VISIT 3 • Mastering the “Trans-Mirror”

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

We were again working in the city. The main task now — preparing for the raising of Kundalini. To do this, we go to the respective places of power.

But on the way, Vladimir introduced me to two more eons — protoprakriti and protopurusha, as well as… to hell.

“Right here is a place of power of protoprakriti,” — Vladimir settled on an asphalt road in a quiet city street. — “Try to feel it… We are crossing the border… We should get out from the back-bottom part of the anahata backward and slightly downward… This eon is deprived of an intense luminosity. Condition in it is like the quiet southern night… Blessed rest under the stars… We are really seeing an immaterial component of the stars… Straighten your hands — and float among the stars…, and then the galaxies…

“If there is enough strength, this can be done with leaving the body from different segments.

“This eon is useful for the ‘crystallization’ of the consciousness, that is, for its quantitative growth. Why? — Because we have there the objects which are our reference-points in the space — as opposed to just a steady light, in which, at first, it is difficult to report back to ourselves: if it only seems to me that I am really expanding?

“But if we see, for example, the stars and we can approach them, or move away from them — then we can confidently say to ourselves, that now we have the galactic size!

“Moreover, such movements in this eon may be realized by no other way than by means of the hands of consciousness coming from a developed spiritual heart.

“There is such a term in zoology: brachiation. This is the monkeys’ manner of moving with the help of only their hands in the branches of trees. This concerns certain species of monkeys, living most of their lives in the tree crowns.

“We, too, must use this ‘monkey’ method of moving in some eons where we are adapting.”

… Bliss… I was enjoying this new for me eon! Those who are able to enjoy looking at the stars in the night sky — they can understand the delight of the soul, which is flying among them!

It was possible to trace even the channels of broad interstellar rivers, to navigate through them… And the stars themselves were large and small, they actually increased when approaching them… We could float away in this amazing space deeper and deeper… The stars twinkled… It seemed even that they were smiling, winking at me, and filling the peace and quiet…

“This is your first contact with this interesting eon,” — Vladimir said again. — “But at the same time, we must understand that it is not fit to live in it. Also spoke of this Juan Matus.”

“But here — so quiet…” — I said, only partly “leaning” from the eon, to support the dialogue.

“Yes… Don Juan spoke to Carlos Castaneda that there are worlds without marked luminosity; they are very interesting, very fascinating, but they are not fit for living in them… To become ‘stuck’ there — means one will suffer because of the unbearable loneliness… So the stage of the development in the eon of protoprakriti should be done, but do not stay in it too long.”

… I immediately jumped up from there: the loneliness did not attract me at all!

“The finish of the spiritual Path,” — Vladimir continued, — “is not in this eon, and not even in the ‘Sun of God’: the ‘Sun God’ is just the Brahmanic Manifestation. But, having cognized all this, one needs to cognize also the Abode of the Creator or of the United Us This is — the final stage. But, again, — not the end of development yet.

“One needs also to learn not only to enter that eon and to live in it, but also to come out of it into the world of the Creation — but already being the Divine Consciousness, the Representative of the Primordial Consciousness!

“In the Abode of the Creator, all of its Inhabitants are identical in Their ultimate subtlety. Also there is no hierarchy, subordination. On the contrary, All constitute a Single Whole, Oneness — in a state of Mutual Dissolving. This is so because each and every Consciousness, reached the Mergence there, is the Perfect Love.

“Only this state of the Perfect Love permits such Ones to be in the connection, coalescence with the Perfect Great Souls!

“But, coming into the Creation — out of this common Abode of the Perfects, They, nevertheless, differ in Their abilities. It depends on the magnitude and, consequently, on the strength of each of these Souls. In other words — from the Input which Everyone of Them brought with their Consciousness, entering the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness.

“Moreover, the possibilities of growth of the individual consciousnesses are almost endless!

“… And now starts a place where we can work with the protopurusha,” — Vladimir pulled me from thinking when we came to the park. — “Do you remember a scheme for studying the structure of the Absolute, and what is the ‘Mirror’? The ‘Mirror’ — is an energy barrier between the entrances to different eons. We find them in front — or behind of our bodies. ‘Mirror’ is named so, because a usual glass mirror has a light front side (if a mirror is lighted) — and back side which is always dark. Eon of protoprakriti does not have the luminosity — as opposed to the illuminated prakriti.

“But we can follow the ‘Mirror’ from its back side — downward. And, if we slide on the back side down, then we enter the eon lighter, similar in feel to the gentle morning. The energy observed here is as if a light haze of fog — this is just the protopurusha.

“If we can ‘fail’ even more deeply along the “Mirror”, there is the eon from which you can enter the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness.

“The ‘Mirror’, by the way, ends just here, making a free passage forward.

“When we have mastered all this at the ‘right side’, then we can also repeat the same at the ‘left side’. And then it becomes possible to immerse ourselves between them.”

… Eon of protopurusha, too, was interesting. It was impossible to confuse it with another eon. But here I could not make up what to do, and therefore temporarily left it.



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