VISIT 3 • Krishna: Unity of Love and Calm — with Power

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

We came to the sea, “to visit” Krishna — on another of His working sites.

The coolness of the morning, the gentle rustle of waves, the voices of seagulls…

I breathed in deeply these spaces, as if I still had not enough air!

Everything around, it seemed, was whispering to me about freedom and flight, of infinite love!

We sat down on a log that lay near the water.

“Why did He chose this place for His working site?” — Vladimir spoke quietly, without disturbing the peace and harmony of the morning. — “At this beach, the people love sunbathing, come here by cars, even by buses.

“This site is intended to be easy to influence the emotional state of people and also to suggest to them the right ideas. It is convenient to do, including when they live on the border between sleep and wakefulness. After sunbathing, many often find themselves in this border state.

“Let us look now at our bodies and ‘cocoons’. We will see that they are surrounded with Krishna.

“Who is Krishna? He is one of the most famous of the Representatives of the Creator in the history of our planet! His Divine Love is evident in conjunction with His Divine Power! He is the Divine Teacher, from Whom one should learn, but not rituals of worship to Him!

“Yes, it is possible to directly learn from Him, but preliminary one should have studied the Bhagavad Gita to understand the methodology of the Path and then — fulfill His Teachings!

“It is not enough even to memorize by the mind the Bhagavad Gita, even in Sanskrit! But we must endeavor — to fulfill the Teachings! Only this will make any sense!

“When the first stages of the Path are mastered, it becomes possible to go with the consciousness towards the Consciousness of the Divine Teacher Krishna — and directly imitate Him.

“We, now at this place of power, can easily feel Krishna — with the consciousnesses, which, at this time, are free from the material bodies — and pour directly into Him.

“We have the Ocean of Krishna’s Consciousness — right here! And, if we have free consciousnesses, we dive into Him — and we are coessential with Him!

“Indeed, I do not mean that we become ‘equal’ to Him. No! On the contrary: we infuse ourselves into His Oceanic Consciousness — and then only He exists, and I — no.

“This is one of the training manners of merging with God, which prepares us for the final Mergence!

“Let us say to Krishna: ‘I love You!’” — Vladimir smiled. — “If to say this sincerely, the answer will consist of His sincere Divine Love! Love merges with love — and then become clear all His thoughts with regard to each of us.

“If we are in such mergence with Him, we should not try to speak with Him — as with a Companion: it is in a situation of Mergence there are not two, but there is One — one He!

“There are not ‘me and Him’ who are talking to each other! But there is only He — and the understanding of all that He offers me, wants of me — comes to me. There is no dialogue, but simply an understanding of His Will directly: for I and He are the same…”

… I felt the silence… I did not mind… It was in me — overflowed over all the place of power consciousness — whispered and gently hit the shore the endless small waves… Tenderness — overwhelmed!… I felt Him for the first time so bright!

“And for the first time — I saw Him, above the waves and on the beach! In all magnitude! The image was huge and translucent: wavy hair to His shoulders, long white clothing slightly swaying as if on a light wind… And under His bodily appearance — endless Ocean of His Consciousness…

“You can dive in the Ocean of Krishna,” — Vladimir continued. — “Or you can — from the anahata — enter into His Mahadouble.

“Or there is another meditation — the ‘Wall’. In the state of the ‘Walls’ we can easily activate both lower dantians.

“If we are in the state of our own Mahadoubles, then we attune with Krishna and ‘switch on’ our lower power dantians — so that it is comfortable to be such ‘Wall’… and go to battle! And on our arms of the Mahadoubles it is possible, smiling and loving, to keep as on a tray all those who want to fight against me!

“I am the Power of Love that is in Peace! This is not brute force! But it is the Divine Power!

“Recall by the way: Krishna in that battle on the field of Kurus did not kill! He took upon Himself only the role of charioteer.”

… For me the word ‘warrior’ was as fascinating as the word ‘Freedom’.

I remembered that as a child I had a claim to the fact that I am — a girl.

That meant that I could not indulge in long sea voyages, would not be able to cross the deserts in search of adventure, fight as an undefeated master of Shaoling wushu…

I did not know why I had decided that I could not…

But then I quickly reassured myself that I could — on the other hand! — become a ballerina…

It is funny now to remember!…

But such strange childhood thoughts stayed in my memory so far. And now I began to realize that they were echoes of the memory of my past lives…

I did not become a ballerina. But I madly loved to dance! I learned to dance, where it only was possible! But I did not attend the clubs: we had no money for it. I just looked at the others — and learned.

In particular, I invented and mastered a way to get rid of stresses — through a dance.

Due to this experience, now I was able to learn new meditation at home with music — in the evenings after work. At the same time — with the music — I did not get fatigued.

… But to be the woman-warrior, in our circumstances… — how it was hard!…

… And now — I felt and saw my great fire arms of the consciousness. I kept on them all foreseeable land and the sea coast, as well as our bodies.

… When I got tired… I caught myself in thinking that I envy Guru Nanak-2, who owned such unshakable peace! In this life, I was like in contrast to that past: for I worried with and without any reasons…

So now — I need to master the Calm, like Krishna has, though while living in a female body!…

“Let us understand that all this can not be mastered, feeling just a body,” — Vladimir said meantime. — “All these can be mastered only through the buddhi yoga, that is, turning oneself — by its methods — into the great consciousness. And we have the right to raise the consciousnesses only as the spiritual hearts!

“Let us estimate: to grow by the head (that is, by the upper dantian) — this will not work well.

“If to grow by the lower dantian, we, too, as well as in the case of the head, cannot enter into Mergence with God. God is Love — and He takes into Himself only those people who are also love! And the emotions of love — is a function of the middle dantian.

“The upper and lower dantians — they… can never be love. Imagine: they are not intended to Merge! They are — only auxiliary components of a consciousness!”

… I continued to work. Krishna was giving me the opportunity to experience His immutable Love, Peace and Power. The more I inspired to Him with my love, the longer I had the feeling of the state of Mergence together.

I went deeper and deeper into Krishna, leaving my little tired body on the surface of the Earth… — and then again returned to the world of matter, where I faced a difficult road.

… When we finished meditating, I asked Vladimir to touch on the theme of fate. So far, I remained obscure on the concept of “predestination”. I always knew or, to be exact, — intuitively felt that a person can and should change his or her own destiny! But how?…

“God is watching, what decisions are being made in every situation, by every person,” — Vladimir explained. — “Depending on these decisions the fate can be radically and rapidly changed.

“In particular, that is why — over time — the plans, proposed by God, may be changed by Him 180 degrees. Indeed, the success or failure of established plans often depend on their realization by many people, due to their free will.

“There is a point of view in the literature that everything is predetermined… Fate, they say, as it is laid down, so it will run until the end of the incarnation. This is — wrong! Fate all the time varies depending on the decision-making by the owners of that fate…”



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