VISIT 3 • Nikifor’s White Sailing Vessel

Chapter from the book by Tatyana M. “On the Other Side of the Material World” (An Essay of the Experience Which I Really Had).

We had long been invited “to visit” Nikifor. His working site was located in the woods, not far from the places of David and Sarkar, where we already worked.

From the moment when I first read about Nikifor, I remember the Sailing Vessel, which arrived at the right place and at the right time for someone looking for and calling God.

Would it not be great, I have shared thoughts with Vladimir, if we had the same opportunity in our time: to sail to the right shore, to take with us each potential and worthy student! Vladimir, too, would be happy. But we knew that this opportunity now — to cross freely the seas, as did Nikifor, — is not…

We walked along a forest trail, but suddenly had to stop before an obstacle in the form of a large puddle, which had to be navigated around, a little deeper into the forest.

Vladimir, turn right, suddenly laughed, and turned to me and said:

— Nikifor apologizes for this mess!…

I joined his laughter: it was fine — God asks for forgiveness!

It was the first joke Nikifor. Then — a talk about the second.

We immediately understanding the “secret meaning” of the puddle: avoiding it, we came upon large bilberrie-bushes, thickly covered with large tasty berries, which we were happy to eat.

We went a little deeper into the forest and found ourselves in a very cozy meadow surrounded by tall pines and spruces. Here was a place of power, where can be seen that White Sailing Vessel… It rocked a bit on the waves, as if in a haze of mist in the soft white Divine Light of Nikifor…

“We are in Nikifor,” — Vladimir said, when we sat on a fallen tree trunk. — “It is easy to feel what Don Juan had in mind, when He said that the places of power — are like holes from one spatial dimension into others. Here is a very clear, vivid example of just such a ‘hole’.

“Getting up on the edge of this place of power, we can easily ‘fall through’ with the consciousnesses up to the eon of the Brahmanic Light.

“If we ‘fall through’ into this as if the well more deeper, there we find the Ocean of the Divine Light-Fire.

“Looking out from there upwards, we see the hardening of cosmic energies, which form the matter of water and land.

“Let us remember the theme of the vectors of the scale of multi-dimensity, or of the ‘scale of emanations’, as Don Juan called it. We stretch such vectors between the matter of our own bodies and the material world around them — and the Divine Light-Fire. And now we can ‘move down’ on It — like by an oiled pole — instantly crossing all the ‘scale of emanations’.

“And then — from the depth — we stretch out your hands of consciousness to the body: in order to transform it, and, if necessary, and heal it.

“If we just merged with the Ocean of the Divine Light-Fire, becoming so enormously huge in comparison to our tiny material bodies — they look like some dots barely visible when viewed from the depth of the Ocean out of Its immensity — so why not affect with the Power of the Ocean these bodies?…”

… Yeah, I liked the sailboat! I liked to dive into the Ocean of Consciousness and become It! And this material body for a long time could not be found: it looked so little and insignificant…

I was resting, sitting on a log, when Vladimir spoke again, saying that here is more and Adler:

“He says that we can think about this idea: to create the ‘Center of Psychic Self-Regulation and the Spiritual Heart’ on the basis of the organization where you work. It should be organized so, for people from other countries also could easily come to you to learn. But it is now, He says, only a version of events.”

… Long time we were sitting in silence, enjoying being in Nikifor. Then we started to go home.

“Nikifor says that He awaits us once more at His working site after three days,” — announced Vladimir.

* * *

After three days, however, Vladimir took us by city streets to the places of power which were located in the city. It turns out, he had forgotten about the offer of Nikifor…

But I — remembered. And told him this on the way.

Vladimir admitted that he blundered.

But after only a few tens of meters, he suddenly stopped and exclaimed:

“Stop! Nikifor here!”

After studying the situation, he announced that we had come at another Nikifor’s place of power, which Vladimir did not know before!

Nikifor — laughed along with us! It was He who rigged this joke! After all, we really were after three days at His working site! But only — on another!

… Here we could work very well with all segments and build from each of them our own Mahadoubles…



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