VISIT 3 • Kundalini Raising

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

We crossed a wooden bridge, and ended up in a very beautiful large park. Vladimir drew my attention to how strong the change in energy space is.

“Watch,” — he said, — “while we move our bodies here, we can see the beginning of rising from the depths of a phallic-shaped protrusion… It comes from Kundalini. It is called ‘sivalingam’. It gets to muladhara and gradually enters the body.

“Our task — to allow it to enter the body, to the head and above — and to gain a foothold here. Sivalingam serves to bond the entire reservoir of Kundalini — directly to the body.

“And then, in the same park, there is a place of power where there will be a real rise of Kundalini and its penetration into the body. We can also see its energy that fills the body.”

… I saw it all exactly as it was described by Vladimir. I could only watch — what was happening.

“Then there will be another very interesting working site of Eagle which is dedicated to continuing this work,” — continued Vladimir. — “All the greatest Divine Teachers have been through this once! Because it was necessary for taking the next stages of the development!

“Notice that there are spiritual practices for the development which can be combined into a group of the informative ones. They need to be done only once to be understood — and that is enough. And there are techniques that need to be repeated and repeated, because the growth of the consciousness takes place due to them.

“We will work and work with the Kundalini, because there can be found new opportunities for the growth of the consciousness.

“And when sivalingam becomes fixed above the head, then we can see over the head the energy construction resembling light antlers.”

… I was not immediately able to see these “antlers”, their shape changed according to the flight of my imagination. In order to better orient myself, I had to ask about their magnitude and extent. It turned out — about half a meter long, one symmetrical “horn” on each side. I had to be satisfied with this for the time being.

“Feel: here begins again the rise of the energy from below to the body, but it is not the Sivalingam. It is the raising Kundalini. That is — it comes into the body…”

… From the space below, a wide column of white intense Light was rising to my body. The lower part of this column was visible far into the depths, its end was not even visible. Approaching the muladhara, Kundalini’s Light slowly and smoothly flowed into my body — like by the road paved by the sivalingam.

“This is the rise of Kundalini, its beginning. Kundalini now is connected with the body. Sivalingam paved the way and became a link.

“Here, look: your Kundalini can be seen overhead.”

I have traced: yes, the Light passing through the head, continued to flow out the top. It felt new and unusual. I watched the happenings.

Vladimir continued:

“Kundalini is the stock of all the best that has been accumulated by each of us during the history of all our incarnations.

“But it should be understood that not all people, but only those embodied souls who had a positive past, i.e. who grew up, subtling, — only they have the Kundalini.

“Now you know — what is the real work with the Kundalini, or more precisely — its start! Everything else — is still ahead. That is, you will need to unzip all the Kundalini, but you have it very big!” — Vladimir said, tracing its length. — “And then the same should be repeated by all the four segments!”

I grabbed my head: this is the work I have to!

Vladimir, smiling, said that he yet did not raise his Kundalini from all segments and so still had not unzipped it all.

… This was quite enjoyable. At home, he asked me to lie down on the bed face up and relax all the body. And then I had to go with the arm of consciousness from inside a body through the muladhara to the reservoir of the Kundalini — and stir it up a little. From this, the Kundalini immediately came into motion and began to climb.

I lay doing this for over an hour, but no end was visible. I had to only direct the Kundalini flows on the main meridians of the body and other structures.

Vladimir from time to time came into the room, commenting on my progress. My “horns” grew very quickly, the body was filled with the wonderful and gentle strength of the moving Light.

But what could I compare these feelings with? What words should I devise to name this new form of the Bliss, which filled me with itself?

It was like a hug and caress of a beloved man, whose tenderness was directed not only to the surface of my body, but also from the inside…

At the same time, I not only as the consciousness felt this Bliss, but my body experienced the “heavenly” delight as well!

In this state, I was deeply asleep…



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