VISIT 3 • Kim: Become Nanak Again!

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

This time, Kayr, the Divine Teacher Who works, in particular, at the place of city residence of Vladimir, led us to His forestry place of power. As he warned, I had to personally receive the Revelation from Him.

There was the rain in the morning, and we were wrapped in our raincoats.

After leaving the warm coach of the train, at first it was cool, damp reminded itself through the wet gym-shoes. Well, because Vladimir had trained us to walk without socks, it was much easier to move with wet feet, almost without noticing it!

“It is much worse when the body is overheated due to excessive wear,” — Vladimir smiled in answer to these thoughts of mine. — “Then the body begins to lose its energy through radiation of heat in vain to a cooler environment, and fatigue sets in quickly.”

… We were eating wild raspberries along the way. Now I have become quite comfortably to feel in such rainy weather. Now… the warm rain and the smell of pine needles… wrapped me up in comfort!

We walked quietly along the trail, when Vladimir said that we were joined by Kim. Vladimir immediately invited me to record the words of Kim:

“Kim says that it will be much easier for you to go through this life, if you will feel Nanak — of course, without the negative qualities that we discussed.

“To do this, you must try to forget the feelings that were imposed by this women’s embodiment. He has in mind, above all, the sense of herself of a little girl, who was then matured — and so hard won her place among the people on the Earth…

“It would be better to get rid of all these feelings right now — to feel your spiritual dignity: the dignity of the great spiritual teacher, the leader for the people!

“And now there is reason to learn to look at the unfolding situations of socio-psychological nature. From this position, when you also will acquire more knowledge and confidence — you have to begin leading people!

“Kim says that He personally signs these words written down by you, and all Divine Teachers have the same understanding.

“He says that so you could be told about this, He, together with Kayr, — have invited you here, under this rain! That is — for you to hear all this, being separate from all other people, from the deeds in the material world and the hopes to enjoy more in it…

“You should hear this real truth about yourself — to become again updated Guru Nanak!

“Kim says that, no matter where you are, He will always accompany you, and you will learn to feel His Hands of love! They are different from the Hands of other Holy Spirits. He did this — so you, in the first place, could easily feel Him!

“Kim says that your destiny…

“No, this is Kayr now speaking:

“That said by Kim — it is a part of what I planned to say too. That is, your destiny is to make yourself to become so, to be able to improve the fates of people on the Earth as well as I and all We do!

“To do this you must become the Divine Psychologist! And Vladimir is your closest friend, a helper in this work. You all must go through your lives together! And you should take of him all that he can give you!”

… In the first few minutes of getting this Revelation, I listened to as though it did not concern me. Being not ready for such a serious talk about myself, I continued to mentally dig into the details related with the further purification of my body and getting rid of the other shortcomings.

Therefore, only a few months later, re-reading my notes, I suddenly discovered that I had not fully realized what I had heard that day.

Too quickly it all happened: it was impossible to embrace so much at once!

… And at the time when the Divine Teachers just finished talking, I still liked — out of habit — to make big innocent eyes and, shrugging my shoulders, asking: what of me present — the Divine Psychologist?…

But Vladimir translated Their response:

“The time will come — and you find all out!”



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