VISIT 3 • Friends Forever!

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Most people, as a rule, have free time — free from work and other material tasks —during the evenings and nights. And the weekends — to sleep off…

Before, I led just the same life: almost without seeing the mornings, barely noticing the day through the glass of windows, devoting nights for the “rest” by “dissolving” in the lights of the night city.

I remember, once, long before the meeting with Vladimir, I was able to meet the morning on the riverbank near the forest. Of course, I had seen the sunrises formerly. But at that time, I was especially shocked by this show! Shocked — by its beauty and grandeur, which “captured the soul”! A huge disk of sun poured by its gold light not only the sky but the forest and meadow grass in front of me! I did not see anything besides the burning of this molten gold… The other colors were not seen around me anymore: green, blue! Only melted gold of sunlight! It was, only due to a slight movement of grass in the light wind, I knew that I was on a beautiful meadow, and the forest was in front of me!

If I averted my eyes to the side — all took momentarily its usual appearance. Turned again to the sun — and all the space around was filled with golden light again!

But the joy and pleasure gave way to grief: I tried to remember something, but did not understand — what exactly?

… And now, thanks to Vladimir, I changed the night — to morning, the darkness — to light, in all senses of this word!

… Now we are, during every morning — again on our way: in the woods, at the working sites of the Divine Teachers, without losing neither days nor even minutes! In every moment — just go!

But how often we can hear from other people, who do not know why they live on the Earth, the phrase: “What to do — to kill time?”…

* * *

We went this time to a place of power of Sulia and Grand Master of Sufism. We were obligated to thread through the thicket, because the trail in recent years became much overgrown. Even the main working site of Sulia was overgrown with trees, so the sky above us almost disappeared due to the high crowns of birches. To work here with the mastering of new meditations — it was not possible: the energy fields of trees “overlapped” and “drowned” the subtlety of the place of power.

But trees did not interfere with the communication with Sulia.

Vladimir sat on a trunk of a birch felled by the wind, and I preferred to stand. Directly in front of me, I saw the Face of Divine Sulia.

Vladimir described Her as very energetic, intense bestowing Her Love.

“Here are Her Lips offered for a kiss,” — he said.

I… hesitated: the Holy Spirit — male or female — should there be the “difference in the relations”? But then I understood that this issue comes from my “human form”: from the stereotypes of thinking.

Vladimir, catching my confusion, continued:

“For God — it does not matter: whom you love: a man or a woman. The main thing — to learn to love! Look: Sulia loves you and me — with the same quality and intensity!…”

… Continuing to think on this new for me circumstance, I did not feel any contradiction. And — I was hugging and merged with Sulia as well as with the Others.

“With a help of the female body,” — Vladimir decided to continue, — “it is easier to learn to love. And… Sulia closes my mouth with Her Hand.”

I stared at him in surprise. But Vladimir was smiling quietly:

“Yes, Sulia put Her Hand on my lips and does not allow me to continue… She says that about this — not now…”

… After yesterday’s Revelation in respect to the negative aspects of my past life — my emotional state now and then took on a sad tone. It was thought that only knowledge of the mistakes — still does not correct their effects. My striving to the Perfection did not allow me to calm down! I wanted to correct all immediately! I should be perfect immediately!

I tried to address my problems to Sulia, but could not articulate even the question. Finally, I finished my attempts and decided to sit on a log also.

“Sulia said that you wanted to ask Her about something… You may ask questions. I will ‘translate’ Her answers to you if you will not hear.”

Vladimir began to pass Her answer before I found out how to formulate the question:

“There are as if several layers in everyday life that have to be confronted by us — and then we choose from among them the one which is most relevant at each moment. This is, for example, the direct service to the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness, to friends, various assistance to embodied beings, ensuring the existence of one’s own body, etc. But having chosen for implementation one of ‘layers’, one should not forget to view also all the other ‘layers’.

“Ordinary people are ‘carried’ through their lives — by their instincts and reflexes. And very many of them — by the quality of souls — are worse than, on average, the animals.

“But the strategy of a spiritual warrior implies the observation, at the correct time, of all these ‘layers’. And it is on this basis, must be done the choice of the most relevant deed — for each day, each hour, and each minute of the life on the Earth!”

Vladimir continued after half of a minute:

“Sulia recommends to mark just on a paper these ‘layers’ of our own lives, because the paper makes it more possible to objectify for ourselves those levels of relevance of the certain topics. This allows us to organize better our thoughts and actions.”

I was ready to hear more, but Vladimir remained silent. I realized: that was all.

But it was still not entirely clear for me — concerning the “layers”, and I asked again.

To my surprise, Vladimir replied that he did not remember and does not quite understand what I meant. And seeing a dumb question in my eyes, he immediately explained that when the Holy Spirit speaks through him, this information is not always remembered by him, especially if it is not relevant for him. Just the question was asked not by him, and the answer, too, was not formulated by him.

“Now Sulia and Grand Master of Sufism are with us,” — Vladimir switched to another theme. — “They say that They will accompany you throughout all your lifetime and beyond. They say: ‘Accept Us as your Friends — forever!’”

That is fine! I melted into the common joy, feeling now Grand Master in a new way: more intense, compared to the last meeting at His place of Samadhi.

“Grand Master says that He could carry you on His Hands in the universe, but you yourself resisted.”

At what time have I opposed such a proposal? I am not against this! Is it not that Guru Nanak-2 then resisted?!

“Grand Master says,” — Vladimir continued, — “that tomorrow, early in the morning, when you get up, — see the new radiant day of your new life: the life of Us and in Us! Come in! And, when you come — you will live Our lives! And then — very many of the problems of the material plane will depart.

“I accept you — as a worthy member of the Family of the Holy Spirits!

“But this status — the status of Brahman — should be proven by giving in to surrendering others the spiritual potential that We are loading to you!”

… We sat a little longer in Their Embraces — dissolving and enjoying. Vladimir noticed that Grand Master usually expressed His presence not very intensely, in comparison, for example, with Sulia. I was surprised because, in my opinion, He was felt very much…

Maybe, was this an emergence of one of the shades of difference between the Holy Spirits — male and female?

I am not against it! I let Them carry me on Their Hands throughout the entire universe!



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