VISIT 3 • Letting Our Own Mahadoubles off, Apostle Philip, Jesus, and the Karl Rossi’s Fire Pyramid

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

We visited again the same park. Vladimir, slowly walking along the asphalt path, opened to me new aspects of the other side of the world of matter.

“While we are going, it is possible to study the differences in energy beneath our feet — in large volumes of space.

“The space inside the planet, which is close to its surface, — can be more or less as brightly lighted. But we can see also the intense Light. It is — the Holy Spirits.”

… We crossed the creek by a small bridge. Vladimir, pointing to the left, toward the clearing, said that here is his own… Mahadouble. He once long ago created the Mahadouble here and left it on this site.

I listened with interest to his explanation: he spoke about the opportunities not only to create one’s own Mahadoubles, but also to communicate with them very well, while being incarnate!

“It is an interesting, amazing phenomenon — to create one’s own Mahadoubles! After all, they are really connected with the Primordial Consciousness! They come from the Primordial Consciousness! And every such Mahadouble acts independent of their ‘author’ Divine Teacher, helping others who are embodied!

“Once we have specifically studied this phenomenon. And every one of us had made a few Mahadoubles, which then could be seen in the same places for several years. Possibly they exist there and now. But some Mahadoubles — without our wishes — have moved. Only the Creator leads them.”

… Vladimir had turned to another subject, but my curiosity only inflamed. How is it that his own Mahadouble operates as an independent Divine Teacher?!

Then Vladimir remembered that once his Mahadouble was coming often to Vladimir’s old friend living in other city, talked to him and taught him. Vladimir himself did not know about this situation.

And it was an important fact that Vladimir’s old friend, who lived hundreds of kilometers away, received the information which was known only for Vladimir.

As I realized, Vladimir already lost interest in this activity long ago.

Since this topic was very interesting for me, I asked later the same questions to Anna. How to explain this phenomenon? And another thing: do the Avatars, who created Their Mahadoubles, Themselves know about who are taught by Their Mahadoubles?

Anna remembered a note on the Internet, which told about a man, with whose body Sathya Sai Baba could connect and talk through. And that man later did not remember anything about such contacts.

Or, for example, there was a case when the disciple of Sathya Sai Baba, who was taught through the Mahadouble of Baba, came and told Him about their contacts. Sathya Sai Baba then remembered it.

A funny idea came to me: If I met with embodied David — what could I say to Him, how could I explain, what we were doing with Him? To say: “Hello, David! I have worked with You through Your Mahadoubles!”? But He, perhaps, does not even know this word!

Then I began to disassemble with a strong laugh, and I felt that it was David Himself laughing with me right now in my body!

And afterwards, no matter how many times I was returning to this subject, I immediately felt how David laughed! Apparently, He knew very well, how He could respond as if He Himself was here, embodied.

… We had gone a few more meters, and Vladimir, pointing ahead, said that now we were approaching the Apostle Philip Mahadouble!

“Here — Philip! Please get acquainted! He has — black curls on His head. He smiles… Here are His Hands of Love! He extends them to our anahatas, wants to give us His Bliss… He is one more Divine Teacher, and also is a little different by the individual qualities of Consciousness — from the Others!

“And if you remember the nuances in the features of Others — so that is It — God’s Love in Its various Manifestations!

“And now — you can hug Him, penetrate your hands into His Body of Consciousness, merge with Him entirely, be Him!

“And the Bliss, which He gives, — is also unique! That is because, He loves as no one else can love!

“And now we are already getting close to the border between Philip and Jesus,” —Vladimir continued. — “Here it is easy not only to see Jesus, not only to feel ourselves in Him, but also to see how He is coming from the common Abode of all Divine Teachers.

“Another interesting detail: Jesus stands here — as on the vast podium of the Divine Light!

“And now — the Smile of Jesus!… We are in His Smile! Wow! Bliss!…”

… But Vladimir was not planning to stay here long. We slowly walked through these wonderful places of power, filled with the Joy and Bliss of our Teachers. But our main goal for today was different: working with the Pyramid.

This Pyramid was created by Carl Rossi. It had very effective properties of cleaning power. And I also will become acquainted with a new for me Divine Teacher!

“Now it is already Rossi…

“It needs to tune in, before we see the Pyramid consisting of His Light-Fire. We need to enter it and become, too, the Divine Fire, into which Rossi transmutes the Part of Himself.

“Do you remember that Elizabeth Haich told us that She was also the Pyramid in one of Her past meditations?”


… We came to the construction, once established by the project of Rossi. Here was a place of power with a diameter of several tens of meters. We went a bit on it, me to learn to feel the borders.

“Here is the border of this place of power,” — Vladimir explained. — “We are trying to feel the contrast: outside it is not the Fire, which gives the Divine Bliss.”

… We filled the Pyramid with ourselves.

“We can lift one lower edge of the Pyramid with the hands of consciousness,” — Vladimir explained further, — “What is happening? There is as if a powerful eruption of the Divine Fire from under the Pyramid!”

Yes, in response to lifting the edge of the Pyramid — the Fiery Stream erupted. And I could put my body in this Stream — to “burn” all that was not Divine of it.

… Then I came back to this place more than once independently. I even developed a habit to call Rossi, for some reason, General. I do not know why it had come to me, but we both liked it.



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