VISIT 3 • Lorenz Byron’s Rejuvenating Divine Wind

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

This place of power was situated just near the water’s edge.

It was low-tide. We were standing on the wet sand. The endless blue sea was spreading in front of us…

Vladimir said that Lorenz Byron was now with us. Later he added that Konrad Lorenz joined too. They had similar names, and because They, moreover, usually met us at the same place, Vladimir, for simplicity, called Them simply Lorenzes.

They asked me, firstly, to become the Mahadouble — and then to continue the cleansing of my body with the Mahadouble’s hand.

I started to do this — when suddenly I heard a comment of approached Vladimir:

“This darkening — now it is in another place… It moves… It is — an imp!”

I, it seemed, was held strongly with the Hands of Lorenz Byron, otherwise I probably would fallen down on the ground — in all senses of the word!

But I was not allowed to return to yesterday’s emotional state.

I remembered from the books of Vladimir, who were imps: the soul of small animals. They are alive and so it is possible to speak with them — the language of thought, and even to ask them to leave the body and move to another location.

Immediately just after these thoughts of mine, Vladimir repeated the same aloud.

Not giving myself extra time for thinking, I turned to my “up-resident” with an offer to move to the nice hammock with reeds, which I saw in the sea about fifty meters from shore. I spoke to it kindly: for God sent it to me! At the end of the monologue, I, nevertheless, warned that I would not leave it alone and I would forever flood it with light, and it would be uncomfortable with this…

“Oh! Good for you!” — I heard suddenly. That was said by Vladimir. — “The imp had gone away!”

What a huge relief I felt! Huge burden fell down from the soul! My heart became once again filled with light and joy!

“Lorenz Byron offers you to feel Him — as a rejuvenating Divine Wind, filled with Him. Allow Him to blow through your body through, scraping!

I closed my eyes and turn to Him, flinging the arms both of the body and of soul! Another small victory!

The living Divine Wind was blowing in my face, passed through the body playing with hair, and kissed my lips!

“Lorenz Byron says that now you have become worthy of this washing with His Wind-Light!” — Vladimir translated.

Looking at me after a while, he smiled again and said that my face every day, too, is transformed, gaining more and more tenderness — as a result of such relationships with the Divine Men!

… I remembered this Wind. More than once It swept through me, filling me with the morning freshness and strength — the strength of the Freedom! Sometimes, being in the room of the house, I began to hear the whistling of the Wind in my ears…

… But now we already were waited for by Maenuel at His place of power — the place on which I was last spring. Now He has joined Lorenzes, recalling that it was time to move toward Him.



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