VISIT 3 • Talk with Divine American Natives and Maenuel

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

As we walked to Maenuel, Vladimir suddenly pointed me to a thick log, lying on the sand about twenty meters from us.

“Look, there sat Don Juan, Genaro and… Juanito… Apparently, They want to say to us something. It is necessary to join Them.”

We sat on the same log, aligned with Them. Vladimir started to transfer Their words addressed to me:

“Now you know quite reliably, that We are living!

“To ‘lose a body’ — it is not a ‘misfortune’!

“What is more important, is to live worthy — all that is destined to be lived over during a lifetime in this body! It should be lived in such a way, so as to not be painful at the end of the incarnation because of the wasted years…

“But now — on the other…”

Vladimir turned his attention to me:

“They want to say something to you personally, without my participation. So — listen! I leave you alone with Them!”

He rose from the log and walked away.

… I, at first, was confused a little, but then I grabbed a notebook and pen. Listening and asking to repeat, I was finally able to write something:

“In all critical situations always contact us for help!

“And remember Our commandments to you:

“Do not despair! Do not be depressed! Do not…” — one of Them said a word in the same style — and All bursted out laughing. I realized that it was Genaro: He said something funny, but I could not make out — what it was. However, I laughed, too — out of respect, or what?…

“We must always hope for a favorable outcome!” — They continued, having calmed down from laughing. — “Live for the sake of others! Love people like We love them!”

“And then — enjoy the blissful flight in Our world, with Us, in Us!

“But always, however, we must remember that a hawk sees keenly into the distance, it is attentive and purposeful!

“Let the ray of your attention be directed straight to the spiritual heart of everyone to whom We are taking to you! In the depth — there is the Ocean of My Love. You have to try to see It in every person who will come to you and will be ready to sincerely listen to your words!

“It is important at every stage of your development that your life is with Us and in Us!

“And love even more the best of people!

“You yourself — enjoy life in Us, merging with Us!


… Vladimir came up, sat down and continued on his own:

“What should be done by us to become like Them? This theme is the basis for building a strategy for the life for every one of us!

“Yet this subject can be described as follows: to live the life of the spiritual warrior!

“A general conclusion from what we discussed is that the important is not death but how we live our lives!”

* * *

It was easy! I was jumping with joy!

Sun was warming, a gentle breeze was blowing and the mood was improving with every minute!

Left in a shirt and trousers rolled up, I walked cheerfully by the place of power of Maenuel, attuning, merging with Him in Love!

Maenuel — joyed much for me too!

But He suggested not to forget about the work. In addition to the repetition of the meditation with the plane behind the body, I had to once again open from behind the middle meridian — up to the back of the head — in order to align all the energy in the back of my head, because there were still darkening.

Vladimir at this time investigated the train schedule. He offered to go to the station after about a half an hour.

But when I walked up about half an hour later, he suddenly discovered that he looked at the wrong schedule, and for us to go to the planned train — was already too late. And to the next one — it was in one and a half hours!

Vladimir explained that Maenuel influenced him in this way: He wanted to stay longer with me.

I laughed heartily, God is the Almighty!



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