VISIT 3 • Piotr’s Spiritual Heart

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

On the way to the working site of Kayr, there was a place of power of Piotr.

Vladimir acquainted me with Him:

“That is — the Spiritual Heart of Divine Piotr. Now He has expanded His Heart — so it is impossible to see the boundaries. Previously, He — for us without you — never did so. So this is — on the occasion of your coming.

“And what else is interesting: there — do you see? — the large aspen grows. It has a powerful bioenergetic ‘cocoon’ of very subtle energy. But, nevertheless, it contrasts with the Divine Energy of Piotr’s Heart.

“Years ago, when we were developing our skills of vision of the Divine Consciousnesses, this place was very helpful for us.

“This aspen, although it certainly is a really beautiful plant, is coarser than the Holy Spirit.

“Why do I emphasize this? To show that, for those who intend to move forward on the spiritual Path, it is advisable to go first to attune with the plants — to move away, firstly, from the energetic state of roughness inherent to most people. But then — as the consciousness refines — plants begin to hinder. But — not because they are ‘bad’, but because the Creator and the Holy Spirits are more subtle than plants, however good the plants are!

“So, we merge with Piotr, entering with the consciousness into Him, then — we go through the body of His Consciousness deeper and deeper… And become in result — the ‘Sun of God’!…

“Piotr hugs you… You can talk a little longer with Him. You can stay here with Him and in Him — about twenty minutes. And then we go to Kayr.”

I walked along the trail, feeling Piotr and trying to learn to hear Him. I asked the short and precise questions, for making it easier for me to understand the answers.

I remembered, for example, my recent sad mood. And I decided to ask about this:

“What is the mechanism of such states?”


“How to win it?”

“By the relaxation of the mind.

“Please note: these are the appearances of the remnants of self-centeredness! Learn — in this successful example — the mechanism of this phenomenon: the center of egocentrism nests in the head, in ajna chakra!

“Such states — in those who are advancing on the Spiritual Path — occur when they are very tired, when there are no forces to expand the spiritual heart and to embrace with love all the souls whom they want to help! Not to mention the possibility of merging with God!

“With the further strengthening of the consciousness — such episodes will not be repeated.”

… I was happy with what I heard: now all on this subject “fell into place”.

Continuing cleansing my body, I — with the help of Piotr — got rid of the last blackouts in my svadhisthana chakra!

And now — in such updated body — I went to Kayr to take another step forward!

“We live in the city,” — Vladimir said to me on the road, — “just at the Mahadouble of Kayr. He has at least two Mahadoubles. While there may be more, we know only about two of them.

“Therefore, when we are at home, Kayr is usually our first Interlocutor.

“But here — is also His very important place of power.”

… Rain started… We hid under a huge spruce and were snacking.

But then, according to my notions, it came time to get out of the shelter. But the rain did not stop.

Vladimir began to disturb in jest:

“What is it, Kayr? Why do You meet us in this way?

“Wow! Even Sathya Sai Baba has come to comfort us!”

… I laughed… — and immediately felt a gentle and caring Hug of Him…

“He says:

“How many of My favorite children I would like to bring here to you! I do not have enough hands… — hands of decent embodied people!

“You are My true followers!…”

“Thank Him with all your might!” — Vladimir added by himself. — “These words are very important to remember! Sathya Sai Baba will continue to constantly communicate with you. And He is one of the greatest Divine Teachers in the history of our planet!”

… We looked out from under our fir-shelter. The rain had stopped.



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