VISIT 3 • “Total Reciprocity”

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

At the same time, our work at Ptahhotep’s place of power had not yet been completed. I had to start learning the meditation “total reciprocity” — the one that I had not mastered in my previous incarnation.

We started with standing in front of each other. Vladimir asked me to go around his body and, being behind it, put my face in his chest — to look out from his anahata at my body. At the same time he was doing the same.

This meditation did not bring me even the slightest tension. Perhaps we have spent, looking thus at each other, not more than two minutes, and Vladimir have exclaimed:

“Well done! Coped perfectly!”

The next task consisted in me looking at my own body — at the same time from all sides — from the state of extended widely spiritual heart.

I was already tired and therefore badly fixed and understood the words of Vladimir incompletely. And so I was able to look at my body from only one side.

Then Vladimir invited to help me… the spirits who lived here in this flood-lands of the river…

Suddenly I felt the tension and feeling that we were surrounded. I remembered “allies” from the books of Carlos Castaneda…

But Vladimir reassured me by explaining that they are pure souls who have come to help me. He showed me by his hand how the “allies”, at his request, formed a circle around us, standing at a distance of about five meters away from our bodies.

And I had to… learn to look at my body… from all their anahatas!

I asked, how many they were, and how did they look like? Vladimir counted twelve, saying that they all had come! And they looked like… — they were similar to the columns of almost transparent light, with the size of about our bodies.

I wanted to argue that, because they are transparent, I could not see them! But I resisted.

I only had the feelings that many were around me. I had to focus on those places in the grass, which had been shown with a hand of Vladimir. And I stretched into them my hands…

… In general, as summarized by Vladimir, I did not do very well. But now the main task was to understand the principle, then to find any free time to learn to work with this meditation.

… Achieving a complete success in this, occurred a couple of weeks later, when I was dissolved, as usual, in the Holy Spirit, not thinking completely about the principles of “total reciprocity”.

This happened at a time when David came very strongly in my life and did not leave me anymore, not even for a minute. He even was with me when I came to visit other Divine Teachers. But about this — later…

… Looking at the dark thunderstorm clouds appearing in the sky, we went home.

As for“total reciprocity”, I continued to work with it then a lot more, gradually extending the possibility to reach the larger and larger amounts of space with my “not-I”. It turned out that Vladimir had for this purpose a set of places of power, making it possible to move gradually, “step by step”, from simple exercises — to the more and more complex.



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