VISIT 3 • Walking by the Dome of Hip-Roof and the Journey to the Center of the Earth

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Again, we embarked on our way. We had to visit a place of power of Ptahhotep, but different, with other properties and with new opportunities for meditation work.

We made our way through the thicket of forest. The old road had overgrown completely and we had to make our way again.

On the other hand, we came to wild blackberry bushes. They were just ripe. Vladimir joked that this was — a gift to us from Ptahhotep. And if we will not eat everything — we offend Him.

And they were so delicious!… We were full!…

The sun rose higher, warming the air, and gradually warming our bodies, and even overheating them. By the time we got to the desired location, it was really hot.

We were pleased to throw down our backpacks and took off outer-clothes.

Nearby the small river ran. It was overgrown with grass on both sides.

We settled on a faint trail extending along the bank. The floodplain meadow with tall grass stretched before us.

The next meditation, which I had to learn here, was called “Hip-roof”. This form was created by Ptahhotep.

The first task at His place consisted in filling this giant “Hip-roof” with ourselves (as consciousnesses). It being, in height and width, several hundred meters.

Then we had to climb on its roof and walk around the dome being Mahadoubles.

Moreover, the Mahadoubles would be created from all our segments.

“Another feature of the place of power,” — Vladimir continued, — “is the possibility to easily cognize the space inside our planet, down to its fiery core. And it is really possible to feel ourselves in the core of the planet and even to try to penetrate into it with the consciousness. It becomes real, only through approaching the core from behind — if we compare the direction with the location of the body.

“Behind the back of the body of each of us there is, invisible for the usual perception, a vertically standing plane, which continues right, left, up, and, most importantly, — down. If you follow this plane down, we see that it passes through the core of the planet, dividing it in half.

“We find the entrance into the core from the rear, that is, from behind that plane.

“We can distribute ourselves within the planet — both in front of the plane, and behind.

“And all this can be repeated from our four segments!”

… The sun was at its zenith, recalling the height of summer. The heat, it seemed, “melted” the head. The body was tired and needed resting. The legs became weak at the knees.

But I did not want to leave something “for later”. There was the desire to master all the best — right now.

Vladimir insisted that at the places of power it is almost always desirable to move the body: so the work becomes more effective. Overcoming fatigue, I walked by the body along the trail and turned and turned the consciousness to get a better sense of each segment…

… Suddenly Vladimir carefully and seriously looked into my body. He searched its right side.

Elizabeth Haich is here. She points with her finger at an obscuring in your right breast… it is for you, too, the imperative to work at…”

I froze. Everything became clear! It was a growing tumor; breast cancer is the future…

This is what Vladimir told me much later, choosing a more opportune time. But I instantly knew it already at that time!

Here it was: the cause of that vague fear, which settled in me from the time when I had known the mistakes of my past life!

As a physician, I well imagined, what breast cancer is. I saw these poor sick women who had undergone surgeries and then endured radiation… Horror filled me with the thought that it could be waiting for me in the future!

I was beginning to be overflowed with despair. My strength rapidly gave way, I did not want any more meditations! There was simply a desire to fall into the grass and to sleep, to forget my troubles!…

Vladimir had already long suggested taking a break and a snack — and I finally agreed.

We spread out the tourist rugs and lunched. After that, I immediately lay down to sleep, despite the risk of being bitten by grass fleas. Such little things already did not worry me any longer.

… I was lying on the back with closed eyes. Vladimir said something a few times, maybe even something to ask me, but I did not have the strength to listen.

I just fell into the Fire of the “Divine Sun”, established here, at this place of power, by Ptahhotep. It was a gentle, easy in It… I dissolved in It, and all of my bad feelings disappeared…

I enjoyed in Him, leaving my material body so completely that I was unable to move even one of its muscles.

I wanted to stay in this state forever, having gone away from the dense world, having moved into the Arms of God — right from this moment!…

I did not know how much time had passed… I realized that I was returned to the body and that God gives me the opportunity to correct those mistakes of mine and thus overcome the upcoming disease…

Finally, I woke up completely.

I felt that I came back, visibly matured.



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