VISIT 3 • Conversation with Kayr

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

We had come to the place where the black wires of a high voltage line were seen on the background of the light sky. Vladimir explained that it was here — the huge Mahadouble of Kayr.

“Let us consider the structure of this place of power,” — Vladimir began to explain. — “We currently have come into as a Dome of the Divine Temple of an infinite size. But now we will not go down the hall of the Temple. On the contrary, we will fill the Dome, which consists of an almost transparent white purest light of the Kayr’s Consciousness. And then let us look — from Him — on the wires.

“Black wires are seen in stark contrast — in comparison with the Divine Light.

“What is the importance of this place for us? Here, first of all, it is easy to become all this Divine Light. Also — to observe very clearly the different strata of multidimensionality.

“We are the living Divine Light in the widest space — and suddenly! — we see the wires: coarse black matter! Contrast!

“In other words, at this one place we can observe very easily the difference between so contrasting eons.

“… And now you can listen to Kayr. Today He will tell you everything He wanted… Communicate with Him without me: ‘three make a crowd’,” — Vladimir smiled. — “Kayr now stands near you, in size — like a human body. Dressed… — in a brown jacket. He put His Hand on your shoulders… And He waves in my direction — go, go, here we have to be without you!”

… We laughed… I immediately went out of my concentration. During those times the Holy Spirit manifested Himself to me more and more often “humanly”, erasing, step by step, the illusory separateness of man — and God. And also — the false dogma of the inaccessibility of God for man.

Vladimir had asked me to write down my questions to Kayr — in a notebook: in order to get more clear-cut answers to the most appropriate questions.

“Well, here is Kayr, here are your questions, the answers to which you have to get yourself,” — Vladimir said. — “I leave you both for about half an hour.”

… I decided to write down all I heard, even if all turns out to be not immediately obvious.

This was what I got:

“The ‘human form’ is created by manas.

“The ‘human form’ is dangerous by its soothing appeal. The latter is also produced by manas.

“You can reach the Perfection — in My Body of Consciousness!

“Be careful with people not of your type!

“You should be close to Vladimir. But the responsibility for decision-making rests on you too.

“Be Me — and you will find the peace of the soul in the Abode of the Creator!

“The Light from Our Open Doors stands as the Entrance to the Creator! I say to you come in to Me, be Me, and I — will be you! So we will be in the Creator — together!

“Be always with God — inseparably! Do not disengage!

“Staying in Me, you will be able to teach people to love!

“Memories of the past — reject! For the sake of self — do not fight!”

… When I felt that Kayr had said everything that He wanted, I went to Vladimir.

He smiled and asked Kayr: has He told me everything He managed to?

“All is excellent!” — Kayr replied.



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