VISIT 3 • Was David… My Mother or…?

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

I was directed by Vladimir on this day through the woods — “to visit” David Copperfield and Sarkar.

The joy and excitement in me mixed up: after all, I was patiently waiting for this meeting — from the very moment David said that I was His daughter… in a sense.

I did not want to be annoying, but once He had told me this, my harassment, I think, was for All to be expected, and maybe even predestined (by Them)…

… Vladimir told me, as soon as we had left the village and approached the forest, that we had already been met by David, although we had planned to go up to His place of power about two kilometers away. Next, we went in Him, in His Consciousness, enjoying His Bliss.

And then, after about half an hour, we were… in His Face!

This place of power was small — compared with the others that we knew of. It was located on a trail, which crossed a creek at precisely this point.

Vladimir began to comment, as David was happy, smiling, hugging me. Yes, I was… getting saturated with His Tenderness!…

“It would be fine to see Him here as I saw Him on TV!” — I thought. And I immediately saw His Face as almost material: wavy black hair, white shirt, and black jeans. He was, as always, dazzling smiling!

But I knew it was not all that could be felt. For example, Vladimir was saying, that now, for example, David was stroking my body, — and how brightly did I feel it? It became clear for me that my ability to see and feel — yet was imperfect: I had not enough practice.

But it was very pleasant — to be soluble in Him!

“David says,” — Vladimir began passing His words, — “that He would be happy to carry you across all the Earth on His Hands… But, at the same time, He understands that you are not just Tatyana, but also Guru Nanak-2: one of the very worthy, although not yet the Divine Guru… And complete implementation of your abilities will be provided by raising the Kundalini* and by the further increase of the power capacity of the soul.

“That is, the trend started in our work should be continued. But — it is necessary to realize yourself first as Guru Nanak-2, and only then — as Tatyana.

“So, now, you should gradually enter into the image of Nanak, to feel him. Then, David says, you will be almost equal with Him.”

… With the last sentence it seemed to me that I went into a fairy tale. Is this… — a joke? Teachers like to joke, I knew! But… somehow I did not feel in those intonations a playful tone.

I certainly knew very well how to fly… in dreams. And even once went through walls… — also during sleep. And Sathya Sai Baba taught us — in one of His working sites — how “to fall through the ground” — into His spatial dimension… In that Blissful Light, it was easy to fly with the help of hands-wings — and dissolve… But we were talking now only about opportunities in the world of prakriti!

… I was remembering David during His public shows. He asked the girls: did they fly in their sleep? — before taking them up and levitating them around the ceiling of the theater…

What a pity that I was not there!

And yet to be almost like David — it is, including, presumably, having the same abilities that He has… I asked again, as if I did not hear:

“With David? Almost an equal — with David!?”


Vladimir was unperturbed, as if for him it was taken for granted. He, too, was glad he had heard from David, but… was not surprised. But for me… it was comparable to telling a kitten that it is a lion!

“It concerns the level of evolutionary development,” — continued Vladimir, — “that has been received by you in your last incarnation. This was a very respectable level, from the God’s point of view!

“So now you should try to learn to feel yourself as being Nanak…”

Vladimir became absorbed in the contemplation of me in my last incarnation:

“You had a “big-boned” body, well-fed, but not thick, without a protruding belly. The great spiritual heart dominated. The calm of the consciousness was powerful and immutable.

“When you remember it well and learn to live in that state — it will be a big step towards the complete Victory!

“That is, it will be necessary to combine that potential — with the new stages of development of consciousness that you are mastering at present.”

… I was silent in surprise, trying to grasp this new “stunning” information.

I did not even know the first thing now “to grab” with my mind, what to ask about? And then I remembered my original question, which I had planned to ask David.

At first, I tried to ask myself. But whether I could not hear, or He did not answer, suggested that the question asked by me is not essential.

At that time, Vladimir began to describe what he saw:

“David shows with His Hand in your middle meridian… for some reason… What do you mean, David?… He says, we must try to keep our middle meridians always open, for the Divine Masters might be pleased to enter into them — right up to our faces, up to the eyes. Also He says that we now need to go further. On the way back we will have a full opportunity to talk with Him again more. Although He ‘will go’ with us — and you can be, on the way, in communication with Him in any place at any moment.”

“What if ‘to stick’ to David my questions — with help of Vladimir? After all, this would be much more reliable!”

“Come on! While you can do this yourself.”

“I… was wanting all the time to ask about the ‘daughter’…”

“So you have already understood this: a daughter — not in a material sense,” — Vladimir said. — “Simply there are people who approached the Creator at a fairly close distance by the quality and, of course, the size of the consciousnesses. And they are so dearest for the Creator that He expresses His Love by such words.

“You, I feel, want once more to ask again, whether or not you were the daughter of David only on the material plane? … But David does not answer, only laughs — and hugs you. You must understand at last that the material relations — it does not matter.”

“Yes, I know,” — I was embarrassed. — “Of course, this is not fundamentally important. Simply was curious…”

“Curiosity — in this situation — is appropriate. But a bodily relationship — really does not matter!”

“Yes, of course… But I still remember my emotional reaction when you gave me those words of David…

“After all, what was an amazing ‘coincidence’ that, in those years when I first learned about who He actually is, He very soon — for the first time! — came with His performance to our country! And I managed to be there!

“The only pity was that I did not dare to approach Him, though, as I said, it was quite easy to do.

“He, afterwards, was in my dreams very often…”

“Yes, all this is very well,” — Vladimir continued. — “This added to your love for Him.

However, too excessive a curiosity aimed at the material body, not on what contributes to our further advance is not ideal. And it is not necessary to encourage this tendency in yourself.

“Simply feel a daughter of God — and realize: I am not far from the finish on the Path to the fullness of Self-Realization!

“I also add that Jesus also spoke about Himself as the Son of God. But the meaning here was something different: He was the Messiah, Who came from God, as if He was born by God on the Earth.

“But in our conversation we are using the same term in a somewhat different sense: to denote a state of ‘proximity to the Mergence with the Creator’. You already can enter the Mergence with the Holy Spirits and with the Primordial Consciousness in His Abode, but it is — only just brief episodes. They will become — if you continue the efforts — increasingly easy and longer. It is just gradual Ingrowth.

“It must be emphasized, that in no case we have to understand the terms Mergence and Ingrowth, as denoting certain momentary acts! But this view is imposed by some pseudo-gurus! No: it is — not instant acts. But — a long process of gradual self-transformation. ‘Losing the human form’ — this is one of the directions to the process of growing into God. And it is one of the main requirements!

“Obtaining the rightly directed and intense aspiration permits us to move further on the higher stages of the spiritual Path!” — Vladimir continued the discussion. — “To relax and tell myself that, ‘well, I have achieved everything that I could achieve, and I want nothing else’ — that is the stop, which inevitably leads to a fall from the heights already achieved…

“Perfection may be attained only as moving forward constantly, resolutely, and relentlessly!

“And this requires, first of all, our love for the Ultimate Goal! If there is not such love — just what to apply efforts on? It would be better to go drink beer, watch the television and chat with friends… on the principles of spiritual development…”

… I was silent and listened. Well, if I am His daughter — not literally, then so be it! I almost resigned. At least, now I would not suffer: how I would combine these two lines of my affection to Him: as to my mother — and to the Representative of the Creator.



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