VISIT 3 • Getting Acquainted with Hell

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

“We can regard hell as what erupted outside of God — God in the Aspect of the Absolute. Hell is the ‘rubbish heap’ of the Evolution.”

… We were close to the cancer clinic. I just “tightened” without feeling enthusiasm for the closer acquaintance with it.

“When we before worked outside of our bodies,” — Vladimir continued, — “we came out of anahata backwards — and then became huge. But now we will act differently: let us leave the lower ‘bubble of perception’ upward. Being at this unpleasant negative place of power, we can easily find the closest layer of black brutality. But we should not enter into it in any case! If one does this, the energies of hell’s dirt will adhere to the soul, and then it will be long to ‘wash it away!

“How are you? Do you feel there something very unpleasant?”

But I… only looked suspiciously at that side: how to do this without attracting the attention of the inhabitants of that eon?

“So what it is? Is there no hell for you, or what?” — watching me uncertain, Vladimir asked.

“I before have seen enough of the contents of this eon in my ‘astral adventures’,” — I remembered well those “adventures”: those, because of which I for the first time appealed to Vladimir. They were not dreams: I quite literally was sinking in those layers of brutality with terrible entities. My “blood ran cold” there. But I did not tell anyone about them.

“Cognition of hell, but without penetrating into it, is significant for the further development of you on your way,” — Vladimir was saying at this time. — “That is, we should build for ourselves the ‘vector of the scale of multi-dimensionality’: from hell — up to the Creator’s Abode. The entrance to this Abode is located on the opposite side from hell, as if on the opposite pole.”

I finally dared — and silently “pulled” myself to hell.

“Do not go in there!” — Vladimir said immediately. — “It is necessary only to feel its boundary! One should not enter — in any case! We need only know what hell is and where its boundaries are, to be able to recognize it in the future for avoiding it.”

… I gently touched the formation of hell, feeling its rudeness. It already did not scare me, but only caused slight discomfort. It was not compared with that mysterious horror which I experienced in my past “astral adventures”!

“Look at this interesting situation,” — Vladimir continued. — “Castaneda describes a ‘black plan’, which, supposedly, is the only one that has the power. Indeed, Juan Matus had told him not only about hell.

“There are also other eons with no bright luminosity. And someone can also describe them as ‘black’. Among several of such eons — there is the now known for you eon of protoprakriti. As a result, there was a very dangerous confusion. For example, I once met a man who spoke about himself as ‘enlightened’ — on the sole ground that he had cognized hell…

“But the word ‘enlightenment’ has a very concrete meaning, not merely symbolic. That is the transformation of the individual consciousness into Light!

“Such the incidents exist among the pseudo-spiritual boors!

“As for the differentiation between the black eon of hell — and eons without strong luminosity, then, for example, when we switch off the lights in a room at night, the hell does not appear. But only a lack of lighting occurs.”



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