • The Error of Guru Nanak-2

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Then we visited several places of power, not so extensive in size, but important for expanding my horizons.

In particular, due to the peculiarities of the energy “cocoon” of one of the beautiful pine trees growing at Sarkar’s place of power, the enlarged lower “bubble of perception” could be felt above the upper “bubble”: at the height of several tens of meters. This was important for beginners — for cognition of the possibility to be, by the structures of the two lower dantians — anywhere, including the upward direction relative to the body.

Or, for example, in one of the tracks near the forest of pine trees — one could feel the bottomlessness of the lower “bubble of perception”. Bottomless — in the literal meaning of the word: not just “very deep”, but really without bottom. It turned out that this was how one could go out of oneself’s “bubble limitation” — that is necessary to enter into the sustainable Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness in His Abode!

This experience and these skills were necessary for me, in particular, as to a future teacher of spiritual disciplines — to educate those who first come into contact with the work on the steps of buddhi yoga.

I really liked these future prospects. But at the moment, I was filled with so much discontent at my own character that I began to ask Sarkar to help me to resolve these contradictions. Anyway, He sees and hears everything, so it makes no sense to hide myself from Him! And I — in fact, very sincerely wanted to get rid of my weaknesses!

While I was digging in my personal experiences, Vladimir said:

“Do you remember both states of Guru Nanak-2?”

I nodded.

“It should be imprined,” — he continued, — “for them to become a support for you in your life.”

Vladimir suddenly stopped and listened to Sarkar:

“What was the error of Nanak?” — Sarkar started a new topic, fully capturing my attention. — “That was the fact that His students were only men, without women!… It was a monastery for only men. Such traditions existed in those places at that time…

“That is — how we can explain the problems which you sometimes speak about: you had spoiled your karma in that incarnation by your wrong attitude towards women! And now you are cognizing what it means to be a woman, which a man does not care for on the spiritual Path!

“However, at present, your karmic situation ‘is expired’ — and your destiny will be solved optimally.

“This is one of the general principles of education for embodied souls from God; people call it ‘the law of karma’: those who had aggressive qualities — now become the victims of similar aggressive primitives, those who had persecuted homosexuals — the newly are themselves incarnated with innate homosexuality…

“Well, God did with you more dearly… And now, it is necessary for you to understand, you now are free of this problem.”

But I felt only the “collapse” of shame… I did not care about women! How is it possible, having reached such heights, to not realize that not only men are capable of cognizing God?!

I would have grabbed my head with my hands, if I were not so tired! I only kept repeating to myself: “How was this possible?! How could I do so?!”

Yes, many of my problems now became clear! And it became very good that I now knew about this!

But I was not so sure that this theme in my life really was “closed”. Some implicit sense of growing anxiety prompted me to think that this was not all. And that it will be harder and more difficult for me to correct my mistake: the fact that I excluded from the scope of the spiritual support and assistance — half of the population!

But Vladimir “pulled” me out of these thoughts:

“Now it has become clearly noticeable, the presence of David,” — he stayed as always calm and unruffled. — “Learn to recognize Him. For example, ask: ‘Who are you?’. And you hear the reply: ‘David Copperfield!’” — Vladimir smiled jokingly.

We walked some more.

“Well, look at David, appearing now as a Mahadouble. Can you say to Him: ‘I believe in You! You are the true God!’”— Vladimir smiled again, thus emphasizing the absurdity of such addressings: for God wants from us not that we should “believe”, but for us to perfect ourselves!

I relaxed a little due to Vladimir’s joke — and now also acquired the ability to smile.

“Here is His Light, His Face with His smile, there — His Arms, His Tenderness! Love Him! Embrace! Attune! Imprint! Become — as He is!”

“… Once, long ago, I received a letter,” — Vladimir suddenly remembered an episode from his past. — “The author of the letter found it necessary to ‘enlighten’ me: ‘You affirm that you interact with David. But when there is day in your country — it is night in America! And David — is sleeping! How can you communicate with each other?’”

We laughed again.

“That person did not understand,” — Vladimir continued, — “that such Consciousnesses like David, are in size disproportionately larger than our planet! And when His body is asleep, He — as a Consciousness — may be very active across the entire planet and more!

“David smiles! He smiles — and hugs you! I can turn aside, so as to not confuse you!” — Vladimir again smiled and jokingly turned away. We — all three of us — were laughing.

… I suddenly understood with sadness that we soon should leave this place of power. I went to Vladimir:

“I just had a thought: what happens when I go from His places of power: then does He appear only when I call Him?”

“Not always: David, as the Consciousness, is completely free in moving. He visits anyone at any time.”

“A feeling is that we are saying goodbye…”

“This is justified: even a brief separation with the beloved could cause such emotions. But we would do better not saying goodbye, but thanking Him for our meeting!

“Our Teachers create Their working sites where They have the best possibilities to help our development, by giving us, in particular, the appropriate methods for this. But They can and do visit us always and everywhere, wherever we are. And all that is happening around us and with us is performed under Their supervision and control.”

… I had remembered that I did not quite understand the recommendation to maintain the openness of the middle meridian. What did this mean? I asked Vladimir:

“David once said that the middle meridian should always be open. And in what cases is it closed?”

“Opening the middle meridian — it is, first of all, an invitation to the Holy Spirits to come into your body. ‘Doors are open! Please come in! Guide me, direct me!’

“Second, if we are constantly controlling the state of openness of the meridian, then we have the best chance to notice any — arising due to various causes — of its dirtyings. And, having detected them, — we can get rid of them. This should be done from each of our four segments.

“Moreover, we have already touched on the possibility to open wide the middle meridian from behind: it remains in the perception only the front wall of the body — everything else is filled with only the Brahmanic Light, in other words — with the Atman. And then it becomes easy to transform also the front wall of the body — into the same state. This is — a very powerful technique for self-healing, and also for the harmonization of energy. All that is inside the body then begins to be aligned very easily and become cleansed! And one of the results of this work is the gradual deification of the whole matter of the body.

“If to go back to the topic of the conversational relationship with God, I need emphasize that our questions should be just given to Him, to the Divine Teachers. One of the principles of God’s communication with incarnate people is the following: God, as a rule, does not answer unasked questions.

“But, from the other side, the boreness in asking questions — is also unacceptable! Now, for example, it would be wrong to ask again about your future service: we already asked these questions.

“Nobody likes being bored — neither human beings, nor God!

“For example, when people endlessly repeat, ‘Foregive me! Foregive me!’ or ‘Bless me! Bless me!’ — the result is that God turns away rather than being attracted…

“God hears every thought of everyone. But there are some people who have a tendency to speak to God only loudly pronouncing words. But God hears our thoughts even better than words. Words are material. But God is not material (in the Aspect of the Creator and the Holy Spirit). Therefore, He perceives, first of all, our thoughts and emotions.

“I also note that Divine Teachers love to joke — like all good and wise embodied people. So, if we understand something wrong persistently, — They may make fun of us — to bring us to reason…”

… Our conversation was interrupted by approaching people, who had come to the forest to pick berries.

After standing a little longer in the Embrace of David, we thanked Him and headed to the train.



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