VISIT 3 • Love of Lady-Sufi

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

We were invited by Lady-Sufi and with great pleasure went to Her.

So, after leaving a train, we walked a long way by the forest trails.

Her place of power was located on a small sandy hill, covered with gray lichens and a small pine forest.

The sun rose and shone by its gentle morning a little orange light the tops of the trees. How nice it was! As if I arrived into a fairy tale!

Having brought us to the working site, Vladimir began to explain:

“This part of the hill is a place of power of Sufi. Let us come up to this small pine.

“Sufi offered us Her assistance — to those who need it — to purify the energies of our heads, in particular — in connection with the treatment of vision.

“Come in! A little dizzy may be,” — Vladimir appealed to me, — “that is all right. When we first visited this place, we all had just such feelings from the influence of Her enormous power!”

… I was left alone with Sufi. I leaned back against a pine tree — and then, it seemed, disappeared falling into Her Arms! I had no time to make any efforts, but the hot sweet Sufi’s Love has filled my anahata, and then the whole body…

I felt a bit of sadness: what a huge difference between us exists! And how much I still had to learn, for to become like She!

I felt, how She kissed and hugged me! What it was an intense and, at the same time, the subtle Love!

At that moment the thought came that if I were a man and met on my way this Divine Lady, I would had definitely reached the Perfection!

I smiled at my thoughts and decided that I surely will learn in this life to give the Love, just as the Divine Women do this!

And then Sufi said to me:

“Women’s love can do miracles, opening the spiritual hearts and leading by the way of love!

“For this we need the strength! Be strong!”

… As we were refreshing before continuing meditation, Vladimir passed to me Her other words:

“You will bring to Me a lot of people!

“You will become completely mature for this service when you are around 40.”



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