VISIT 3 • In the Embraces of Juanito

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

Vladimir planned each new stage of the work with me and every forest trip — together with God.

Today we were going to visit again the place of power of Juanito — the same where my first meeting with Him was.

But this meeting of ours was filled, in addition to mutual tenderness, with my sorrow… I was still worried about my possibly terrible future. I asked for forgiveness from Juanito for this state of mine.

I stood on the narrow path, surrounded by blooming wild roses. These delicate pink flowers happily smiled at me, filled with their fragrance. Behind my body grew the most beautiful pine trees. The sea stretched ahead. Voices of seagulls were heard from the sea space time to time.

Vladimir left me alone with Juanito. He requested me to ask for His help in cleaning up my breast.

The huge Face of Juanito was behind my body — over the pines. I came back from anahata and silently leaned with my back of consciousness against Him. I wrapped myself in His Embraces, plunged into His Hesychia… I did not want to talk about anything.

So I was probably twenty minutes in calming down, looking for the strength to return to a harmonious state.

But finally, it was time to take up and work.

I applied almost all known for me at this moment meditations for cleansing the energy of my body, using our (Juanito and mine) united hands.

Coming up soon, Vladimir gladly praised me, but added that in addition to purification, I must “revive” this part of my body, giving the fresh energy “to flow” through it!

I pondered over this: what method to use for this — and immediately got an answer: the flowers! Pink petals of rose flowers! I was making the images of flower buds in the mammary gland and letting them begin to bloom, filling slowly with their fragrance the sore spot, and then — my whole body. Soon I was completely filled with the tenderness of these flowers — flowers given to me by Juanito!

And the energy began to flow! I felt that the burden gradually left — and even breathing became easier!

And soon, Vladimir informed me that to continue the work we have to go to the Divine Lorenzes: They invited us. Their place of power was located a little further along the sea coast.



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